V I saw you Davey at Jamiroquai. You may not have won the competition btit you were our cosmic groover on the night. Box No U/362/00.

V I saw you Fattie Hattie. looking posh somewhere in Glasgow. Are you having a crap time? Ok. you can cotne back if you really want to. Couldn‘t undetstaiid your postcard as your writing is illegible! Please send another. Box No U/362/00I).

V I saw you Romano last September. Why did yoti not give me your phone number. I can't stop thitikitig about this night. Contact me! Gordon. Box No U/362/l.

V I saw you underneath an umbrella at my best friend's wedding. You were smiling. I was shaking! Thunderbolt happened. Get in touch and we'll have that chocolate bar you talked about?! Box No U/362/2.

V I saw you in the Catwalk looking moody behind the bar. Perhaps a Sauza and orange will brighten you tip?

V I saw you gorgeous golfer with Ian Rankin book at Stansted airport waiting for delay. Box No U/362/3.

V I saw you Paul working at The Polo. That don't impress me much but .;\ long as you are happy illlv.’ .ny ear is fine then it's cool. Oh really. . . M x. Box No U/362/J.

V I saw you nice guy with "Wallpaper". sitting with me on the very late last train from London KX to Waverley on I hate. We chatted about Paris. etc. Give me another chance? Box No U/3(i2/5.

V I saw you Reading the Tain in the corner of Cybet'ia. rainy Sunday. Slitii. long. dark-haired. warm smiley F. eating cornchips and toasiies. looking creative. friendly and smart (as am I!). I'm not Irish or mythical btit would love to see you again. btit from less of a distance. Fancy a friendship? Box No U/3o2/(i.

V I saw you Marcus at the Counting House on Saturday 29th May. You saw me too. Is thet'eatiiythiiig still there for you ‘cos I know there is for me. Get in touch. Box No U/362/7.

V I saw you saniosa sex kitten on high. I was the rug boy who fell at your feet. You were in alone. was that coincidence or fate? We shared a beer and some secrets. can I come round and play with your pussy cat again? Box Nt) U/363/3.

V I saw you at Cafe Gt'afitti 29/5 cute. short. dark haired girl. Me: long-haired. Ileece denim jacket man. We exchanged cheesy grins before your crewcut pal (boyfriend?) spirited you away. Box No U/362/9.

0 I saw you in the Mary King's Tavern on Cockburn Street. Saturday night 5/6. I came iii to use the fag machine.

and you were standing next to it.

You had long blond hair and said you were an archaeologist frotn Inverness. Do you dig? If so write soon . . . Box No U/362/l0.

V I saw you the disco diva with the flashpants. Reception girl who's unsteady after a few. btit teapot - tastic. with no knobbly knees and cracking bum. Box No U/362/l l.

V I saw you Citizenship Conference. Edinburgh. You looked stressed out. I want to receive your tension and go back to basics. Box No U/362/12.

V I saw you iii Fife young. straight bi male looking for ftiti with young gay male. Let's enjoy it. Don‘t delay. it's fun. Box No U/362/l3.

V I saw you Flapjack. are you listening? It's your lips I should be kissin‘. I love you because you’re as sweet as candy floss walkin' iii a flapjack wonderland. Box No U/362/I-4. V I saw you on Saturday. 12/6/99. iii a sweetie shop itt Broughton Street. You couldn't make up your mind what you wanted. and neither could I. You left with an armful of chocolate. leaving me with my indecision. I've made tip my mind now. btit don't know how to get in touch with you!! Box No U/362/l5. V I saw you over fruit salad. You‘re one adorable young man I'd like to can and sell at Soniertield. I'd make a fortune:

juicy hunks of dark fruit in a

succulent and tasty sauce. Box No U/3()2/I().

V I saw you little chick clinging to ze colonel. How could you leave me for that? The smelly beaver. Box No U/362/17.

V I saw you gorgeous dark spikey haired girl on the running machine at the Commie 8/6/99. I'm sure you saw me take a second look . . . please say you dig girls! Box No U/362/I8.

V I saw you working in l-LH I. You were the new barman with dark hair and sexy eyes. I admired your thumb ring. you said you got it in Victoria Street and I told you I was off to Ireland fora month. Meet me when I get back? Box No U/362/I9.

