We've had alt.culture, now here comes ECHO PARK is a store with a

difference. Words: Simone Baird Photographs: Steve Reid


Already envied across the UK for its shopping chorces, Glasgow now adds Echo Park to its list of excluswe boutiques. Full of hard-to-find essential things, the shop hosts an array of local talent, who will be represented in-house. Whether it’s a printed T-shirt by Robert Paterson or one-off bag made by April Crichton, you’ll be swamped with reasons to support these Glasgow-based artists and designers.

As well as unique pieces, Echo Park will stock underground books, magazines and fanzines like

the French titles Self Service, Purple Prose and Crash, while street artists will be pleased to hear that Graphotism will be

regularly on the racks. You'll also find loads of ’stuff’ that friends of proprietor Sarah Lowndes (pictured right) bring back from international travels, be it Japanese pastel kirby grips, Australian Redhead matches or German four-way elastic bands.

'I want Echo Park to be somewhere that people can come, meet each other and exchange all kinds of information,’ says Lowndes. No better reason

for a shop than that.

Echo Park is at 79 St Georges Road, Glasgow, 332 9522.


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