CLUBS listings


I Bankers al Bonkers. llpiir—3am. £5 after midnight; £4 before. Club classics al this after-office hang-out with residents Day'rd Campbell and Nribble eritelaw. I Budda at Budda. Spin—midnight. Free. Solernusic's Sley'ie for garage and deep house. Pie-club.

I Business As Usual at The Apartment. llpnr—lam. £8. Funky house and disco. Check our the new era at the Apartment with new more relaxed door policy. credible music spread aird generally less stiff Trainers are now encouraged which \ll()\\ s |tlsl him much lllc‘yAc‘ ll)()\L‘llL‘(l up llrerr attitude.

I The Cathouse ltmiipin itllll. u

(£.‘~ 50) £2.50 before ll..‘\()pni. Three floors ol rock. grunge. cortleiiipoi'ai‘y indie and indie dance. in one of the best rock \enues in the country

I Classic PM at l-ury Mtirr‘y‘s

llprii ‘sarti. £6 t £4) (‘lub classrcs and party tunes in the main room with l).ls liin l)oyy me and Sean Webster pltis a more indie slant upstairs.

I Club Cubana al Tlte lletlsii.

9pm 2am. £4 (£3) 3 .lul aird monthly. After their enlorced break while the wiring in the Hellsrl was getting fixed. (‘lrib ('ubana relune with liol and spicy

l atiii sounds w llll proceeds from the door' lining to the Scottish (‘uba Defence Fund. I Club 69 .rl Rocksy ’s Basement.

lllpni Jillam £5 Marlin. \Vilba and liarrre of dance record shop Rub-A-Dtib play mg the best and deepest from the undergrorrnd lzyen thouin it's in the function room of an Indian restaurant. ll consistently linds its way rrrlo the best clubs in the country polls. 36 .ltrl sees Bola (liyei. Skam l).l/ ys. the Rub A l)tib \Vi‘eckrn' ('i'eyy plus. we are piomrsetl. .-\ndy Maddoeks in a pink leotaid

I Cross Wired at The (‘ross bar.

.\'pm- midnight. l~ree. l-unked-up house and techno front those Knights on the round tables Pie-club.

I Cul De Sac at Ctil De Sac liar. 9pm—midnight. Free. Jim Hutchison with hard house and techno. Pie-club.

I Divine at Glasgow School ()fAi'l (downstairs). |()pm—lale. £3.5()(£2.5() GSA students). Andrew Diy'rne and Hush Puppy with real deal Northern soul. Hammond grooves. btrbbleguin pop. wah-wah funk. Moog power and chemical breakbeats.

I Firebird at Firebird. S.3()pm—nndnight. Free. DJs Marco and Norse Ned from Nimbus/Polar Polar Productions play trig for beer and pizza. Pie-club.

I Free Form al The Hih .\'ole Club (both floors). ‘)prii--3am. £3 (free before |().3()pirr). Stey'en and Paul Wall with two lloot‘s of sotil. |.alllt. tall. ltiitk arid contemporary beats.

I The Garage at The Garage |()pm-3am. £6 (£4): £| off before llpm Big. brash and unashamedly happy to put the good lime party grooye into your Saturday niglrl with a w tde spread of commercial anthems in the main room and irrdre inspiration upstairs.

I Graduate Club at g3. llprn 3am. £4 (£3). New night aimed at the krrid of people who used to crlloy a night out at The Cotton Club in 'is“) or Fury 's 93. figure they're a lad loo old for the Garage. bril don‘t fancy slay mg in w itli tlte Hoi'licks and slippers. l).l Stey e Day is mixing up all the classics,

I Home Cookin' at liaba/a. 6pm iam (DJs from llpiu). £5 (free before llprni. Pumping llll\ from .Ianne Sli'ang; funk. rare gi'ooy'e and hip hop and generally music of black origin.

