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35 The Stirling Arcade. 0I786 47936 I. Tue—Sat I lam—4.30pm.

Victoria Morton: Decapoda Sat 29 May—Sat I0 Jul. A series of specially commissioned paintings and sculptures by Glasgow-based artist Victoria Morton. See review.


lectures & events


South Area Festival Until Wed 30 Jun. Various venues. For further information call Glasgow I999 on ()I4l 287 7346. ‘Putting On The Style' is the theme for the second area festival which looks at style in all its dimensions. The highlight ofthe festival is on Sat 26 inn. with a fashion show at Braes Shopping Centre. Castlemilk.

Friends Of The River Kelvin Fri Il—Wed IoJun. l0am—5pm. Free. Glasgow Botanic Gardens. A sale of paintings. Par! aft/1e West [5nd Festival. Paintings On Railings Sat I2. Sun I3. Sat I9 & Sun 20 Jun. l0am—opm. Glasgow Botanic Garden Railings. Open art fair. Part ()f the West End Festival. Scribbles And Nibbles At Kibbles Sun 20 Jun. l0am-4.45pm. Free. Glasgow Botanic Gardens. Enjoy Middle Eastern food and selected pieces of art by Palestinian and Scottish artists. including Joan Somerville. which will be rattled to raise money for Medical Aid for Palestinians.

Dr Wolf Tegethoff Wed 23 Jun. ()pm. £4.25 (£2). Glasgow Film Theatre. Dr Wolf Tegethoff from the Central Institute ofArt History in Munich. who has written extensively on Mies Van Der Rohe. discusses his life and work. Torsten Lauschmann and Michael Wilkinson Thu 24 Jun. 6.30pm. Fly. The artists give a talk on their work. currently on show in the gallery.


Erminia Finding The Wounded Trancred Fri II Jun. l2.45—l.15pm. National Gallery of Scotland. Michael Cassin talks about Guercino's painting. Mind And Body - The Human Figure And The Surrealists Mon I4 Jun. 12.45—l.l5pm. National Gallery of Modern Art. Siobhan Dougherty gives a slide lecture.

Sir Walter Scott As A Poet'Wed to Jun. 12.45—I . I5pm. National Portrait Gallery. Poet Valerie Gillies talks about Sir Walter Scott.

Sarah Munro Thu I7 Jun. l2.30pm. City Art Centre. The director of the Collective Gallery and one of the selectors for the current exhibition Lat'a/e gives a talk and tour of the show.

Melrose Abbey, The Pavilion In The Distance Fri l8 Jun. l2.45—l.|5pm. National Gallery of Scotland. Nick Bridgland from Historic Scotland talks about James Ward's paintin t.

Francis Bacon: Studies 0 The Human Body Mon 2| Jun. l2.45—|.I5pm. National Gallery of Modern Art. A slide lecture with Bill Hare.

Scottish Silver: Access To The Collections Mon 2l—Tue 22 Jun. 2.30—4pm. Royal Museum Of Scotland. George Dalgleish. curator of the Scottish Modern collections. gives a talk on cutlery. Sir Walter Scott And Pushkin Wed 23 Jun. I2.45—I.I5pm. National Portrait Gallery. A talk by Meg Luckins.


Ian Davenport Introductory Talk Sat l9 Jun. 2—2.30pm. Free. Dundee Contemporary Arts. A talk about the current exhibition.

Stirling Victoria Morton Sat l2 Jun. 2pm. The Changing Room. The artist discusses her

new work currently on show in the gallery.

80 TIIEUST 10—24 Jun 1999


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Activities And Fun

Friends Of The River Kelvin Gala Sat I2 Jun. Ham—4pm. Free. By Halfpenny Bridge House. ()ff Kelvin Drive. Call FORK for further information on 0l4l 946 4542. Gala day with stalls. music. food. Punch and Judy. canoe rides. magicians and muclt more. Part of Wes! 15ml Festival.

Painting The Houses Wed Io. Fri l8 & Wed 23 Jun. 4-5.30pm. Free. The Tryst. 30 Cranworth Street. Hillhead. 33‘) 1588. Help create a mural of the West End at this children's art workshop.

Science Line Roadshow Sat I‘) & Sun 20 Jun. I0am. Free. Art Gallery & Museum. Kelvingrove. Argyle Street. 287 5429. Enjoy a series of interactive mini-shows. about the science of food. gardening and numbers. as well as a small exhibition and printed reference material.


Ro aI Scottish National Orchestra - Ki 5 Prom Sat I9 Jun. llam. £7 (£3.50). Royal Concert Hall. 2 Sauchiehall Street. 287 55I I. Presenter Paul Rissmann and conductor Christopher Bell join the orchestra for the first ever children's prom. Aimed at 7— I 2-year olds. the line- up includes James Hor‘ttcr"s theme from 'liranit' and John Williams' Star Wars.


Big Aggie‘s Pearls Sat I2 Jun. 2pm. £3 (£2). Scottish Mask & Puppet Theatre Centre. 8—10 Balcarres Avenue. Kelvindale. 339 ()l85. Ages 3—8. Sylvia Troon's Kenspeckle Puppets present this humorous Scottish fairy tale which tells the story onggie the Giantess who will only release Catriona once Jamie has fetched her a string of pearls from the bottom of the sea. Part aft/re West End Festival.

