CLUBS listings


I Phactory at City Cafe. 9pm— I am. Free. 24 Jun. Monthly. The theme tonight is 'Cult'. expect visuals. music and decor to alter accordingly. The music policy sits comfortably on 'eclectic. electronic and eccentric'.

I Red, Hot And Cool at Noa. l0pm—3am. Free. Weekly. Soul. hip hop and old skool.

I Ripped at The Jaf‘t‘acake. l lpm—3am. £2. Weekly. A mix of pop and indie.

I Salsa Pa Ti at Cafe Habana. l()pm—lani. Free. Weekly. DJ James Combe at this salsa and Latin night with a dance class at 9.30pm with DJ ()rlando. I The Ska Club at The Venue. |()piii—3am. £4. 1 Jtil. Monthly. Ska madness ltil' an appreciative crowd. Catch the Baccy Band with Bombskai'e. I The Subway West End at The Subway West End. me—3a‘m. £ l. Weekly. l).ls playing chart music.

I Thursday Night Fever at the l.lqtlld Room. lt).30pin—3ani. Students tree with matric card before l2.3()am or in 70s costume: £3 otherwise. Weekly. Disco and chart tunes.

I The Unspoken Thing at Negociants. t)pm-Ylam. Free. Weekly. Freestyle l'unky hip hop for all your break beats needs.

I Vibe at The Tap ()'l.auriston. 9pm—lam. Free. I .ltil. Fortnightly. Mticlio to i hip hop sounds.

I Video rome at Cellar Bar No. l. 9pm—lam. Free. Weekly. [)Js Andy. Robert and Stuart Wemyss host an eyening of down tempo beats with a dubby. ia/Iy feel to start. moving oii to

deep electronica as the evening ~- ()7‘)()| (3002-12. progresses. Jungle Magic Catch the ladies in I 9'“ "‘0"? i” “"l "P'" '4'” "'1‘" action provrng that bass is best when

\VL‘L‘kl)‘. PIC-Citll‘. llt‘llst‘ ‘g'l'titn L‘\. i In the |adles hands. 7‘53? f

I El Segundo at The Bongo ('lub l - _ . _ -

9plll-~-3illll. U lei i. 24 Jun. Monthly. I Al's All Night Joke Shop at The '-'

the hip hop. Bongo Cltib. Monthly. Next date 9 Jul. Under Cover Apex, Mingin' and

I Flares at l‘l.llt‘\ ‘inii lain law I Alpha Beat Soup at The POIICI‘I'UW. pmbox have got together to throw 8 Weekly. l).ls play mg 7th times ‘Jpni-3am. £7 (£5). 2 .ltil. Monthly. __ . . I FrenzyZ at The \‘enue. | lpiii 3am. L". Menace and Supa Soul lay on the big senog? y fqagood cause' till. I .ltil. l-oi'tniglitly -\.|s Wainei‘ and [00' ' '

beats and iiti skool breaks. " ' " -‘ :\.\lllc‘_\ do the disco house and deep I Apex at Studio 24. l(l.3(ipm-3am. £7 Cosmic Disko A brand new night progressiy e Iliadilcss thing H5). 25 .liiii. Monthly. ‘Finally Wmch Should add a Splash Of day I'Funk at Baiiiieiiiian s 0pm latii l-iee tiiihainpered bygtiests . tonight Apes do glocolour at The Vaults Wlm an \\ eekly. Pie-club. .-\ special selection ol the residents thing with Stey e and Al f l'uiik. soul and hip hop Open "199C pong] find loads 0 decor. : -

l’ace joined by part timer Phil Zero tor a I For at The Venue. lop llooi . .. Scratch DJ Vadim (above) and his

night ol‘ dark trance and acid techno. This lllpni 5am. {2 below midnight; U altci. is the l'ii'st eyet' residents night in the year Swollen Members guest tonight prowding oodles of hip hop action

Edinburgh clubs

I Beat at The Vaults. lt).3()pm—3am. Free. I Jul. Fortnightly. J. Canimera. Stamper and Ollie are on rotation playing a crowd pleasing mi.\ oi house and techno.

I Black Projects at The Honeycomb. lt).3()pm—3am. £3 before midnight: £4 alter. l Jul. Monthly. House music l'i'om all eras in the main room; beats through the back.

I Boo! at l.oca. ltlpni 3am. £2 til i. Stey'e Athwal plays chatty house and disco.

