V I saw you at Tray erse Theatre Bar. I‘rtday l Ith. Ytltt black leather jacket and 70s geat' - me. I°o\!! Yott are .\lark‘.’ Box No [7362/44.

V I saw you llat' Kohl‘s cute doortnan. You look cold - catt l warm yott up‘.’ (let it) touch for some cettttal heating! Box No U/.‘y()2/~IS.

V I saw you funking on down to I‘irelly. Doctor. you know you're cool bill I cottld make yott ltot. Do you want to remove my green underwear! Box No [5/363/40.

V I saw you Waverley Steps newsagent man: can you tleltvcr.’ (iootl news tray els fast . .. Box No [7363/47.

V I saw you at ttty friend's party. I went home with yott attd stayed for a year attd a half. I haven't forgotten you're a dude! It‘s a crying shame! Box No U/.‘y()2/—Il<.

V I saw you Mr Sexy barman itt lilll dark attd handsome. it's a shame tltat James has already got a piece of tltat sw eel potato pie! Box No t'/.:o2/.tl). V I saw you Ill .lennet‘s. You

\\ L‘l'c‘ lllt‘ ll'cllc‘ly‘ \L‘Ullc Iltt‘ peppet'utg ttty cullen skink. Yottr easy laugltter encltattted me: bttt wlto were your gorgeous frtetids. Tell then: to get it) touch. Box No [7363/50.

V I saw you SMI- (Ktt'xl). Let's ttot leaye II at a one titgltt stand... next tttne yott can tte ttte up. 'S..\l'. Box No [i/Rttl/Fl.

V I saw you Lady Boy-s. I: June 99 at 'l’rttnk's Close. Sexy tnatt with eyebrow pierced. (.‘an we meet tip sometune around Noyember at Number Nine. Box Nt) [3/302/52,

V I saw you Mother l-ltnnper iii the black dress with .t white g-stt'tng. | lo\e [‘!! Sexy! Love Ross. Ilox No [7363/53.

V I saw you foxy ltttle bartttatt boy in the lgttatta. (‘ome for breakfast \oIttclllttt‘. Box Ni) ['/.‘~o2/SJ.

V I saw you Ill l-.ltt. My thoughts Io\ e here and now followed by San/a. Is it met"! I \L‘t‘ tl ptc‘. Nttkt‘tl II. I'I'lc‘lltl t)ll beaclt how cottld you! .\'ice gtty I‘lll'! I’IU\ Ni) [7303/55.

V I saw you it) 'l‘ltresliers. ()ur eyes tnet o\ er a o-pak of Stella and 2t) Regals. I loy ed your nervous northern accent. I want to sltate some chardonnay \\ ttlt yott now llox .\'o [7303/50.

V I saw you tn l’o Na Na on Saturday 5th June. So did the bouncers tltey gay e its moral guidance. Shame tlte exerting loo \t)t)ll. Ilox No [Viol/57.

V I saw you ll] Snittltees watching tootball attd drinking beer. My cheesy cltedtlat's lillctl your dogs appetite. let ttte l'tll yours. sweet thang. Box No “BIC/58.

104 THE lIST 2.3

Inn 8 lttl i9!!!)

V I saw you at the Mexican restaurant. You were lean. blonde. probably Scandinavian and had an American accent (looked like Kelly Taylor frotn Beverly Hills 90210). You had an amazing laugh. Box No [7362/59.

V I saw you before the Rolling Stones gig itt Edinburgh. You will) black rimmed glasses. you pinched my ass. I wattt to pinch yours. You tttade a grown man cry. Box No U/362/bt).

V I saw you at the Venue. Yott handsome. tnuseley Phase () I know you're taste and your funked up beats - will you have a go at tny wondergirl pants

again'.’ Box No U/362/6l.

V I saw you at Dracula. balcony row c. A lonely beauty on Io June. A smitten gtty would love to join yott. Box No [7363/62.

V I saw you Attna. beautifttl. stunning red-head. sweaty forehead. gagging for it itt life let's meet. Thursday. 8-l()pm. l’leasance. Box No U/362/o3. V I saw you Amanda at the coat rack at Noa’s -- yott with

beatttifttl brown eyes. the —— a

mad Kiwi -— let's meet. Box No ['/.‘yo2/(i-l.

