Israeli/Palestinian film season. Edinburgh: I’ruitmarket (iallery.

A Title Deed From Moses (Azza El-Hassan. I998) 30 mins. Documentary dealing with plans made for the expansion of the Israeli Ma'aleh Adumim colony to link it to East Jerusalem. at the expense of five Palestinian villages. Part of Descriptions OI‘A Struggle. ati Israeli/Palestinian film season. Edinburgh: I‘rtiitmarket (iallery.

Travels With My Aunt (PG) (George Cukor. l'S. I972) Maggie Smith. Alec McCowan. Robert Stephens. 109 mins. I’assable version of the (il‘nllillll (ii'eeiie story. with Smith undergoing an extensive iiiake-upjob to iraiisl'oriii her into the eccentric old lady who takes her stuffy hank accountant nephew off on a series of continental adventures. lilinbtirgh: Lumiere.

True Crime 1 I 5) (Clint Eastwood. US. 1999) (‘Iint Iiastsvotxl. Denis Leary. Isaiah \\’ashingloii. I27 mins. Now nearly 70. Iiastsvootl brings his years ofexperience to the role of Steve liverett. a washed-up iournalist \\ ho is asked to write a routine piece abotit a black Death Row prisoner‘s last hours. Irvine: Magnum. I.args: Barrfields. Venus Beauty ( 15) t'l'onie Marshall. France. I999) Nathalie Baye. Samuel Ie Bihan. Bulle ()gier. lll5 mitts. Despite ruling the roost at Venus Beauty. the local beauty salon. Angele (Raye) is \CI') lonely. so much so that she li'etluently has one iiigltt stands with total \ll'illlgt‘l'S. Marshall's warm and perceptive drama dispenses advice in the form of truthful and worldly insights about the nature of Human: Iidinbtii'gh: I‘ilmhouse.

Virtual Sexuality ( 15) (Nick Hurran. UK. I999) Laura I-‘i'aser. Rupert I’enry Jones. 90 units. It's hard to say whether the finished filiii it ill reach its demographic teenage girls. :\11_\'o11c old enough to worry about Standard (ii‘ades will find the plot. involving it “end science sex change. laughable for all the \\ tong reasons. while their younger counterparts svill find the IS certificate prohibitise. The cast work hard to convey a sense of fun. but only l.aui'a Fraser attd Rupert l’eni'} .lones really shine. See preview aiid 1'e\ icsv. (ilasgtm: ()deon Quay. UCl ('lydebank. Virgin. lidmhtirgh: ABC .\Itilttple.\. Wadi 1981-1991 (Amos (iitai. l99l ) 97 units. (iitai‘s film focuses on three groups living in Wadi Rusinia valley: an Arab family. a .less isli family and a mixed couple. Part of Descriptions ()1' A Struggle. aii Isi'aeIi/l’alestiiiiaii film season. l'idinburgh: lirtiitiiiat'kct (iallei'y. Waking Ned 1|‘(ii (Kirk .lones. L'K. I998) Ian liannen. David Kelly. I-‘ioiintila Flanagan. 9| units. Actually. Ned's dead. A shame that. because the old fella 111st \von £7 million playing The Lottery the discovery of which killed Iiiiii. However. win seveiitysomething pals Jackie and Michael spy a golden opportunity to claim the caslt. Charming and eccentric \\ ill) a defiant spirit. (ilasgow: (if-'1'. I)iiiil'ci'iii|1ne: Carnegie Hall. Water Easy Reach tl’(i) (Bent Hunter. 1998) 95 units, .\ .\or\\'egian sailor named Alniar discs into the sea to retrieve his gold watch. Later. he is stranded iii a small Spanish port. \\ ailing for his \satcli to be repaired. In this 'titneless' \tllLl. .~\lniar meets at) Australian scalai'ct'. Wind}. \\ Ito liec‘omes intent on assisting Alinar III his coining-tillage. (ilasgou. (il’l. Iidiiiburgli: HIIIIIIOUSC. Wilde 1 l5) (Iii‘iait (iilbei‘t. L'K. I997) Stephen I-'i‘_s. Jude Law. \‘anessa Redgrave.

I I7 nuns. Ilie casting of liry as Victorian wit. |l0\L'Il\I and plil} wright ()scar Wilde seems almost iiies itable. and it pays off. with the actor getting beyond surface details to the intelligent. kind man beneath. (irittier in its pol'll‘;l}ill of lioinosesual relationships than most Iii'itish period dramas. lidiiihurgh:

l iiiiiicic. Stirling: \IacRobei't.


New releases are reviewed on pages 23~25.

Short revrews of all other films showmg this fortnight are in-the Film index, pages 26.29.



Film Listings are listed by city. then alphabeticall by cinema. Film listings comp le by Helen Monaghan.


