V I saw you outside Mamma‘s. Astronaut sandals. unmistakeable haircut. You were dog-sitting. bill so feline! Is the varnish still wet'.’ Box No U/3ol/43.

V I saw you at Made lrl Italy. Blonde. snappy and sexy. You smiled briefly. I'd like to get to know yotr. and make you smile again. Box No U/36ll-I-I.

V I saw you ill corttrol at the Elm Bar. That flt body could be put to better trse thatr pulling pints. Box No U/36l/45.

V I saw you at Nexus. I tried one of your new cookies btlt I’d rather have your hot muffin. I don't mean the skinny waitress. Box No U/36l/4b.

V I saw you Polly. and my life has not been the same. liHl has been so empty for me since. 21/5/99. Box No U/3ol/47.

V I saw you l.ardarse. at 'The Bedroom'. 'Chilli Con Carne' night. 24/5/99. Fancy a G & T or are your jeans too light? Box No U/3ol/48.

V I saw you in the Tron. You. cutey from Manchester . . . Me very much in love. fancy a snog? Box No U/36l/49.

V I saw you drinking milk and eating peanut butter in Yang. Warlock. from the campsies. Box No U/3()l/50.

V I saw you ‘Boob Rondo'. doing 200 miles to the gallon at the Garage. Box No U/3OI/5l. V I saw you tall. dark and handsome man. what a burd! Meet you ill Brel again and we can feather you nest. Box No U/36l/52.

V I saw you Paul. We line your creepy paws ill Colliers. Box No U/3ol/53.

V I saw you Martin. black versace top and steps trousers. You make rne hot in all the right places. I know you want rue too - reply now. xxx. Box No U/36l/S4.

V I saw you History of Art - class of ‘99 graduates ill the Ctrl De Sac. You all looked so cool. The force is strong with U. Box No U/36l/55.

V I saw you Eric & Gill & Ann 8: .lill ill the Tron: Why were you there? Box No U/3ol/56.

V I saw you last Sunday having a shimy round Habitat - long. dark. curly hair looking eool. Please call me. I'm del‘illately the one for you. Box No U/3ol/S7.

V I saw you Fluff Daddy. Frenchie. Angel. Bongo .5: American boy orl stage at l3th Note. Flufftastic as ever. you stlperlluff you! Love Hangover Boy. xxx. Box No U/3ol/58.

V I saw you last summer at a wedding in Rhu. with tiny roses in your hair. I was your true Scotsman. We danced and kissed. It felt like a dream (& still does). Box No U/36l/59. V I saw you Sunflower cat man in Polo lounge. Love your fashion. Purring between my friend and I. Are you German? I‘ve seen your backhand. fancy grunting together? Box No U/361/60.

V I saw you Schuh. Argyle St. tall. dark with blue eyes and earring - yummy! I was the cute. freckly red-head. who didn't want a watch on Wednesday. Write me. Box No U/36l/6l.

V I saw you gorgeous girl with dark hair and Spanish eyes at Filmhouse. 2 l/5/99. Markie. Box No U/36l/62.

V I saw you ‘The greatest dancer' in CC Blooms. you‘re name was Mayl'teld. the MM tattooed on your arse is imprinted ill my mind l'll maximise your returns. Box No U/36l/63.

V I saw you service with a NYC smile ill Bar Blue. cock-a- doodle do the hens all like you! And I do too! Box No U/3ol/64.

1 V I saw you sexy older woman ' in the green jumper. Traverse

bar. Me. blonde young man. You. old voluptuous woman. Box No U/36l/65.

V I saw you at the Traverse. red hair and a smile that lights up my days. From the guy with the Hawaiian shirt and massive crush. Box No U/36l/66.

V I saw you at the Traverse. Ex Egg door girl. ‘Ma Cherie Amour". you‘re the only one my heart beats for. How I wish that you were mine. Box No U/3ol/67.

V I saw you Dan the man. at the Traverse. What fun we had. resolving bad Dando jokes. Box No U/3ol/6S.

V I saw you and I love you cos you are lovely and all that. cos you are fake ginger usher girlie. XXX. Box No U/36l/69.

V I saw you Mike with the han hair. It looks . . . amazing . . . Now you've been seen too! Box No U/36l/70.

V I saw you trying to steal my friends seat ill EHI. 22/5. Don't do it again. Box No U/3ol/7l. V I saw you abseilling down the county buildings in

Hamilton and turned to my lover

arld said ‘fancy a fuck‘. Box No U/3ol/72.

V I saw you luscious long legs at the Sports Bar on Saturday watching the football. Me. the small but gorgeous united fan! I hope we can exchange more than just football. Box No U/36l/73.

V I saw you you slim. blond Hugh Grant - feeling the cucumbers at Tesco Metro (Edinburgh) When will you

feel mine? Box No U/36l/74. V I saw you boy. glasses accenting access to passion beyond measure? Filmhouse. Sat 22nd. last centre table before steps. plus three laughing friends. induced by yellow t- shirts? Box No U/36l/7S.

V I saw you Cafe Gandolft (Merchant City). let me be your dumpling. you gorgeous cloonies. you storm tne away with your Stornaway's. xx. Box No U/36 l/76.

V I saw you Maureen. well I heard you! You called rue at Sub/City live on air. Your friend Suzi was there as well. Shall we meet? Dave the DJ. Box No U/36l/77.

V I saw you 'Cricket Jumper" in Polo Lounge. 2 l/5/99. We held hands before. Tanned Andre Agassi covets you. The bearded one has to go. Box No U/36 l/78.

