Dynamic Earth

Ever wondered what it would be like to go about your daily business while threatened by swirling gases in a place where daylight is a strange concept and the only promise of heat is contact with scorching lava? Now, as we are set to dip our toes into a new Millennium, you have the chance to hitch a ride back in time and travel back 4500 million years. Dynamic Earth is an interactive display par excellence allowing you to hear, smell and feel the planet and its oceans, rainforests and polar regions.

Dynamic Earth, Holyrood Road, Edinburgh, opens on Sat 3 Jul. Call 0131 550 7800 for details. See Edinburgh Life, page 95.



What you can’t afford to miss in the weeks ahead.

Art: Alexander Thomson The forgotten genius of Scottish architecture and design IS put back rn the spotlight in this key Exhibition of Glasgow 1999. It also marks the reopening of The Lighthouse, Charles Rennie Mackintosh’s first public commission. See feature, page 10. Glasgow: The Lighthouse from Fri 25 Jun.

Music: Ladysmith Black Mambazo With the Zulu ‘mbube’ style of unaccompanied harmony Singing at the centre of their sound, Africa's most commercrally successful mu5ical outfit come to town for some rescheduled dates. See prevrew, page 38. Glasgow: Royal Concert Hall, Wed 30 Jun.

Film: Last Night An interlocking group of Canadians make their preparations for the end of the world in Don McKellar's wonderful, movmg and surpriSingly life-affirming debut film. One of the year's unexpected gems. See preview and reView, page 21 and 24. Selected release from Fri 2 Jul. Dance: Swan Lake This spectacular production of the Tchaikovsky favourite, performed ’rn-the-round' by English National Ballet, is the largest dance show of rts type ever to Visit Glasgow. See preView, page 71. Glasgow: SECC, Tue 29 8 Wed 30 Jun. Books: One Fine Day In The Middle Of The Night Christopher Brookmyre's fourth novel puts an Ayrshire school reunion and a group of mercrless mercenaries together on a hotel resort cum Oll rig in Cromarty Frrth. 'Explosrve’ barely does this hilarious action thriller justice. See reView, page 106. Published by Little, Brown on Thu 7 jul.

TV: Playing Nintendo With God Paul MCGUigan, director of The Acid House, takes time out from filming a gangster movie to bring us a moving but not worthy documentary set in California's Camp Sunburst, the gatherrng place of young HIV sufferers and their families. See preView, page 110. Channel 4, Tue 29 Jun, 77pm.

Video: Pi (1t) Part mathematical conspiracy theory, part mental breakdown drama, this rs exactly the sort of film that restores Our faith in American Independent Cinema. See revrew, page 92. Available to buy and rent from Mon 28 Jun.