380 Clarkston Road. Muirend. 0141 633 2123. Info: 0141 637 2641. £2.80(£2 before 5pm Mon-Fri). Student: £2.20 (Mon—Thu). Child/CAP: £2.


The MatrixUS) 5.10. 8.10. Notting Hill(15) 5.15. 8.20. The Mummy ( 12) 8.00.


The Mummy ( 12)

Daily: 5.40. 8.25.

Sat& Sun mats: noon. 2.55. The MatrixtlS)

Daily: 5.I0. 8.I0.

Sat & Sun that: 1.45. Notting Hill (15)

Daily: 5.15. 8.20.

My Favourite Martian (PG) Sat & Sun mats: l.05. 3.10.


Programme likely to be similar to the previous week. Phone 0141 637 2641 for details and times.


326 Sauchiehall Street. 0141 332 1592. Info: 0141 332 9513. CC booking: 0141 332 l592. £4.20 (£3.50 before 5pm). Student/GAP: £3.10. Child: £3.


The Matrix115) 1.15. 5.00. 8.00. Notting Hil|(15) 2.00. 5.20. 8.10. 0rphanstl8) 1.10. 3.30. 6.00. 8.35. The Mummytl2) 1.45. 5.15. 8.15.


The Mummy ( 12 )

Daily: 1.45. 5.15. 8.10.

The Matrix ( 15)

Daily: MS. 5.00. 8.00. Rogue Trader ( 15)

Daily: I.IO. 3.30. 6.00. 8.30. Notting Hill ( 15)

Daily: 2.00. 5.20. 8.l().


Programme likely to be similar to the previous week. Phone 0141 332 95I3 for details and times.

New films due to open on Fri 2 Jul:

Entrapment ( 12) Mulan (U)


9 University Avenue. 330 5522. £4 (£3). Box Office open 45 minutes prior to performance. See Roughcuts for Perugia. THURSDAY 24 JUN

Sweet Smell 0f Success (PG) 7.30.

FRIDAY 25 JUN Bringing Up Baby (U) 7.30.

SATURDAY 26 JUN Casablanca 1U) 7.30.

WEDNESDAY 30 JUN Perugia (rehearsed reading) 7.30.


12 Rose Street. 0l4l 332 8l28. Cafe/bar. All performances bookable. [D]. [E]. Sun-Fri matinees: £3.50 (£2.25): Sun—Fri evenings £4.50 (£3.25). Sat matinees: £3.50 (£2.25): Sat evenings £4.50 (no concessions). Saver tickets required. call box office.

FIRST RUN Last Night Canadian actor-director Don McKelIar makes the end of the world an unexpectedly uplifting, life- affirming experience. See preVIew and review. Selected release.

Rogue Trader The Nick Leeson story already sounds like old news, but there’s a more universal tale to be told in this Ewan McGregor vehicle. See reView. Selected release.

The Lost Son Daniel Auteuil, in his first English-language role, plays a private investigator plunged into London's underworld of paedophilia. See review. Edinburgh: Fl/mhouse. Celebrity Woody Allen dissects the nature of fame in black-and-white trawl through the beautiful people of New York. Selected release.

Cruel Intentions An upper-class teenage twist on Dangerous Liaisons, with cover star Sarah Michelle Gellar just born to be bad. General release.

The Matrix Startling effects, Vigorous kung fu action and a back-on-form . Keanu Reeves what more could a sci-fi thriller ask for? General release. The Debt Collector The story of a cop bounding a former hard man turned SCUIptor provides a starting point for a dissection of the nastier side of the Scottish psyche. General release.


Get Carter Michael Caine takes his particular brand of Cockney gangster up to Newcastle in Mike Hodges' British crime cla551c. Glasgow: GFT.


1. RealTo Ree1115) 1.15. Celebrity ( 18) 3.30. 8.30.

2. Beefcaketl8) 3.00.

A Room With A View (PG) 000. Grace Of God 1 18) 8.45.

FRIDAY 25 JUN 1. Celebrity(18) 1.00. 3.30. (1.00. 8 10

2... Get Cartert18) 3.00. 5.45. 8.15.


1. The 39 Stepsd’G) 1.15. Celebritytlxi 3.30. 0.00. 8.30. 2. Body TrooperstPG) 1.31). Get Carter118) 3.30. 5.45. 8.15.


1. The 39 StepS(PG) 1.15. Celebrity118) 3.30. 6.00. 8.30.

2. Get Cartertl8) 3.00. 5.45. 8.15.


1. The Bitter Tears Of Petra Von Kant (15) 1.30.

Celebrity 1 18) 0.00. 8.30.

2. Get Carter 1 18) 1.00. 3.15. 5.45. Don't Look Now 1 18) 8.15.

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