Glasgow house DJrng legend.

Ian Pooley

Tastey beats of the house vanety are what’s in order from one Europe's best respected DJs.

The Roots

US five-piece dorng live hip hop as rt should be, wrth soul and finesse while losing none of the hard edge Freddy Fresh

Chicago’s hip hop turntable terror spins a selection of the finest funky breaks and beats.

Paul Cawley

Boss of Glasgow record label Fenetrk drops hip hop and drum & bass shapes.


Mercury Rev

One-time guitar freak-outs turn down the amps to produce beautiful wrgged-out, space rock symphonies ldlewild

Wee boys with messy hair chuck guitars around and make a sound like REM gone hardcore.

The Delgados

Glasgow's charming happy/sad guitar pop proponents brrng their twrn boy/girl vocals and bittersweet tones to a freld near you.


This pGCulrar but enticing Belgian hybrid of rap, vrolrns and rock make a welcome return to Scotland. Ultrasound

A portly man named Tiny and four of hrs chums play spectacular prog rock sOundscapes of epic proportions.

Indian Ropeman

Innovative and exotic breaks and beats from the Skrnt Records stable.


Following in labelmates Prodrgy's footsteps wrth adrenalin-filled live shows, leavrng guitars and keyboards strewn in their wake.


An Icelandic quintet who chuck frzzbomb guitars and swathes of keyboards into a mix ruled by a pulsing house beat.

One Lady Owner

Creation signings who are confusing and amusing in equal amounts, wrth garage punk drttres like ’Polrce Car Sex' and ’I Haven't Been To San Francrsco’.

Sunday in the park: (clockwise from far left) Manic Street Preachers, Reef. Massive Attack, Bellatrix, Mercury Rev. Dot Allison, Ultrasound, Placebo.


The campsite at T in the Park isn’t jllSI somewhere to lay your head after a hard day's dancing, clapping and cheering at the festival’s stages It's a party zone all in itself, With a funfarr, dodgerns, twister and two vrdeo and arcade trailers Not only that, this rs where Nintendo are launching their new N64 Games Area, complete wrth 32 consoles (some set up in a bath or on a grant sofa) and the chance to try out the latest Star Wars Episode One. Racer game, as well as other recent titles.

Last year's event coincided with the World Cup, and there's no lack of football actron Ill 1999 erther A floodlit prtch Will be constructed on the carnpsrte for after-hours matches.

Anyone who thinks that they’re as good as the headliners next door can have their moment of fame on the Karaoke Stage. And who knows whether or not the stars themselves might not pop along for a vocal warm-up?

The campsite wrll also provrde heaters, clothes dryrng areas and coffee bars to keep festival-goers dry and comfortable should the weather take a turn for the worse. Inner warmth wrll be avarlable at the food concessron stands, which promise to brrng an international flav0ur to the weekend, With everything from a falafel unrt to an Aussie Steak Bar

The List gurde to T ill the Park I 3