V I saw you Paul ill Tinderbox with your khaki pants on and your hair was floating over your face as you were deep ill a paranoia thought! Box No

U/36 I/79.

V I saw you tall

waiter ill Caffe Latte. Mark. would you care to test the luck of the Irish? I enjoyed our chat. maybe do it again? Box No U/36 l/80.

V I saw you and you crack me up! Well mainly my ribs! You can break them as long as you don't break my heart! Still want to overwhelm you! Me! Box No U/3ol/8 I.

V I saw you dumpy rugby boy washing the dishes. Crooked

V I saw you I see you lots for drinks at our favourite Gill Palace. Glad Pumpkin‘s back -- he's the only man we need ill our lives. Let's leave for an all female island in Fiji. Love you lots. arid Halt too! Box No U/3()l/85.

V I saw you singing. prancing. tap dancrng and playing the spoons at Superfluff. Come on I‘ll be your hangover boy. if

you'll be my Cyber lover. Box

No U/36l/86.

V I saw you Aaah. I hope I see you again with your lovely pill- stripe suit ill Blackfriars. Glasgow. Fri night from the Blonde Bombshell. Box No U/36l/87.

V I saw you Gavin W. in the Corinthian with an 'Asian Babe'. Maybe you wished l'd asked you for your number so I could ptrl my finger on it! Box No l.i/3ol/89.

V I saw you and loved you from the word go! You rock my world still! Too early for marriage? I think sugar puff would approve! Love always? Suit W. Box No U/3(ll/89.

V I saw you Claire. getting pissed ill your house two weeks ago what a night! You're great! I love you. Box No U/3()l/90.

V I saw you ill Panchos. You say you're Auburn. I say you're ginger. I've heard your voice. you're quite a good singer. Box No U/36l/9l.

V I saw you in Iguana. Thurs 20 May behind the l).|s. Silver skirt with curly hair. Your smile made me smile. Your mate's birthday? Box No U/3()|/92.

V I saw you totlt les joul's. et Ill m'enerve moi. Box No [IBM/93.

V I saw you ill a dream. then that dream became reality. when I met you first ill Gaudi. You stood looking pensive. yet poetic. I hope we will flourish and grow older together! Box No U/3oI/9J.

V I saw you at the Great Northern l-lotel. my beautiful eternal love and soul partner. l.i/./.i. I'll meet you after dark for some blueberry pie and a walk III the woods . . .your special agent. Graeme. XX. Box No U/3(il/95.

V I saw you at Iguana Bar on Friday. 2 l/5/99. You wore a black shirt. woking behind the bar. Ginger hair. strong body. blue eyes! Box No U/36l/9o. V I saw you two years ago lying on a nightclub floor and last night irl 'l)andy Dick’. I can’t wait another two years lo see you in a compromising position. Number One Fan. Box No U/3() I/97.

V I saw you Trainer guy you

nose and 'curly’ ear! What’s that ' know who you are lllfo

grey hair in my beer! Box No U/3o l/82.

V I saw you Chris in Waterstone's and interupted your coffee. How about three colours: red. Not on my check this time. Box No U/3oI/83. V I saw you at Iguana bar you're that handsome DJ with dark hair. Please do contact me. just for a laugh dear. Box No U/3oI/84.

Systems cool dude. dark. cute

smile -- me. smiles. call me!

small-curly. Box No U/30l/98.

V I saw you Jill in The Tinderbox coffee house. You had a great body and a sexy face and I want to meet you. Box No Ll/3o I/99.

V I saw you behind the bar and caused the great confusion. Should I mix you with orange. lemonade. cranberry. or grapefruit? Sauza I love your versatility.

V I saw you Ren and Stimpy on the door at Bar Sirius looking deceptively attractive. giving free entry to all. Box No ll/3ol/l00.

V I saw you sleeping. I guess you were bored and were dreaming of ()z. Don't worry. things will get better once you move into Tollcross. l.ove Northern Jess. Box No lJ/3()l/l()l.

V I saw you leaving for Germany. Looking forward to the party nights in Stuttgart. Box No U/36l/ll)2.

V I saw you beautiful blond girl with the eyes that change colour. looking blinding all weekend. Box No U/36l/IO3 V I saw you the short furry one they call Jeff. rnoaping around Bar Sirius ill a lltlff! and that hairdo . . . ()oooh. baby. Box No ll/3ol/l()4.

V I saw you lovely cuddly shark. let me squeeze your dorsal baby. Hugging sharks is top of my list. Box No U/3()l/l()5.

V I saw you with your long red hair and your deep green eyes and I knew that one day you would be mine. Box No U/3()l/l()().

V I saw you at The Venue. lovely new haircut. suits you. no really! llox No U/3()I/l(l7.

V I saw you foxy Hugh. ()ne plus one equals two. How about me and you baby? Box No l,l/3()l/l()8.

V I saw you liver looking beautiful in The Venue. 2l/5 - I love you with all my heart. Ryan. Box No U/36l/l09.

V I saw you tall. girrge stunner in Polo Lounge. You look menacing ill black. Are you into furry men? Seen you on changing rooms. Luv your net shots. Fancy some gran chat? Box No U/3()l/l If).

V I saw you crossing your arms. wearing your orange jacket. looking mean and moody. Won't you let me suffer for you? Box No U/3()l/l l l.

V I saw you very sweaty. tall blond man. You make my heart beat very fast. \"er'y sweaty girl. Box No II/36l/l l2.

98 TIIE UST 10-24 Jtrn I999