V I saw you our boy Gareth. my friend says he prefers you withottt the specs and fake tan but I like the dipped in chocolate Penfold look. Box No U/3bl/l.

V I saw you raven haired girl in pink and black. air buffclttb. two Fridays ago. where are you? Wish I'd spoken when I had the chance. Box No U/3ol/2.

V I saw you UCI. CIytchatlk. Tuesday l8/5. 9pmish. We stniled and smiled. Yotr disappeared as I was abotrt to come over. What did you see? Scruffy bloke with older woman. Box No U/3ol/3.

V I saw you Rob the Aussie. I haven‘t seen you since World party in May ‘93. face to face. I think about you too often. I never kissed you once. goodbye Bentto's. Box No U/36l/4.

V I saw you Mick with the rnarigolds. Ashton Lane 15/5/99. Just what do you keep in those tights? Hope this has fulfilled your fantasies. Box No U/36l/5.

V I saw you and wish I hadn't. My illusions were shattered. up until now I have always thought of you as a stylish. independent thinking trend setter. You should have been drinking sotnething like Sauza and Cranberry not peach schnapps and cherrycoke !!

V I saw you Andrew III Jocks Trap bar. Slietna. Malta. l9tli May. We only exchanged names. you said we should meet bttt l was leaving next day. Contact Hugh very soon. Box No U/3bl/6.

V I saw you Riverside Ceilidh. 22/5/99. dancing Iristh with me to box of bananas. You. blue checked shirt. jeans. brown hair. Me. dark hair. white polo top. Drink sometime? Box No U/3oI/7.

V I saw you and was a bit too shy to talk. although yott tried! In that bar at the end of Byrcs Road. new year with your friends. your name is Lindsay and you sang ‘Hotel California‘ on the karaoke. very good voice! You were really charming. I am no Sinatra. I am better! Please write to Box No U/36l/8.

V I saw you in Safeways. Morningside. I told you I thought you were tidy! I’ve fancied you since the Jamiroquai concert in Glasgow. three years ago. Speak to me! Box No U/361/9.

V I saw you Petra in Molly‘s in Glasgow. Did I metttion that Germans were dead sexy? Get in touch. my German needs improving! Love. a Scottish fan. Box No U/361/IO.

V I saw you at Eden. dancing to the Peatbog Faeries Caberdrone. We kissed. you promised to share your woozle with tne. True? Pass the chocolate! Box No U/361/l I. V I saw you ‘Doctor‘ Patrick on Tuesday 25th. Thanks for a great time. Nice tongue stud. good action. maybe see you again? Box No U/36l/l2.

V I saw you jogging up the Royal Mile at 6pm on Tuesday. Stuck in traffic. I was captured by you poise. ponytail and perfect figure. Your have stuck in my mind! Mrnm! Box No U/36l/I 3.

V I saw you behind the bar at the Festival Theatre looking gorgeous as usual! That sexy Liverpool accent gets tne every time! So how about it babe? Box No U/36l/l4.

V I saw you Petite blonde reading New Eden magazine Edinburgh to Glasgow train. 4pm. Tues 25 May. I sat beside you but we only spoke briefly at the end. Have I blown my chance of earthly paradise? Let‘s take the next train to Eden. Box No U/3ol/l5.

V I saw you outside Archaos. Thu 20 May. You got out of a taxi. said I was gorgeous. blew a kiss. I thought you were stunning and should have come to say hello. Don’t suppose I get a second chance? Box No U/36l/l6.

V I saw you cute girl. floppy hair on Glasgow Central to Edinburgh train. 142l6. dep.

2 l/5/99 (Fri). you were sitting at table next to the geordie men in first carriage and got off at Uddingston. Our eyes met a few times and we smiled when you got up to leave. Me. girl in navy hooded top on my own. short dark hair. blue eyes. How about sharing a table sometime? But not on a train . . get in touch. PLEASE. Box No U/36l/l7.

V I saw you Festival Theatre. Aida was playing. you were selling ice-cream. Were you blushing? My ‘mum‘ (!) was with me. Will I ever see you again? Box No U/36l/l8.

V I saw you or I will see you on 30 June at the Kenny Garrett concert. You. attractive female

jazz fan. 20s. the answer to my

prayers. Box No U/36l/I9.

V I saw you Jim iii the Polo. 30/5/99. We had a drink and a chat. but no dance. Can we tango sometime? Box No U/36l/20.

