I samples and noises and stul'l‘ like we do in cluhs.‘

_ 'l‘he ‘(‘assius in the Mix experience that‘s coming


Slam Tent, Sun 11 Jul.

With only three outdoor gigs under his helt. you‘d expect Phillipe Zdar. one hall ol' (‘assitis. to he a tad naive when it comes to the liner points ol' the liestival experience. "l'here's always mud in lingland. in Scotland and in liranee too.‘ he laughs. ‘hut in Spain they don‘t have any. But it's not the place that makes the l'estival. it‘s the people. and I think in Scotland. it‘s gonna he cool..

to 'l‘ in the Park is played down hy the sell- deprecating Zdar. 'lt’s just a DJ and a sampler. l DJ and the other guy. Illuhert "Boomhass" Blanc- lirancart. the other hall' ol (‘assius|. he puts heavy metal on top . . . no. I’m joking. he puts in some vocal

Since l)al‘t Punk opened the floodgates in NW) with ‘l)a l‘unk'. there has heen a constant stream ol' quality l’rench sounds l‘loating their way over the (‘hannel /.dar. however. remains alool' towards the machinations ol’ the music industry. ‘I try to stay away l'rom these things.‘ he says. ‘I jtist know it‘s cool. I don't want to know sales. I say to the people. “Don‘t tell me". ll~ I go and see the people at Virgin. and they are like “aaarrrgggghh". then I know the l'igures are shit. And il‘ they are smiling every time they see me. I know it‘s going well.’

A strict eluh dedicate —- ‘I like the sweat and the dark‘ Zdar was converted to the joys of lestivals by an experience he had in l‘rance. ‘It was seven in the morning. with the sun just coming up. and l was so surprised hy just how many people were still there. There was mttd everywhere. and the people were going crazy. I realised you can‘t recreate a cluh at a festival. hut you can create something else which is positive and dil’l'erentf

Here‘s hoping the heady delights ol‘ Balado will have the same el'l'ect. (Mark Rohertson)


Stage 2, Sun 11 Jul.

As one component ol. the short-lived early 90s phenomenon llotise ol‘ l’ain. liverlast touted a whole heap of comedy lrish nonsense and cartoon homehoy poses. and had a worldwide smash with the inl’uriatingly catchy 'Jump Around'. However. the man who will take to the stage at 'l‘ in the Park has undergone some changes since his last hrush with lame and l'ortune: he's heen sohered hy a spell in jail. converted to Islam and dropped the rest ol‘ his crew. llis solo alhum ll'lu'tev l’mz/ Sings The Blues was released earlier this year to considerahle acclaim. comhining hip hop with blues and jazz influences: and while recent events might have forced the had hoy to grow up. his talent lot” huhris remains lirmly intact. As far as he‘s concerned. he might as well have heen solo all along.

‘What happened with House 01‘ Pain was that l was having to motivate everything: and il’ I‘m going to do all the work. I should get the credit.‘ he says. As for the frequent comparison drawn hetween him and Beck . . . ‘lt's like comparing margarine to hutter. Beck‘s a lake rapper: he wishes he could do what I do. He couldn't hold down the hip hop; that‘s why he‘s doing country now.‘ .Vliaow! So who does he rate. hesides himsell"? ‘All the influences that went on to this alhum from Neil Young and Johnny (‘ash to Public linemy and Run l).\'l(‘.‘

What about the 'l‘ in the Park lineup'.’ liverlast has never heard ol the Manics. hut expresses a passing interest in Blur. He‘s confident that the UK is ready for his sound: 'I think it‘s gonna go over hetter than llotise ol‘ Pain. In Britain they like it it‘ you mix it up: they‘re more experimental.’ lixpect a diversity of styles. along with a generous helping of personality and one of the higgest egos on the site. (Hannah McCiill)

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