V I saw you David (1’) bartnan at Venue (cooler). Your distinguished facial hair made

me wet. Box No U/3()2/()5.

V I saw you Hugo behind bar at list list list yott Romany

Rouge! Box . 'o U/362/oo.

i V I saw you Felix! Meow!

l)on't scratch! I've pttt ottt your litter. now pttt your paw itt mine. attd we'll catawattl ‘til

dawn. Box No U/362/o7.

V I saw you you working i l

:‘ dtx-neul. or should that be

soixante-neuf‘.’ Box No [3/362/68.

. V I saw you cheeky barman t.\‘oa). you make my dishes wash. How about strumming a

melody on my guitar! Box No [WWI/()9.

V I saw you hey.l)is~eo Lady! Yott melt tny heart with your fttnky vibe. please l)..lay. You will be tnine. All my love. A xx. Box No U/3()2/7().

V I saw you ginger skater with

tattoos working itt Nice n'

' Slea/y's does your collar

match your cuffs'.’ Box No [7302/71.

: V I saw you bartnatt. bltte shirt

(0‘ Blue bar. Fri 3% May. U—beautifttl. brunette. l cattte back lylonday. Where were

yott'.’ Box No U/362/73.

V I saw you iii the Traverse. Sexy in leatherjacket. You looked tired and drained but your smile was a sunbeam. 7/6/99. Box No U/362/73.

V I saw you gargantuan. it) last season's T-K Maxx. iii the Traverse bar. Are you gay? Let's meet anyway. After King Lear on Friday. Box No U/362/7-l.

V I saw you Kirsten BA Hons( lst!) attd Jane BA Hons

( |st!). You are a pair of brigltt llashing stars. Keep twinkling. Box No U/363/75.

V I saw you in Bonltams after

t work. thanks for the drink!

Phone soon. in the meantime. keep auditing . . . you do it soo well! Box No U/362/76.

V I saw you my favourite husband. iii the swankiest hotel in lidinburgh. You know ltow to show a girl a good titne you even brought tne some clean pants! You‘re ace! Box No U/362/77.

V I saw you rugby ball eye. Yott were processing peas and carrots attd we were levitating behind the counter. Catt we de—lluff your manly bod'.’ From banana attd Pavarotti. Box No U/362/78.

V I saw you Living Room. Friday. 5 .lune. dark handsome. ken look-alike with beauty spot let me be your Barbie'.’ Box No U/3()3/7‘).

V I saw you I thittk you're called Fuan. You drove my heart mad. Please be my llattnate when yotr catt handle it. Love ya. Box No [.‘/3()2/b’().

V I saw you Lindsay at Brel. I would like to dance the night away with yott - ltow abottt it'.’ Box No U/362/8l.

V I saw you architect god. with your green. nipple revealing shirt aitd high pitched bark! Wanna chew my bone‘.’ Box No [IBM/82.

V I saw you blushing hedgehog ~ you may not have a mullet. bttt maybe if you keep training. . . I’ll miss you . . . Box No [3/363/83.

I V I saw you Film-man! Maybe

we cart get together in the dark sometime somehow. st)lllC\\'IIc‘l'L‘! I.t)\’c‘ tllltl kisses. your new Mexico lass! Box No [F/fsoZ/X-l.

V I saw you Bar Brel. l l/o/99. You ltad the sweetest cheeks I have ever seen. Yott work behind the bar and ltave a bltte vest on. Please reply as you won't be disappointed. Box No [IBM/85.

V I saw you the sexy. curly- haired waitress at All Bar One. Your Kiwiana talk tttade the want to cover yott it) Haagen Dazs your hip-hop lover. Box No U/3()2/86.

V I saw you vampire itt my llat. Looking forward to whett the phones don't ring. arid the otin buzz is me! Box No [IBM/87.

V I saw you 'John' Pavillion Theatre. Artistic Director. Stttttttittg magical beattty struck major cltord. Box No [IBM/88. V I saw you Tony. if your farts were phospherous. you'd be the brighest light it) my life.X.\' Box No U/362/89.