V I saw you The Mission. 27/5. You: Blonde. green dress. left your red-haired friend far too early. Me: rock virgin. making first moves on the dancefloor. Care to get in touch? Box No U/36l/2l.

V I saw you Dr Hewlett—Packard from Shawlands at Three Sisters. 29/5/99. Me. pink shirt. ‘posh' hair. Sorry I wasn’t chatty and left early. I had to - I‘m attached. Enjoyed myself. Hope you had a good time later! Box No U/361/22.

V I saw you sexy. Silver Pheonix guy in George Square on teh last night of music live. I was the guy in denim with a red plaid shirt who couldn't take his eyes off you spinning your hat. Fancy showing tne some of your red hot moves in private? Box No U/36I/23.

V I saw you Becky in the Liquid Room on Thursday 20 May. You: petite. gorgeous cheeky smile. and great dancer! Me: tallish. sandy curtains. with a shirt you liked (!) Nothing happened unfortunately. but you still have my number and hope! Andyxx. Box No U/361/24.

V I saw you Pete D’you like bread? I‘ve got legs. and in the words ofAlbert Schnizer I fancy you! Remember. its not guns that kill people. its manoeuvres. Lots of love and jam. Ms lzzard (p.s. What I said last Saturday still stands). Box No U/36l/25. V I saw you Maggie. and my life hasn‘t been the same since! The past year has been amazing . . . here‘s to many more. All my love. now arid always. Laura. PS. You know what? Box No U/361/26. V I saw you Lovely girl who works in Cafe Dix—Neuf. I asked you if it was fun working there and you smiled a cool smile and said yes. Alas. nojob but would you like to come for a drink and/or some groovin' with me. (go on. you know you want to). Box No U/36l/27. V I saw you Tinderbox Baristas in your usual state iii the Cul-De-Sac. Wish I could stick aroud to see more. Love you all. Fee. xx. Box No U/361/28. V I saw you Noia -d'Almenara tan bonica com cornplicada. Brilles. estrella independent. com el sol que em fa falta aqui. Ens trobim ert un pais assolellat! (No estic boig. sino enamorat.) Molts petonsl! Box No U/361/29.

V I saw you in Bar Kohl. lunchtime Wednesday 2 June. I was in navy blue suit. with a female friend. you were in checked trousers. meeting a solicitor. We smiled. I think. Can we smile again? Box No U/361/30.

V I saw you Nick - did my postcards work? Hurry to me abandon all my lips long for your moisture. Let rne drink you in - Princess C of Bali. Box No U/3ol/3l.

V I saw you at Calton Hill on 30/5/99. You looked so cool in those shades and drinking wine. Hoope to catch you on another sunny day to discuss wrestling partners. Box No U/36l/32.

V I saw you in the Cul De Sac. You thought you knew me from somewhere else and I wish it were true. You’re the only nice chef I‘ve ever met and I hope you hate it in Mongolia and come back here. Box No U/361/33.

V I saw you Martha. learning sometimes takes a little time. I‘m hoping you‘ll be mine. fallittg out and falling in between. its always been you Martha. sharing all my dreams. Box No U/3ol/34.

V I saw you Manchie. Looking sexy as usual down at the Subbie. Box No U/36l/35.


V I saw you only you. always you. I'm in love with you. Will you join my caravan and experience bliss. light upon light and I know the time is right. Box No U/36l/36.

V I saw you sitting next to me in EHI with red hair. 22/5. I fancy you. Box No U/36l/37.

V I saw you Arthur or was it Martha. I missed you on Saturday night. Do you fancy a coffee or pint? I promise I'll only bite if you ask me. Love Karen the Lion. Box No U/36l/38.

V I saw you Nick in Club Loca. with that insane Russian and his groupies. When can I grope you? Will you come . . . ? Box No U/361/39.

V I saw you Gillian and Pauline drinking champagne in the sun was it fun? Can I have a sip from your cup? Box No U/36l/40.

V I saw you cute wee Irishman. lovely blue eyes. in Dumbiedykes. please get in touch for a Holyrood romance! Box No U/36l/4I.

V I saw you at Waterloo Bingo. Stunning tanned boy. You like your fags. Are you Asian? Seen you at Scotstoun. Love your disguised drop shot! Fancy a curry? Box No U/361/42.

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