I CC Blooms at ('.(,‘, liliiiiiiis. , llpiii—3aiii. Free club downstairs at this popular gay bar. playing a iiiis ot' commercial dance and lit-energy house. I Catwalk at Catwalk. 9pm -lam. Free. Open decks session. Phone 225 558301' ()4 ll 807925 for more information.

I Cuba Norte at Cuba Norte. l()pni—lam. Free. Weekly. 24 .lun sees a salsa night with l).|s Jorge and Coco; l Jul and DJ ()i'lando starts oil the salsa class; b’ Jul is Tango .-\i‘genlina.

I Don't Panic at The Tap ( )‘l.auiistoii. ()pm -|am. l‘iee. 24 .ltiii. l'tllllllglllly 'l‘echiio and trance sounds.

I Dust at Studio 24. Itlpiii iaiii. £2. Weekly. Popular altcriiatiye club ol'l'ei'iiig tip a selection of metal. industrial. goth and a bit of punk to an appreciatiyc ciowd. Information on


it might surprise you to hear that the oh so groovy singer of Deee-iite is now a brilliant drum & bass DJ based in London and is visiting Ed'nburgh's Jungle Magic this issue. Rory Weller finds out what she's all about.


Looking down the barrel of a crazy fortnight. . .

Name: Lady Miss Kier, aka, Kierin Kirby. Date of birth: 15/8/64

Place of birth: Youngstown, Ohio. Current place of residence: London.

Occupation: Former pop star now turned drum & bass DJ

What's her history then? She grew up With her two Sisters and a single mother in several north eastern US indusuial Cities. At four years old, she made mudpies with coloured fish gravel sprinkled on top. At nine, she redesigned her brownie outfit to include bellbottoms and got kicked Otit. It kinda pans out from there really.

In what way? She moved to New York i when she was eighteen, and studied at ' The Fashion Institute Of Technology, but inevnably became disenchanted With her teachers, and dropped out btit continued designing on her own

Was New York tough for her? She

The Edge Some bloke called Seb Fontaine from a club called Cream or something ~ he’s supposed to be massrve at any rate and he's playing

here tonight i

I .ltil. l-‘oitnightly. .-\ new cult 70s and .\'t)s that the club has been going ii any niised club opening this issue with DJ knows how to rock the club. it'll be these

worked a whole host of dead end jObS \k‘mn and \l‘s‘s‘i-ll 1-‘“'~“l‘ :ll'.“ , , .~.-. . to pay the rem but found salvation In I Jazz at In Belle .-\iigelc 5.30pm late. I Barry Cabanas at Wilkie House. lor CrQWd that knows " ' ’7 ' £5 (£4). Weekly. .-\ hot young local outlit lt).3t)pin~3ain. £7.99 (£4.99). 25 Jun. 3’ 3 "

the spiritual sound of house music and soon became a 90-90 dancer at many of the legendary house clubs. In '85 she was introduced to DJ Dimitri and Towa Tei and they started working together writing music and using her poetry for lyrics. And this was Deee-Lite? Sure was She came tip wnh the word Sampladelic for their production company, and named the band Deee-Iite while on a hit of MDMA. 'Cii'oove Is In The Heart‘ and the album " - were world Wide tasty cheese. Smashesi but follow] up a|bums I LoveBl’eaks ill l)“ Nyt \il. l ll‘lll .idlll. VHS-",3 and ,fi.__.‘.\\.,‘...,, 3;... 5... 7-5.”; ,--; Free beltil‘c‘ l lpm; C3 alter, \Veekl}.

' ' ' Membership ayailable. \‘arious funky were less We” rece'ved' sounds with Simone and Dr Jon. I So what's happening now? The band I The Mambo Club at the (‘ai L'lltltsll. 5pm in ’95 and Kier moved to London lliplil aittltl. Cit-l conc. \hlt‘ekl}. Silll _ and started DJing in ’97. Currently she's {Jili'lif‘isllz'lulgigS” “NC “Hm ‘1 "m in working on material for her debut solo The, Manga Sessions M mm.” album. but she doesn't like to talk about Uplliwltlllt. i-‘i-t-c watt}. incl-iiiii. It. lieadlining residents Kid and (i-Mac Aw, come on? She hasn't spoken in the ‘k‘ls‘s‘llll‘s it ~‘l‘s's‘I4ll l‘ly‘llyl “l |“l‘ “UP- press for almost fwe years, but said Itth. iiti skool breaks. big beat and ditiiii

The l.esty'n liyans Band doing the do t2-l .lun): RBIS Big Band show case the classic big band sound i l .lull See |.t// listings. page 50.