I Inside Out at The Arches ll).3()pm—-laru. £ It). 26 June and monthly. The full-on Inside ()trt experience continues for another mega. and we mean .‘yll-LGA night of blissed-onl li'ancey hard house \y tilt the inimitable Seb Fonlarue dropping by tonight to ably assist residents. Michael ls'ilkie and Simon Foy. Sweaty carnage guaranteed or your money back (we made iliat up. bill they 'd surely go for ll)

Friday 2 July Old Fruitmarket 10.30pm - late

A night of new jazz fusion Exclusive Scottish Dates

Bugge Wesseltoit’s New Conception of Jazz

Jazzanova (Compost Records)

Tickets: 0141 287 5511

30 June - 4 July

Glasgow International Jazz Festival 99

For a Festival brochure and CD call the Atlantic Telecom Jazz

Cool Line on 0141 400 5000

78 THE LIST 24 Jun-8 Jul 1999

I Knucklehead Presents My Machines at Glasgow School Of Art (upstairs). |()pm—lale. £-l (£2.50 GSA students) A night of the pure and true underground funk technology from Jilkes and Halch. their nrusrcal creativity ripping the roof off the art school for four years now My Machines takes 26 Julyoff for the degree shows. but is back 3 Jul.

I Late Night Session at The Marriott Hotel Ball Room Bar. I lpm—Ram. £3 (or free with a ticket from a Jazz Festival e\‘ent for that night ). 3t) Jun—J Jul only. The legendary ram session pushing through to the wee small hours. wluclr guarantees to gel pretty wild. The nightly knees-up for the Jan Festiy-al witlr an array of big and small name artists getting down freeloi‘myra/z style. Nice. I Lautrec's at Bar l.autrec's. 9pm—Iam. Funky house in the back room of this west end bar.

I Lime at The l.rme. ll)..‘~()pm~—.‘~arn. £6 (£4 ). I).l ('airrei'oli (‘i'aig w ill) progressive house and garage.

I Living Room at The laying Room. (\ipllla-lllllllllglll. Free. New York Alliance‘s (‘olrn Walker playing a deep house set. Pie-club.

I Love Boutique at Alaska. I lpm~3anr £|ll (£8). 3 Jul arid ilionlhly. Glasgow's original fi'eakstei‘ night out witli hard and seyy house on the top floor from 1)] Roy. plus more soulful y ibes from members of The (ioodfoot crew in the while room. .-\ddrtional e\cess comes in the form of massage. lry e painting. performance and general buck wild e\ti'emes.

I Lure at Bar Sari/a. Spin—anidnight. l~ree l).ls Ziggy and Bob gel housey for a crowd heading off to Ai‘chaos and the Tunnel. Pie-club.

I Made at Bar l.;lllll'c‘L"\ (upstairs).

9pm midnight. Free. l).l syndicate

l.ey itating (‘hildren bust loose witlr sleek- badass drum & bass and Jungle. Pre-club. I Mish Mash at The RIVL‘l'lelL‘ (Fm Street). llprn- Sam. 3 .ltil and monthly. ()scai‘s iiiglil of musical cross pollination goes from strength to strength at it's new- ound home with [Ms Booth and Dillon touring Oscar for their fusion of Latin. dtib. funk and drum (k bass pltis liye show from the .‘ylish .‘ylash band.

I Never Get Out The Boat al The Renfi'eyy l-eii‘y. lllpm 3am. .1 lid and monthly, Slam's floating sumrrrei' escapade continues on that \\L‘ll'tl glass thing moored on the south side of tlte Clyde. .loining Stuart ck ()rde are two tried aitd lesled Slam acquaintances Scott (il't)()\ es (Sonia) and Alton '.-\phrodisrac“ .\liller. There are no pre-sale tickets for the boat and it fills ey er so quickly so gel yo ass down nice and early.

I No Visa Required at Hay-aria.

Spin midnight. Neil .‘ylcTaggai't with lbl/a style disco house.

I October Cafe at October Care. 9pnr-nridnrghl. Free. |.isa l.rltlewood (Tunnel) w itlt a funky house pie-club set. I Polo Lounge at The Poll» lounge.

It) ‘stlpni idlll £5 The bar upstairs is open until iain. \yhile downslatis l).l Ina plays a camp ll)l\ ol housey I.r\ es and anthems and the Trophy Room \y illi -\ndy loi .\'()s pop. punk and new w aye. (iay. The Polo lounge operates as a bar before all club nights \\ ith free entry before club slai'ls

I Planet Peach at Planet Peach.

llprrr «,‘s |5ani £5 (£4). -\|an Ronald rnrying the best house/club and disco anthems

I Pussypower .n Scatalilotiche ililderslie Street) ‘lpiri rlllltllllg'lll. ()ne of (ilasgoyy 's more inllriential underground techno outfits back agarri for this weekly pie-club.

