Glasgow clubs

Regular weekly clubs plus one-off events are listed by city, then b day. then alphabeticall by title. Clu s will be listed provrded up-to-date details reach our offices at least seven days before publication. Lack of information ma result in clubs being omitted. Clu listings compiled by Rory Weller (Glasgow) and Simone Baird (Edinburgh).


I Arcadia at g2 I lpiii Ram. £3 (£2). Northern soul. l..lllllt) jazz. classic disco ltitik .intl grooved-out house from Ian llanlon. Weekly

I the Ambassador's Reception at Bar l..iulrec's ‘me lam. Deep liouse .it the back room ol this w est end bar.

I Bennet's at liennet's. llpm- 3am. £3 (£2) Party dance tunes from Annie and (ham. (lay Weekly

I Blood .u The Sub ('lub. llpm» 3am. £4 (U). (‘elehiatioii ol (ilasgow 's deep house new guard with DJ Q. Laurence Hughes and Kieran McCami pltis a supporting cast ol some brutally cheap c‘ttclsltllls. \Vc‘clsl}.

I Blue Basement at Blue Basement tlfacchus Basement). bpiii lam. Free. \tce l’iotiiotioits providing a platform for lllt‘ L'lc‘;tll\ L‘ L‘Ullt‘L‘lHL' til. l).l.\ tllltl lllllls‘)’ iiiustctans on an altogether jtncy kind of \ the Weekly

I B.N.0.T.Y .tt Babaza. opm iaitt. £4 (£2.5lll; liee before llptti. Matt Morton w llll house and disco .it this good-time. reasonably (ltessy 'l'huisday night. Weekly

I Brel .tt ltiel .\ to llpm. l-ree. Nimbus l),ls and Noise .\'et| go eclectic with soul and liiitk l’re-cluh. Weekly.

I Budda .it Hudda Spiii-»itiitlitiglit. l-ree. \ick (it‘iimiil \\ llll house. drum (k ltass and hip hop l’te-cluh Weekly.

I Club Sole .tt r\l;t\l\.l. llpm—.‘~am. l MI and montth llcad lioncho of Glasgow it'cotd label Stc\ ie Middleton launcltes a new iitonthly mght to act .ts .m e\lension of the imptmls Middleton and (,‘lll'h llaiiis Illl\ soullul house and garage tipstaus \\ litlt- l-\\.iii Kelles plays original disco tn the white room. ()pemng night they 'ie touted by The Sub (‘lub's llai'ri \\llt) records for \lttltllcton's label as Daddy 's l'.i\ouitte. li\pect to hear the


Where? FAB at Babaza.

When? Wed l6Jun.

highlight DJ Skud provrng there's more than a little life outSIde the weekend.

Lowlight Getting so drunk then stuck in one of those ever so comfy seats. Cheesy or pleasy? Deftnttely pleaSy. With bargatn booze and mtdweek expectations Skud could have spun lowest common denomtnator cack, (Rory Weller)

feature pop quiz. Dusty makeovers. high rise hairdos and DJ Hush Puppy (Divine GSA) mixing up Dusty greats and 60s pop. mod. soul. beat and groovy instrumental fabness.

I Fatboy's Kitchen at McChuill's Way Out West. 8—l lpm. Free. Big beat and hip hop from local Dls G Man and The Wax Monkey. Pre-elub. Weekly.

I fnuk at The Apartment. l lpm—3am. New style clubbing sounds from Billy Milligan and Stephen Foy weekly.

I Freedom at The Shed. Input-3am. £3 (£2). Mathew and Peter upstairs with 80s and 90s club anthems. plus Paul N‘Jie in the main hall playing funk. garage and chart house. Weekly.

I Free Flow at Glasgow School OfArt (downstairs). 9pm-2am. £l (students and guests). DJs Al Rutherford and Lindsey with Nonhern soul. funk flavour. jazzy breaks and beats. hip hop connection. movie soundtrax. drum 8; bass rhythms and cold. cheap beer. Weekly.

I Fudge at Planet Peach. l lpm—3. l 5am. £4 (£2). Alan Ronald with house and club tunes to give you kids a treat. Weekly until 8 Jul when it is replaced by Funky Fursdays.

