Basement Jaxx

Purveyors of the finest in party house, combinzng elements of ragga, disco, funk and soul to crowd- delighting extents.

DJ Sneak

The Virtues of chunky, funky Chicago h0use extolled by one of America's leading exponents.

Stuart McMillan and Orde Meikle

The men who brought you Slam man the turntables with a box or two of the finest hard house and techno

Silicone Soul

Soma Records recording star SteVie Middleton shows off hrs live house/techno gUise.

Mogwai Post-post-rock, majestic, Instrumental gUitar strangeness from Glasgow’s finest.

5 Z.

"The weekend starts here: (clockwise from

far left) Rae 8:

Christian, Fun Lovin' Criminals, Basement Jaxx, Stereophonics, DJ Sneak, Travis and



Chunky, bubblegum pop now given dancefloor diversity by drum machines and fun guitars.

Death In Vegas

Richard Fearless and Steve Hellier walk on the dark side with their ‘ive band's sleazy break beat C‘Xl)0l'lll‘.€‘lll$ Delakota

Shiny, funky big beats from ex-Senseless Thing Cass and friends.


Three Irish ladies who c0uldn’t be further from The Corrs if they tried, stomping all over them With their own brand of garage punk.

Surreal Madrid

More shuffle beats and squelchy keyboard antics from the Skint label.


Vast acoustic psychedelia from the smoky back streets of Manchester that could potentially fill the gap left by The Verve,


Ingenious experimental rock from a threesome of ex- members of LeVitation.


An Italian-Scot who isn't afraid deafen the neighbours mth his Tricky meets Rage Against The Machine bornbast

At T in the Park, the full-on festival experience goes beyond these stages on both days Elsewhere on the site, the Ceilidh Tent llleClS a distinctive Celtic air to the proceedings Don’t worry if you dOn't know the steps to those Scottish country dances Just makeup your own or ask one of your fellow revellers for a helping hand, and soon you’ll be stripping the Willow With the best of them.

Twenty of the c0untry’s hottest up and coming bands \Nlll perform in the PRS/Sunday Mail Tent Confirmed so far are Dawn Of The Replicants and Snow Patrol (Saturday), and The Lanterns and astrid lSunday). The rest of the line-up wrll be selected from demo competitions and from the Winners at the T Break shows currently taking place all over Scotland. Further line-up details Will be published in the 81u|y issue of The List.

The List gUide to T in the Park I I