to last minute changes.


Angular gurtar pop shapes wrth a punky lrve punch from those cheeky Essex hoys.


The weekend's frrst rnstalment of Welsh gurtar anthems, thrs tune from the Cwmaman trro,

The Beautiful South

Hull's pop colossus returns to Scotland for more deadpan, but soulful rronres.

Fun Lovin' Criminals

Sleek, gurtar-lecl hrp hop from besurted Barry Whrte enthusrng New Yorkers,

Joe Strummer and The Mescaleros

Ex-Clash god returns rn a new rncarnatron embracrng hrs work both old and new.


Eprc house and low-slung hrp hop from Srster Blrss, Maxr Jazz and frrends.

3 Colours Red

The tuneful end of the punk/metal hybrrd wrth rrffs as sharp as srnger Pete Vukovrc’s cheekbones.

ID The List guide toT in the Park

The Line


Returnrng to Balaclo tlrrs year replete wrtlr a clutch of awards, a trro of vocalrsts and well-stocked rneltrrrg pot of Beck-rsh rdeas.

Shed Seven

Now regarded as frt for a greatest hrts LP, thrs York gurntet lead the way rn upheat, petulant rnclre pop, Travis

Shamblrng and tuneful Scottrsh gurtar pop rmpresarros and recent L/st cover stars, whose (hart srngle ’Drrftwood' was at the top of several playlrsts. Rae & Christian

Soulful hrp hop productron duo play out rn a lrve hand format, wrth a tag team of gualrty voc'alrsts and rappers rn support.


Drum 8r bass wrth rmpassroned female vocals from the orrgrnal square pegs rn round holes.

Regular Fries

Brg beat meets baggy rn a seve-prece gurtars and breaks exp|05ron

Unless cloning becomes an over-the-counter possibility in the next couple of weeks, it's impossible to be in two places at once, even at T in the Park. Instead, work out your 'who-what-where-when' itinerary with The List's guide to multi-stage line-up action. Just remember that the final bill is subject


An outfrt not averse to treatrng us to a handful of therr ttxro-and-a-half rnrnute delrghts sent strarght from pop heaven


Scottrsh hrp hop stalwarts return wrth a funky, soul- trnged sound

Jeff Mills

US techno proneer hrrngs hrs vrsron of DetrOrt future electronrcs to Scotland, packrng rn more records-per- set than almost anyone else rn the busrness.

Richie Hawtin aka Plastikman 'Dex, FX 8: 909’

Lrve mrnrmal techno from Canada's premrer 303 nveaker

Luke Slater’s 'Freek Funk'

A lrve set of chunky, funky techno from the UK's b0r|er-surted slaphead producer.

Pressure Funk

Orde Merkle and Stuart McMrllan from Slam parade therr low-down drrty funk house alter ego.