I Hi Karate at the Glasgow School of

freshest never heard. love it already sounds every month with some of the world's best guests. usually in town to work” on the labels before hitting here with the tunes.

I Cop at Archaos. llpm-3am. £4 (£3). Mammoth student night with DJ Vance and C] in the round room playing ftill on party house to a young. dressed tip crew while Tam Coyle plays sing along tunes downstairs. Weekly.

I Cul De Sac at Cul De Sac Bar.

‘)—l lpm. Free. Elements l).l Tania Swill playing upfront drum & bass. Pre-elub. Weekly.

I Dee Jays In Disguise at Variety. Spin-close. Free. Hatch and .lilkes of Knucklehead with a dubby mix of techno and electronica. Check otit their Pusher l3 night at The l3th Note tonight too. Pre-club. Weekly.

I Definitely Dusty at Alaska. llpm—Ram. £9 (£7). 24 .lune only. A

tribute to Dusty Springfield in aid of Breast Cancer Research. An evening of Ready Steady Go? Fra pop eycitement in tribute to the life of Dusty. Cotnpere for the evening will be l.ondon swinger Miss Amy lame (soon to present ('H4‘s new quiz "The Staying lti Show" ). Night will

Art (upstairs). l0pm—2am. £ l. Neil McMillan and Andrew Divine's weekly night. one of the fittest funk breakbeat nights in the country. A masterful combination of hip hop. soul. funk. electro. jump-up. ragga and reggae. Hi Karate is closed I July for the degree shows. but is back 8 Jul.

I Last Exit at Club Budda. llpm—3am. £4 (£3). Inside Out/The Ark's Simon Foy playing his house anthems and commercial garage. Weekly.

I Late Night Session at The Marriott Hotel Ball Room Bar. l lpm-3am. £2 (or free with a ticket from a Jazz Festival event for that tiight). 30 Jun—4 Jul only. The legendary jam session pushing through to the wee small hours. which guarantees to get pretty wild. The nightly knees-up for the Jazz Festival with an array of big and small name artists getting down freeform jazz. style. Nice.

Funk D'Void

Along with Slam, Lars Sandberg is probably one of Glasgow's better known techno exports, recording as Funk D’Void and as Chaser (with Nigel Hayes) for Soma. Now though, Glasgow is to be d'void of Lars as he packs up his records and studio from his flat behind Ashton Lane and heads off out to the sunny Spanish city of Barcelona. He's been out there regularly since '95 and gets a lot of DJ bookings out that way - a lot more than he gets over here, curiously - and has decided to give living there a shot.

’lt's always been in the back of my head that I'd end up here.’ he explains, speaking to us from Barcelona as he hunts for a flat. 'l’ve got money now and I thought why the hell not. I’m going to do the new album over here and then see how it goes. I reckon I should have done this a long time ago.’

Suffering the wonderful Scottish 'summer', it seems like a stupid question asking him what prompted the move, but there's more to it than the happy rays. ‘The weather is about 90% of the reason, but Barcelona has a much better airport than Glasgow, and you can fly direct to most places. Flats are really cheap here and the people are fantastic. I'm going to miss everyone, but I'll definitely be coming back to Glasgow every three months or so.’

He’s joining an ever growing techno community out there. Jimi Tenor is a resident, Glasgow's own Mark Ryall. who used to be one of the Aquaplanet and Red Cell crew, moved over a couple of years ago and Autechre, Richie Hawtin, Derrick May and Dave Tarrida are all in the process of making the move. 'lt's going to be just like that BBC thing Eldorado.’ (Rory Weller)

:l’f‘i lars Saarinen) plays a farewell DJ set at Yang. Sat 26 Jun

I Loveshack at Fury Murry’s.

llpm—3. ISam. £4 (£2). Classic indie. house and disco sounds from Jim Downie. Weekly.

I The Lime at The Lime l()pm—.‘lam. £4 (£3): £2 before llpm. Student night with club classics in a house and garage style froin David Keenan. Weekly.

I Movement at The \'elvet Rooms. llpm—3am. £4 (£2). DJ Paul Melon with poppy cheese and dance. Weekly.