Puppet Show Tue I5 Jun. 3.30pm. Free.

r \

DANNY 306 + ME (4 EVER) Wed 16-5

live animation from David Greig, specially commissione

Partick Library. Dumbarton Road. 33‘) I303. A puppet show for 4- l 0-year olds. Part n/ the West End Festival.

The Happy Gang's Tartan Treasure Hunt Thu I7—Sat I9Jun. Thu l0.30am & 2pm; Fri I0.30am; Sat Jun I lam & 2.30pm. £5.50 (£20 family ticket). King‘s Theatre. 297 Bath Street. 287 55 I l. Singalong fun in the hills and glens with the Happy Gano's all-new show. Inspector Pickies Takes A Fresh Look Sat I9 Jun. llam. £4 (£2). Paisley Arts Centre. New Street. Paisley. 887 I010. Ages 5—8. This special commission for The Shot festival features storytelling and songs as Inspector Pickles and his trusted assistant Sergeant Tickles investigate a sinister crime. Part at The S/mt Festival. Puppet Show Tue 22 Jun. 3.30pm. Free. Hillhead Library. Byres Road. 33‘) 7223. A puppet show for 4-I0-year olds. Part aft/te West End Festival.

Wizadora - The Magic Adventure Thu 24—Sat 26 Jun. Thu 8; Fri l0.30am & 2pm; Sat I lam & 3pm. £4—£7.50 (£2—£5.50). Theatre Royal. 282 Hope Street. 332 9000. Ages 2—7. See photo caption.


Paraig MacNeil Fri II Jun. 7pm. £I.50 (50p) on the door. Hyndland Primary School. Fortrose Street. Traditional Scottish tales for all ages with Paraig Mac Neil. Part aft/re West [ind Festival. How I Became A Writer Sat I2 Jun. l0.30am. £2 (50p) for all fottr events. Hyndland Primary School. Fortrose Street. Ages ‘)—I l. Catherine MacPhail. author of Run. Zan. Ran talks about her route to becoming a writer. Part a/ the West Eltt/ Festival.

Julia Donaldson Sat l2 Jun. I0.30am. £2 (50p) for all four events. Hyndland Primary School. Fortrose Street. The author of The (il'ltl/tllu presents songs. stories and drama for 5-8-year olds. Part aft/10 West End Festival.

Stories For Young Children Sat I2 Jun. ll.45am. £2 (50p) for all four events. Hyndland Primary School. Fortrose Street. Storytelling for 5—8-year olds. Part aft/1e West End Festival.

Soapy Bubbles Sat I2 Jttn. l I.45am. £2 (50p) for all four events. Hyndland

v 1‘ .5.


un 20 Jun, Wed 8t Sun 2p

m; Thu 10.30am 8. 2pm; Fri 10.30am; Satzpm at 7pm. £2.50. MacRobert Arts Centre, University of Stirling, Stirling, 01786 461081. Ages 9+. A new musrcal wrth

Primary School. Fortrose Street. Ages 9+.

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TV script writers explain what goes on behind the screens.

Children's Book Festival Mon l4—Wed 23 Jun. Various Venues. Renfrewshire. 887 mm. Jeremy Strong. Vivian French. Debi Gliori and Julie Bertanga are among the guest children‘s authors appearing in libraries around Renfrewshire. Part of Pai.\'le\' Baa/t Festival.

Children's Authors Tue I5—Fri I8 Jun. 3.30pm. Free. Gilmorehill Centre. 9 University Avenue. 287 551 l. Call 0|4l 34l 0844 to book a place. Storybox Productions and WEF present various children's authors featuring Frank Rodgers. Julie Bertagna. Theresa Breslin. Harry Horse and Mairi Hedderwick.


Even Better Crack Club Sat I2 Jun. I0am. £I. Lansdowne Church Hall. 420 Great Western Road. For further details call 0I506 847935. Michael Kerins and Ewan McVicar host this regular storytelling session for all ages.


Activities And Fun

Quickies For Kids Royal Museum Of Scotland. 2 Chambers Street. 247 4219. Free entry to museum for visitors aged I8 and under. Ten-minute talks for children held every Saturday at 2.15pm and every Sunday at 3. l5pm. This week’s topics are later” Pales on Sat l2 Jun and The Slat/t on Sun I3 Jun. The following week learn about Mr Male on Sat I9 Jun and The Jungle Bank on Sun 20 Jun.

Children's Art Workshops: Saturday Classes Until Sat 26 Jun. Every Saturday at I().30am—I2.30pm for 5—8-year olds and 2—4pm for 9—l2-year olds. £45 for the five-week course. Old St Paul's Church Hall. ()3 Jeffrey Street. 554 I999. Art workshops with Jenny Smith. The morning class explores a variety of approaches to image-making including collage. painting and jewellery making. while the afternoon class follows on from the drawing course held in Feb and Mar. Please note that the afternoon session is only open to those who attended the previous course.

Barnardo's Scotland Toddle Fri 18 Jun. I lam. Meadowbank Sports Centre. I39

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by Traverse Theatre Company, in this their first ever

play for young people. Using 50?, dance and pupfpetry, it tells the story of international superstar Stella who 00

revrsits t e seaside town of Cum

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irst met bell boy Danny 306.