Jennifer Lopez

She has been a backing singer for Janet Jackson, snuggled up to George Clooney on celluloid and been on more glossy front covers than you could shake a maraca at. But, all Jennifer Lopez really wants is to be considered a serious artist and her debut album On The 6 is an attempt to wrest the latino/pop/cha-cha-cha crown away from Queen Gloria.

How does making records differ from making movies?

It’s a blast, everything seems much freer. There are less rules and more Wild, creative people. I also love the fact that when I go out there and start to sing I don’t have to pretend to be anyone else. I’m just me, Jennifer Lopez, singing from the heart.

ls being voted the sexiest woman in

the world by FHM's female readers a help or a hindrance?

It was my curves that got me noticed because they made me different from other girls. And, of course, people go on about my butt but I get fed up about that. I hate peOple talking about me as the ’Butt Girl’; there's a lot more to me than a good behind.

What of the inevitable comparisons to Gloria Estefan and Mariah Carey?

I would be very flattered to be compared to Gloria Estefan. I think she is wonderful. As for Mariah, there is nothing similar at all. I’m not like anyone else. I’m Jennifer Lopez.

On The 6 is released on Columbia on Mon 28 Jun.

Glasgow School Of Art Degree Show 1999

After years of blood, sweat and tears mixing with paint, pencils and video tape, the Glasgow School Of Art graduates have completed their masterpieces. Each of the faculties will be exhibiting their graduating degree shows making it an ideal way for the public and not just the proud parents - to see the impressive talent within the school and catch the new John Byrne, Gillies Mackinnon or Peter Howson before the rest of the world does. Pictured is Barry McFadyen’s ’Three Square Meals: Cat Food Packaging’.

Degree Show 7999, Sat 26 Jun—Fri 2 Jul. Call Glasgow School Of Art on 0747 353 4698 for details. See art listings, page 87


I At last available in widescreen (with enough space to fit in those lapels and

flares), Gordon Park Jnr’s blaxploitation classic joins Warner Home Video’s ongoing ’Maverick Directors’ series. The story of the sharp-dressed, street-philosophisin', hard-lovin’ coke dealer hit cinemas back in 1972, one year after Parks’ father - Gordon Parks Snr established the blaxploitation field with Shaft, also part of the series. Other mavericks worthy of the name are Robert Altman (The Long Goodbye), Donald Cammell (White Of The Eye) and Tod Browning (Freaks).

New Maverick Directors titles are available from Mon 5 Jul, priced f 72. 99 (three for the price of two until 2 Aug).

While idly pondering JUSI what Sophie Rhys-Jones's 40-year-old boss was dOing exposing his young employee's breasts in that Sun excluswe, the fine line between being a woman in a man's world or givmg up any vestiges of femininity to become ’one of the lads’ suddenly felt like a gulf Wider than Jonathan Aitken’s credibility. Here was a girl With the credentials of a Cindy Girl Guide on seratonin submitting to the kind of peer pressure only preViously exerted on fat eight-year-olds With a speech impediment.

How COuld this sweating TV celebrity get away With publically mauling the future COuntess of Naesex and still walk the streets an unhounded man? Then it struck me With the

will never be a lad


S I know all the words to ’I Will Survwe'

6. I do not know the WOrds to 'My Way'

7 I can lose at the pub Qtiiz and still conSider the night a success 8 I look for a station They twiddle With their knob

9. I do not know what strings LOu Barlow primes his guitar With, nor What decks Paul Van Dyk chooses to WOrk his magic on. I do, however, know What I like, and it can be both

10 I consider Lisa to be the coolest character in The Simpsons 11. I am not afraid to contradict myself

12. Ban does have his merits. 13. Lists are an important motivational tool.

14. Nothing involvmg cling film amuses me.

15. At no Juncture have I ever felt more at one With a group by removmg my clothes/ Singing 'Hi Ho Silver Lining’/ completing the Cool Hand Luke Creme Egg Challenge/ reciting the five players for England With an ‘X’ in the names/smoking a Cigarette through my

'At no juncture have I ever felt more at one with a group by removing my clothes.’

force of a Buckfast hangover. She was being tested, and success would allow her Access All Areas in the man-gang green room. The inSidious spectre of lad Culture has got us all in its homogenising grip but there is a glimmer of hope in diverSity. I find a list helps.

101 Reasons Why I’m Not A Lad I. l have never knowmgly felt under any pressure to make any sense or follow an argument through to its tiresomer predictable conclu5ion. This does not make me dippy, merely wary of the overall validity of the lineage of Darth Vader in the scheme of things.

2. Vinyl may render a Superior recording, but in many cases, this is barely noticeable and certainly not worth investing in a small warehouse to house my extensive collection of Belgian white labels.

3. Speedy reversrng into tight spots does not move me.

4. No one Will ever know the contents or regularity of my stools.

ear/climbing scaffolding . . .

16. ldon’t immediater equate commitment With the asylum. 17. And no, there aren’t 101 reasons, but a pull-out pamphlet is in the pipeline.

So there you have it. Whilst relativer happy to be c0nscripted into the man-gang after all, they have a lot of fun - I would also like to be excused ’hairy doughnut' duty Without being made to feel like a paCifist in a World War One trench or have my sexuality QUGSIIOHE’d. QUite how one can be considered 'gay' for not Wishing to View a spotty arse is wrong on so many levels. For now, I’ll stick to my list and remain a consoenti0us objector. After all, I'm not gomg to pick up any weapon. Period.

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24 Jun—8 Jul 1999 THE “ST 5