I Pusher 13 at The l3tli Note (now both floors). llpm—Bam. £2. Weekly night front Hatch and Jilkes of My Machine (Art School. Sats) and Twitch (Pure/()ptimo) gtviiig up vintage house. banging techno. mellow electro and robotic breakbeats. Weekly.

I Picante at Reds. llpm—.‘~am. £4 (£2). l).l Sktid with hot and spicy house with a Latin edge. Weekly.

I Rumble at The Garage. llpiii—.‘~.tiit. £4 (£2). legendary Thursday iiiglil w itli your favourite charty dance fay es. movie tunes and indie classics. plus drunk students. Weekly.

I Salsa Sabrosa ill Hat .ttia. Spin—midnight. Quality l.atm dance grooves. barrio beats and salsa from New York. Columbia and l’uerio Rico.

\VCC k l y.

I Skint at The Cathouse. llpiii—.‘~aiii. £4 (£2). liidte/grunge/ehemieal beats at Scotland's number one rock club. Weekly.

I Sly at Trash. |lpm—.‘~am. £4 (£3 l. Naughty student night with Neil .tiid l‘l'og in the main room for big anthems and cheesy nonsense pltis Disco Dan in room two. Weekly.

I Wanna Play? at The Tunnel. llpm—Ram. £4 (£2.50 with matric card). Kevin and Scott from weekends at the Tunnel. joined by Lisa Littlewood. with a mix of contemporary house anthems atid lilllclc‘ss classics o\ er two rooms, Weekly.

I Yang at Yang. l lpm—Bam (bar open from opin). £3 (£2): free before I lpiii.

Elevation Trio. Glasgow-based ftiiik

76 THE UST 2d Jun—8 Jul 1999

l' i 08‘s. -= g3

l’angent Restdents A-Man and Pam jomed tontglit at thetr ftrst-rate funk house ntght by George T (above) from Edtnburgh's Trtbal Funktton As well as runntng TF, George records in (me style as Plasttc Avengers and ts currently worktng on material for Sneak and Gene Farm The Sub Club, Fr/ 25 Jun

Pressure Slam's Stuart and Orde jomed by another super sharp lute-up for thetr Pressure speoal Chtcago’s ltnest DJ Derrtck Carter tops the th|, jomed by Steve Btcknell (Lost) and Parts' DJ Deep A guaranteed top ntght Out, The Arches, Fri 25 Jun

Nova Extra ntce Jazz Festtval club ntght featurtng Bugge Wesseltoft's New Conceptton of Jazz alongstde Jazzanova Wesseltolt mtxes ambtent soundscapes wrth techno beats and jazz moods wrth DJ Per Marttnsen (aka DJ Mental Overdrtve) compltmenttng more tradtttonal tnstruments Berltn-based Jazzanova play a long-awatted set blendtng house, drum & bass, trtp hop, Lam and good old ass shaking funk flit) O/(l Fro/(market. Fri 2 /u/

Club Sole Stevre Middleton launches hrs new monthly Thursday that promtses extra speoal guests each month to reflect hts labels Sole lvlustc and Trontc Sole Jourting Stevre and (bus Harris on the too floor for soulful house and garage thts month ts The Subby's Harrt Alaska. Thu 7 Jul

collective now signed to Warner Bros. play live every week in the bar. while residents Bob l’eek & Charlie lnman mix up hip hop (k soul to funk breaks and house tit mom two. Taking yourself deeper ittlo the Yang complex you‘ve got a rotating selection of e\-ci-tations in the club room. .luii 24 you've got those crazy Mystec Beatz cats with the sexiest. sleaziest electro acid in Glasgow. Jul l The foresight crew move downtown from Club 0‘) \\ ttlt quality underground sounds and no messing. S .luly. the Goodfoot mob tickle your talc-ed tip tassels with premium rate Northern soul. ftiiik and R'n'B.

. cuscow FRIDAYS l

I Alaska at Alaska. llpiii-.’~;tiii. £6 (£5). Top night in this magnificent two-floored \ettue featuring the legendary Nick Peacock. .\ltichail. Alan aiid Raymond Woods playing a mix of funk. jazz. soul. R&B and house plus live percussion. \Vc'c'kl}.

I Apartment at The Apartment. llpm—Ram. £8. Jim l)a Best in mixing shocker. now playing a more cltibby party mi\ than before. Weekly.