‘Software companies should be sponsoring people like us,’ says Rob G from Glasgow drum & bass outfit Konflict. He knows rather more than he should do about the ins and outs of the shadier side of technology, being a convicted software pirate, done for spending years copying games and selling them at stalls at the Barras. It's a fact that only a tiny fraction of the bedroom producers shell out the full whack for expensive original programmes and he reckons the bootleggers are doing a service for impoverished creative minds. ’If we never had the pirate software, no way could we have done what we have,‘ he insists.

Rob G has gone straight now though, using his CD burner for more licit purposes. He and DJ/production partner Kemal are riding high in the drum 8i bass buzz charts with their first release ‘Roadblock' out on Renegade Hardware, a dark but funky, techno- orientated drum & bass track. They DJ every week at their Turbulence night which recently hosted the Radio One Fabio and Grooverider

night for Music Live. There's talk about them headlining a US DJing tour later in the year and a UK run is being planned with the rest of the Renegade Hardware crew including Bailey, Ed Rush, Usual Suspects, Optical and

Andy C.

Making their own music is vital to succeeding as DJs. 'We started the studio work because it's just so difficult to establish yourself as a DJ,’ explains Kemal. ’Your profile is heightened so much if you're a producer. There's also the whole thing of getting access to other people's new material too; getting to swap dub plates


Disk frisky: Kemal and Rob G

with other DJs, staying fresh man.’

Their studio is behind an undertakers and there's a couple of garages that supply the exhaust fumes that seep into the studio. 'There's something about it,’ says

Kemal. 'lt's a weird environment of pure negatives.

That's why our music turns out the way it does.’ It's criminally good too. (Rory Weller)

re Ken (1‘ and Kema/ DJ at Turbulence (Glasgow School Of Art) every Friday 'Roadb/ock' by Konf/i'ct IS out now on Renegade Hardware. Check out wwwtovmusrccom to hear rertlieom/ng Konflict releases,


Martin Kay: stopped to turn around

Martin Kay 'l spread my Wings tOO far,’ admits Martin Kay, the Edinburgh based DJ and producer who was forced to close his studio and club last year 'I wasn’t concentrating on one thing and it all ended up flat on its arse '

Since rethinking his master plan a year ago, Martin Kay has lost no time in creating the piooievsive house labels

Zazoo and liiiiiieised Vinyl (jointly lUll With Ewan Biotlieistom as well as the management agency ltJlfllll ise Egg which looks after both lands, Gczeme

L's Red 'n’ Raw imprint aid a batch of artists including Dekkard (USA). He Still manages to spend time in the studio his best known gunses being Friskoboy and Arcadium, picks up iemixmg work and holds DJ residencies It would seem that ’hurn out' is a mere concept

'The launch pad,’ remembers Kay, 'was when I played Paul Van Dyk an acetate and he asked to keep it Whenever he or I‘Jiclr Warren are up

now, they get all my iii-v! sttitf ' llllS proved to be a luriatiw flit)‘.".’, as Nick Warren has used the »‘x.v..ii:it.iii track

on the lair-st Glooai Ul‘iC‘ah'Cl'QLilltl

compilation Budapest.

Martin Kay is also a familiar face at Edinburgh clubs Vengeance and ID. 'I think that it's important to get a club like Vengeance gomg where peOpIe are able to depend on the DJs to bring the music together ' He has been instrumental at Vengeance by booking some very high profile guests - Guy Ornadel, Slacker and Anthony Pappa amongst other ),

'I feel that I am finally turning a comer now,‘ believes Kay. ’PeOple who are into progresswe know who Friskoboy is and there are people who are saying "Martin Kay is at it again". It's nice when people recognise what yOu've done. It's a bit cheesy, a bit tacky but it's nice. I don't make a lot of money from it if I was in it for the money I would be producing tunes for Judge Jules to play. And I’m not, I’m iust into the scene and the mu5ic.’ (Simone Baird)

Martin Kay 015 at ID at The Vaults on Sat 3 Jul and Vengeance at Wilkie House on Fri 9 lul. 'Vanlshlng POInt' by Catalyst on Zazoo IS out Mon 72 Jul and 3000' by Friskoboy on Zazoo on Mon 9 Aug

preview CLUBS

Club news

THE ORGANISERS OF the launch of TS, Tennent's new beer, took umbrage at our comment last issue about Bob Sinclar's flight 'apparently' being cancelled, forcing him to miss his date at the Sub Club. No apparently about it, the flight definitely was cancelled and the booking agent, club and promoters moved heaven and earth to try and get the Parisian DJ up to Glasgow for the gig. Indeed, they are so unchuffed about the whole matter they are actually suing Air France for the problems caused. There was no intention to suggest there had been any dodgy goings-on and we apologise if our reporting gave that impression.

GLASGOW SCHOOL OF ART club nights usually close down for the period of the degree shows, but this year they're trying something a bit different with the nights, shifting them to new, never used before parts of the building. ‘Expect to enter through different doors and don't be surprised if you get lost.‘ say the GSA.

INFAMOUS VARIETY CLUB for the misguided Barry Cabanas will be hosting a Battle of the Girl and Boy bands on Fri 23 Jul. All those wishing to audition should send their tapes and details Rob Henderson, 24/4 Raeburn Place, Edinburgh EH4 1HN.

CATWALK DJ COMPETITION The final word on the mixing comp mentioned last issue is that entries close on Mon 5 Jul with the heats being held Mon 19-Thu 22 Jul. Call Roger on 225 5583 for further details.

REMINDER TO PROMOTERS In case you forget to read the reminder printed every issue at the start of the listings, it is essential that we recieve your listings every Thursday before publication via post, email, fax or pigeon, we don't care how. While some clubs might think that an annual phone call on their behalf or drunken 3am conversation in a club will make the grade, we're afraid not. Space is tight at the moment - you have been warned. Paris bound: Bob Sinclar

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