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Everyone knows that The List is the leading magazine in its field. Especially when that field is at Balado near Kinross, and it’s time for T in the Park. Now in its sixth year, Scotland’s biggest and best outdoor music festival packs in a weekend of live bands and DJs to have you dancing, toe-tapping, moshing and reeling from morning until night. And that’s not all —- you can enjoy all the fun of the fair, spot the stars of tomorrow and browse amongst the stalls scattered around the site.

In this special T in the Park guide, The List talks to some of the unmissable acts who will be setting the stages alight. We’ve also got details on the line-ups and the essential information about buying tickets and travelling to the festival. Read on, and get ready to face the music.


5 Blur’s Graeme Coxon grabs the mic

6 Gomez

8 Carl Cox, Cassius, James and Everlast prepare to get festive

10 Lines ups: Who’s who and in what order for both Saturday and Sunday on the Main Stage, Stage 2, Slam Tent and Radio One Evening Session Stage.

14 Information: Ticket outlets, shuttle bus details, camping essentials and an on-site map to make sure you’re only ever lost in music.

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Heully saying something

Those big names at T in the Park have plenty to say for themselves. Here's just some of the things they’ve told The List in recent months.

'The guy from the record company said we wouldn’t be able

to beat the bar bill of £800 the Super Furry Animals had rung up. We did £1200, but

I think £200 of that was asprin the next day.'

Richard Jones, Stereophonics

’Gay Dad is a wake up call. We’ve got power, energy, drive and belief and with one fell swoop we will wipe out boy bands and all those who don’t care about making a difference.’ Cliff Jones, Gay Dad

w. ’Being female with ,4? two other guys, people assumed I I was I was singing a, someone else’s songs and that is so frustrating. I don't want people thinking I am just ornamental.' Dot Allison

’This is rock ’n’ roll, and I think that a lot of people take it way too seriously. Please, come on. It's not like - we're writing Moby Dick or anything here.’ Huey, Fun Lovin’ Criminals

’I’ve always had paranoia. I think it’s probably the result of moving about a lot when I was younger; I went to something like thirteen different schools. I’m not looking over my shoulder all the time, but I do worry a lot' Roddy Woomble, Idlewild

’Gary Glitter, The Sweet, I\/Iud were just a bunch of lager louts running about in their mothers' underwear. We’re definitely not trying to reinvent.’

Brian IVIolko, Placebo

’It was the fucking taxman bill. It was the taxman that made me do it. I never wanted to do it. I just needed the money to fill a hole' Shaun Ryder,

The Happy Mondays

’I love DJing as much as I love producing and as much as I love eating. I’m bringing the party, man: as SOOI1 as I open my box,

the party's comin' out.' DJSneak

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