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Scotland's most: exciting touring theatre

company are looking for an ABERDEEN City Council, Ref: ACC/DARZ/AEC Aberdeen City Council have received a New

Directions Lottery award to appoint a second Dance Artist in Residence for

(One Year Commission Fee £14,850)

. I c . - local schools. W'th expemence W'th young people for future ""”'”'_’;‘.'.':‘“"""' The Council wish to commission a dance Artist to work with St Machar theatre proleCt from flUly 1999 to Apr” 2000 ""‘""“""" Academy and its associated Primary and Nursery establishments lP/T leading to F/T]. (Mainstream and Special Education Needs) to work alongside teaching and a staff and students to develop and enrich dance and dance-based

projects within the school curric l m. A dan 'tt d t th ' other about the art form, wh: Uis able t:erpgiimranridedeliv:1 duasrigg

_ _ . _ , workshops for a variety of client groups with differing abilities is required. for its multi-disc1plinary programme MIM

- n l . . projects from August to October 1999. IS posmon wou d be ideal for a dance graduate wuth at least two years

professional dance experience in community and education settings

Please apply in writing with CV to: combined With a sound knowledge and appreciation of the Scottish

Recruitment @ Suspect Culture, Top Floor, Education system. particularly the 5 -- 14 Expressive Arts Guidelines. 128 Elderslie Street, Glasgow G3 7AW. If you feel you can motivate and inspire across all age groups please send C|osing Monday 21 June, a letter of application detailing your reasons for applying along with your

Curriculum Vitae. providing two referees to:

Stellar Quines Theatre Company Education For an application form and job details contact Aberdeen City Council seeks S Department, Education Department, Staffing Servrces, Summerhlll Education C o M P Centre, Stronsay Drive, Aberdeen, AB15 6JA. To request a job specrfication Stronsay Drive please tel: 01224 346229. Completed applications quoting Ref:

AD M I N Aberdeen ACC/DARZ/AEC to be returned by 12 noon, Thursday 17 June 1999.

. . Interwews to be held 21 June 7999 in Aberdeen. Informal enquiries to for a fixed term confiaa unt'l May 2000 A815 GJA JaCQL/eline McFay, Arts Education Co-ord/nator on 01224 346029 Terms and conditions negotiable

The above post is open to job sharing and applications

Salary £12 14,000 ' .,

. . . ' n - from disabled ersons are articularl welcome. s“ 00»

Stellar Qu1nes IS embarking on a busy programme It" 01224 p .p y g? o o 39‘ of work and seeks a creative, experienced and 3 4 6 2 2 9 Comm’“ed ‘0 Equa’ Opponunmes om“;

motivated company administrator. For further details contact Stellar Quines Theatre

7 B r u n to n company on 0131 343 3146 I I Friendly people needed by Application deadline Thursday 24th June T h e a t re Wildlife Conservation Charity lo

Int N help lind new members in e laws wedneSday 30th lune M U SSS l b U rg h Scottish towns and cities. No

Stellar Qulnes Theatre Company, Forth Campus. selling involved. Pan- Telford College, Edinburgh EH4 ME time/temporary. lib—£7 per hour.

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ACTORS REQUIRED for Sondheim's ‘Company'


Required for the 1999/2000 season commencing

' JUIY 1999 um” March 2000' performanc * in November. and fast paced international . STAGE MANAGER Glzsgow- advertismg company seeks 6 - 8 energetic To register for wofkshop, people for trainee management positions in E26858 p" WCCk (43 hrs p/w) 19’“"e-Ca" 0‘41 4274918- Als ‘e "edzl t‘ 'e sports / entertainment industry. DEPUTY STAGE MANAGER backstage: iiliilllightiiigzzrgmmel Must be 1861 and available to £246.20 per week (43 hrs p/w) (no fee). Start immediately. llndependent Advocates G t £223.82 per wcck (43 hrs p/w) Requciired Anlew acllvocacy service. , tor 0 er peop e in ong term care r“ W ASSISTANT TECHNICIAN 1.. animal.unwrap ' 1 ml will be laun 'hed this summer. Own transport might be an advantage. £190 per week (39 hrs p/w) {V6 mwrwmbflccmmng people

Call Alex on 0131 ‘2‘25 525? CARPENTER 12:15:11airliftliitlhfi“ ' £213 Per WCCk (39 hrs P/W) given to successful applicants. . "ave 1°" 90‘ some tree "me THE ASSISTANT CARPENTER loi":‘.2';1.3:‘§fi'f§i‘;‘iSilica???" during the months of July and ' nl/ £190 per week (39 hrs p/w) Edi'ibufifafgjgfgiycfdoEVOC C TCS l l . ' . . AUQUSl? 7 ll gt Colme Street. Edinburgh £237 per week (39 hrs p/w) EH3 6AG.Tel:0l3l 539 l087. Could you work with children WARDROBE ASSISTANT . INDIAN MUSIC mo or young people with a £190 per week (39 hrs p/W) afiéilffufifiififiliin learning disability? PIT 9593;) Ffiig'flfms 11533311312;f’l’:¢i;?.2".il§f§21?§g ' ' ' ' - and project management. f you If your answer to both of these questions IS yes For further details and an application form, Please minwrcstcdinjqimngme the“ Contact Susan England at contact the Arts Service, Brunton Theatre, Musselburgh 0:333:13"; gg'mffpgggjge THE ACTION GROUP. NORTON PARK CENTRE. EH21 6“; "=1; 0132116165 953?; :96 reamed ea L: and time. please 91:9 i0; noon on on ay une . ntervnews W1 0 R G t , Io To cross 57 ALBION ROAD. EDINBURGH EH7 511v 1.9.1 on 24 and 29 in... 1999. ruminating, 111 TELEPHONE: 11131 475 2315 An equal opportunities employer ‘°""“""2{:§'99‘3é.“'"””'9"

88 TIIEIJSI’ 10-24 Jun 1999