V I saw you RMN. You went. you seen. you conquered. You shattered someone‘s confidence. That's not really your style is it? Talk to the RGN again. Yours J. (Or tell the truth). Box No U/362/20.

V I saw you promise to see me on Friday. I knew you wouldn't phone. Shape tip father to be or by ()ctober you will lose otit to someone more reliable. Lonely pregnant hippy. Box No U/362/21.

V I saw you at DiMaggio's 28/5. You: perfect. working. .\Ie: young Glasgow doctor rendered mtite by your beauty (and a throat infection). Help me rediscover the power of speech. Box No U/362/22.

V I saw you it‘ you stop hooking then I'll stop shooting. Baby I think we're aiming too high. Fancy going otit fora drink sometime. my German lover. Box No U/3(i2/23.

V I saw you to the "I-‘cuk me“ girl. gets on the Kii'ky bus. "You I want." so my place "now" from "Sxe please" boy that loves your cheeky little smile! Box No U/3(i2/2-l.


V I saw you Thomas. got the numbers mixed tip et c'est la vie! Saw you again and hardly survived the hurricane. If you can ever step down from your busy lifestyle. could we zoom on a drink? Box No U/3(i2/35. V I saw you James at the Cafe Chat at Nexus. Flutter those long dark eyelashes at me again on Thursday July 8th? Sanie time same place. Box No U/3()2/3(i.

V I saw you Giles with those lovely blue eyes. I see you often iii the cafe. I'm too shy to speak or reveal myself btit bold enough to place this advert. Are you unattached. curious. daring and have you seen me? Box No U/362/27.

V I saw you Tom the (Ii at Cafe Delnionicas. You spin me right round (like a record. baby). Box No U/3()3/38.

V I saw you liiiiiiia (1’): -- Kimono my house! l3th Note. Friday 28th May. you black hair. red Chinese dress. sandals dancing with your friend. .\Ie black hair. 6 foot. silver kagoule (tres chic) and Ftirstenberg. Need an intergalatic dancing partner. you would be just ideal!!! Box No U/362/29.

V I saw you ginger quiff drinking trendy beer in Brel. Are you my Lancelot iii a cardigan or are you Leonard the Ted in a satin? Box No U/3(i2/3().

V I saw you Ping Poiig on Fridays and you changed my life. Even though you‘re old atid grey. I think you're tasty! The big question: is it love? Not at all! Box No li/3fi3/3I.

V I saw you last Going Places. ABC. You are the tall. dark. handsome computer guy and I am the Norwegian red haired art student. I fell for you completely as we were dancing to "you're too good to be true" and other classics. Another chance? Box No ll/3fi2/32.

V I saw you buzzing at my door. Sat I2 Jtinc (late). Did you have your shell toes on? Do you fancy a drink? Box No (7362/33.

V I saw you you had a headache . . . was your neck the only tliiiig that felt stiff? I‘m open to any offers of sexual harrasiiieiit ~— btit what are the

chances of that happening?

V I saw you steal my glasses at the Venue a few weeks ago. Can't afford a new pair! Can I have ‘em back please? What good are they to you'.”.".".’ Box No L'/3()2/35.

V I saw you Bev twice in Tut's. Now you've got what you wanted. btit was it dolphins or a porpoise? Give us a call. You Putz. Box No lI/3fi2/36.


V I saw you slim brunette. Bar 9|. Katie tanned with gas of acacia. Part of a long history of groundwork. Greetings from Doctor Dracula. Let's see what happens man. Box No U/362/37.

V I saw you Ben at the Art School Saturday. You‘re in a band Motor I.ife Co? Are you seeing anyone. if not. reply to this you do know me. Box No U/362/38.

V I saw you in Stravaigiii. Long dark hair. gorgeous. Fancy a drink sometime? Anytime! Box No U/362/39.

V I saw you all in blue with DNA. But twas OK. You have a spot. Not on a rock! Box No U/362/40.

V I saw you in the Tron with those “come to bed" eyes. My answer would be anytime. I think your natne is Maureen. And you remind me of Barbra Streisand. Box No U/362/4I. V I saw you beautiful Aussie babe “classy bird" iii the shitty scaff after your photography exam. Don't go back down under! Love You x. Box No U/362/42.

V I saw you iii Waterstone's Glasgow. Patrick. You with a womanly bottom. Me grizzly. Let me bite you. Roaaarrgghh! Box No U/362/43.

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