I Reds .it Reds. llplll‘.“illll. £7 (£5 l. \\'eekly DJ Skud plays soulful garage and dlsc't) llUll\C

I The Shed at The Shed. lllpm 5am. £5 (£4) (iiaeine l'er'guson in the main with corriniercial dance layourilcs at this Soutlrside club from the learn behind the (iaiage

I Salsa Sabrosa at .\lc('htiils \Vay ()ul \Vcsl .\‘.Fllpm-niidiiight. l-i'ee D_ls Keith and -\le\is w ill) Salsa. from classic (’olonrbian to modern Cuban. rnerengue. samba and rust generally ial/y earthy stuff.

I Santiago at The Arena. l().30pm—3am. £5. 26 Jun and fortnightly. The Groovismo brothers Don Marcelo and Che Manuel follow up the success of their Wednesday night with this new salsa love affair with the finest iruported Latino grooves.

I Strawberry Fields at Strawberry Fields. 9pm-3am. £6 (£7 after I lpm). Classic party sounds from the 60s through to the 80s. Sinatra to Bryan Adarus. Beatles to Abba. Madness to the Bay City Rollers.

I Sub Culture at The Sub Club. l().3()pm-5am. £ l(). Without a doubt. Saturday at the Sub Club is still the best place in the country to hear such sublime deep underground house. Hosts Harri and Domenic kirow how to work the loyal crowd masterfully making the club one of Glasgow's greatest assets. 26 Jun. Bloods DJ Q (Filter Records) makes his Saturday night debut. Weekly.

I Temple at The Temple. llpm—3am. £7 (£5). Residents Steve Lee (The

Gallery—l .ondon) Zammo ( lce Factory) Michael Kilkie and Billy Macalee with hard house and new trance. 3 .lul Glam takes (wet the night with The Shy Brother' and a special guest to be announced.

I Trade at The Arches. l().3()pm—4.3()am. £l() (tickets from usual outlets or on the door). The madness continues at the Mary Kiani hosted sister club to the London hedorrist fest with the return of Fergie (just back from ()2) and ma in the nrain room pumping up the hard house as far as it'll go. plus Guy Williams and Ken Ferguson doing the funky shuffle in the Trade Light backroom. Tonight. Mary tells us is an American lndependerrce party so think cowboys and indians boys and girls. Lord knows what the gang who came last time as body painted devils will go as. The mind boggles.

I Trash at Trash. Ilpm—Ram. (£7) £5. Dressy. slightly older (but still going for it ) crowd with house and garage in the main room from DJ brother tearrr Mathew and Peter. arid soul. swing arid R&B in the second room from Paul N'Jie.

I Triumph at The Tunnel. l().3()pm—3.3()am. £8 (£6). A massive. dressy niglil of European and UK house at one of tire country's best looking \‘L‘llllc‘s. Colin Tey'endale and Steven McCreery take on the main room while Kevin McFarlane and Stephen Lee offer tip a different vibe with a wide mix of garage and dance classics in tlte second room. Smart dress-code and they expect you to make a lot ofefforl.

I Velvet Rooms 1 lplll—3pm. £8 (£4 before midnight). DJ Scud in the main room with house. garage and club classics. .loliii Lyons in the front room playing mellow hip hop. swingbeat and classic soul.

I World Service at Alaska. llpm—3am. £3 (£6). 26 .ltrrr and monthly. Visionary beat test with the finest lrrp hop. tan. funk brought to yoti by three of the best I).ls in their class; the itigh legendary Nick Peacock and Paul Cawley & Ales Horton Psy-phi. If your ass don't shake tonight you'll be needing to see the doc about that new hip.

I Yang at Yang. llpni-.‘~am (bar open from 6pm). £5 (free before I lpm). Colin (the bloke from Dr .lry'es) and Ray play the bar roorir. room two sees Muchaill arid Shu Hirala playing bouiiliftil beats in a non-house style. In the back room there's Nucleus. with Jim and Brian working this classic swealboy in a deep electronrca. US techno and hard house style. 36 Jun Lars Sandbei'g aka Funk D'Void plays a farewell to Glasgow set ill the back room. See what the tall gtry has to say about why he's leay‘ing Glasgow for Barcelona in the panel.


I All Drinks £1 at Reds. llpm—Ram. £-l. Weekly. l).l Ronaldo plays Sunday night party tunes it's all in tire name. really. I Bennet's at Bennet's. ll..‘~()pm-.‘~am. £3 (£2 ). Up-lernpo hiin energy w ith John Fra/er'. Gay.