Manic Street Preachers

Another chapter of ’the Welsh take over planet gurtar pop' rs arred at Balado, as the lvlanrcs crest rn on the wave of new srngle 'Tsunamr’.

Massive Attack

Dark and moody hrp hop from Brrstol's orrgrnals, whose Influence (an be seen on half thrs weekend’s brll James

Manchester's rndre veterans ply therr trade as continual festrval crowd pleasers.


Slack-Jawed, kohled-up, glaoal gurtar rock from sgueaky lrttle Brran and hrs two tall but glamorous mates.


Surf-burn, funk rock pleasrng mosh prt-bound boys and grrls alrke.

Barenaked Ladies

Chrrpy, tongue-rn-cheek Canadian pop rockers, Eagle Eye Cherry

Neneh's acoustic strummrng, folk rock srblrng, Remy Zero

A hot trp for ’99, whose Radrohead-esque SOUnd rs much loved, naturally, by Thom Yorke.

I Z The List guide toT in the Park


Happy Mondays

Manc ’s baggrest (ontrnue to pay off the tax man wrt'n therr (omebat k shows.

Bjorn Again

ABBA rmrtators paradrng the Scandrnavran ubergroup's hrts as nature llTIOleCd,

Gay Dad

Aerosmrth-|ovrng Clrff Jones and hrs cohorts combrne 70s glam rock sensrbrlrtres and 90s rndre attrtude to great effect.


Ex-House Of Parn man drops the shamrocks and shermnrgans In favour of some more consrdered acoustrc hrp hop blues.

The Saw Doctors

These fun-lov:ng lrrshmen pay yet another vrsrt to our shores wrth bags of srngalong folky tomfoolery.

Dot Allison

Former One Dove frontwoman shows she's got the solo skulls to pay the brlls by arrrng her heavenly v0rce,

Younger Younger 28$

B-SZs meet Human League rn a post-punk wrne bar. Two guys, two grrls -~ spontaneOusly choreographed madness.


An excrtable bunch of nrppers from sunny Cornwall who have touted therr gurtar-heavy sound on tours wrth Feeder and 3 Colours Red


Clunkrng breaks combrne wrth lrve rnstruments and emphatrc warlrng-boy vocals


Fatboy Slim

Skrnt records MD and break beat Juggler supreme Norman Cook drops a party frrendly DJ set of brg beat favomrtes.

Carl Cox

The UK's DJrng overlord and self-confessed nrcest man tr‘ dance mast b'lr‘ds us wrth hrs funky techno SCIE’TTCG Green Velvet

Outlandrsh outfrts and expressrve house abound rn another of the Chicago DJ's lrve exhrbrtrons.

Marco Carola

As an Italian-born resrdent of Frankfurt, Carola brrngs some European flavour to the park wrth a varred set of techno and deep tech-house.

Cassius with the Cassius Mix

Leftfreld, chunky drscol10usern a decks and samplers mix—up.