V I saw you Viking goddess. at the Vic oti Thursdays. Where did yott leartt those moves'.’ Wanna teach me a few'.’ Box No U/362/9t).

V I saw you Carharlt boy. I may be leaving bttt perhaps you can design a way for tts to be together?! Box No U/362/9l.

V I saw you New Mexico Queen! Strttttin' your stttff attd all that in Kelvingrove Park. You make my heart tumble! Box No ['/3()2/‘)3.

V I saw you Fmtna (0‘ Brel. Your eyes are like the Pacific. Wottld yott like to do some skinny dipping with me'.’ Box No [l/362/93.

V I saw you it) the Col—De-Sac on Wed 3 Jun. wearing Luigis t- shirt attd blue cords. You took my breath away! Box No [IBM/94.

V I saw you at a Greenpeace tneetittg at the Beehive Inn. See you next meeting l-I .lttly. 8pm. From your eco--warrior. Box No [3/3o2/95.

V I saw you Mr Champagne walking over the meadows. My shaven-headed llattttate and friend. I will miss you when I'm gone. Box No U/3()2/‘)().

V I saw you my Reading baby. all pttffy attd grumpy this morning! What's up doll‘.’ Loving yott loads can't wait to be with yott always. XX. Box No [5/363/97.

V I saw you ill Bar Brel on Fri ll Jun. l thottght yott were gorgeous! Tall. dark attd handsome with dreads. Please get it) touch. Box No U/3()3/98. V I saw you at the Art school Ill constant paitt. How's the dodgy foot'.’ Still. yott look great iii a tiara! Box No [l/.‘~()2/99.

V I saw you behind the City Cafe bar. You look like a golden tamarin. Let's share nuts and swap battattas. Box No

[l/3()2/ I (II).

V I saw you tti Madrid. after we won the rugby. then again when your ad cattte ottt. Another trip to the chippte'.’ Box No [5/363/[0 l.

V I saw you gorgeous babe with the mass of hair I‘d love to get tangled in. Love the shirt attd I hear the Afro pulls. Let's get knotty. Box No U/362/l03.

V I saw you opening the door for tne. It was a refreshing change for the girl to be ‘a gentleman'. Thank yott. Wottld you like another refreshing change - how about meeting for a Sauza attd Cranberry in Bar Blue - You catt pay if you like!

V I saw you fox itt Catwalk. You didn't want my badabing badaboom will lure you into my spiders web soon. Box No U/3o‘2/ l ()3.

V I saw you gorgeous maiden drinking champagne pitchers itt Bar Kohl. The way you sucked on that fatcigar made my knees go weak! U know who? Box No U/3()2/l()~l.

V I saw you lovely Amy at Brel yott rock my free world let's make sotne harmony together. Box No U/362/l05.

V I saw you at the Cttban Brothers on the l4th. Your name is Nikki deja la reun ion para arriba y el partido. Box No [J/362/ I ()6.

V I saw you in the City Cafe. Can I grab your ‘Tavish' down under. Frotn the blonde who cunningly slipped you her number! Box No U/362/ltl7.

V I saw you your name is Blair. you ltave great hair. You're sexy attd charismatic. I feel between us. there is static. Yott were with a sexy blonde. I hope of her. yott are not fond. I love you're brown eyed sexy goateed face attd your Gary- ()ldham like charm attd grace. I know where you live! Box No U/3()2/ I ()8.

V I saw you gracefully beaming terrorist mayhem beats atid I want thetn to penatt'ate through me; through the master himself. Saturday at the Vic. Box No U/3(i2/l()9.

V I saw you working behittd the bar itt Noa wiltt the pierced tongue and wanton look III your eyes. I want to run barefoot thru your hair. Box No U/362/(i2.

V I saw you itt Fttsion. Chef with cute buns. I think I heard them call you Bob. Goatee matt. Box No U/362/I I I.

V I saw you at Pride on the GMH lloat. I was wearing the Pricilla outfit. Will you be at Nexus for the next Cafe chat on July 8th. maybe we could chat. Box No U/363/I I2.