I Jazz Joint at lleiiiy is ('ellai' Bai.

lllpin 3am. Lil lei). Martin ls'ei'shaw's (ireen .ltiice (24 .ltiii and l .luli alternates witll John Burgess. ('oiiteiiipoiai‘y .la// 'l'iio ti\' .lull w ho ate suppoited by the line l'nkle l-awax.

I La Fromagerie at 'I h.- .\lt-.iaaws nai. tlU\\ll.\l.ltl'\. ‘lpiii lain. l~iee l .ltil l-‘oi‘tnightly. l’lattei attei platlei oi easy listening. mellow _|.|//. lii-.\'l<(i disco and

Monthly. Returning for your monthly dose oi depray ity and mock-l'oriiication with intlatable red w illies. the lads and lads in drag will no dotibt attempt to shock your sensibilities once again. For those that don't know. Barry's is a yai'iety club tor the disturbed: espect trashy disco .itid house that you can dance

w ildly to. some mad cabaret

pei t'oi'inaiices and certain \ciiue managers tanyoiie seen the current tlyeip’l who really should know better dressing tip and acting out their sad l'antasies. The superstar Cuban Brothers return t'rom then sell out tour of Hayana. apparently . . . girls. espect to either be gi'oped or be crashed into when their bi'eakdaiicing goes awry.

I Cafe Aquarius at Cale Aquarius. Upm—lam. Free. Weekly. (-ieorge T. Simone and H from Tribal Funktion on totally)”.

I Camel Beats at The Venue. lt)..‘~()pm-3am. t'h’ (£6). 2 .ltil. , l-ortnightly. 'l’echno. The Arabian Knights 3 continue to lly the banner of underground techno in the capital.

I Catwalk at The Catwalk. .\'pm— I all).

Taste Listen up - when a club like Taste celebrates their fifth birthday, y'all know that they're gonna be chartin' new territories of good old fashioned hedonism Gosh darn it let's JUSI hope that we’ll remember the way home 7‘: ~ "'- " '

has caught our eye: ‘a l'unky t'estiyal meets a Balearic beach party in a club.' Resident DJ in Turner will be Joined by Edinburgh's linest play iiig 'deep house. no tecli-l‘unk. beats and all things acidic' from the past ten years, l’itntei's are actiyely encouraged to bring their drums and didgei'idoos and all folk get a tree beyei'age upon entry. Please note that there will he an estremely light door policy on the night: ‘this club is strictly for miners and grooyei's. the super trendy. last and bendy and iiti age scrulls. Radgers and squares w ill not be admitted‘. See Hit list.

I Cuba Norte at Cuba .\'oi‘le.

exclu5ively to Fri-:— 'My album is due in 2000, and the photos, interviews, all that hamming it up wrll come then. Right now it‘s all a secret. When I'm up in Edinburgh, though, I'll be playing some of the tracks I'm working on.’ (Rory Weller)

i a

80 THE llST 24 Jun-8 Jul l999

ck bass. alongside Manga \ isuals.

I Mode Organic at The (‘itius Club. llpiii--.’iaiii. Free. Weekly .-\iguably the best chance to sample the most delectable delights in ska. mod. Northern soul .iiid (ills beats in the whole oi sunny lidinbui'gh. Kaiser (icoi'ge. Simon and Brian are the men behind the w heels of steel.

I The Money Shot at The Bongo Club. l()..‘s(lpm—3am. L‘tbc. .S' .lul. Funk and hip hop with Plus One and Rtil'tone and an exhibition of street art.

Free. Weekly. Joseph Malik l'i'om l.i//ard ?

lounge. Blacka'nized and the Fast Coast l’i‘oiect spins a selection ol the best music liom aiound the world.

. I Club Latino at The Bongo Club.

It)..‘~t)pni-.‘~am. L‘ti it'5 l. 25 .ltiii. Monthly. l.i\e guests and l).|s at this spicy l.atin lest.

I Cosmic Disko at The Vaults. |tlpiii-.‘~aiii. £5 for iiioyers. shakers. gay and bi: l‘reaky wild dressers. those with a drum and backpackers get in two for one. 2 lid and weekly. A brand new night that

ltlpin—lam. Free. Weekly. Flamenco ti'io Flamenco Puro Iiye w itlt l)Js at'tei'w ards. I Different Is Good at Iguana. ‘ipin—lam. Free. Weekly. Pic-club. Popular Scottish DJ Gareth Somiiieryille lays down the choicest disco and hip hop tunes.

I Divine Divas at The Venue. Monthly. Next date ‘) Jul with DJ Christine and Wild Honey.

I eh1 more at elil. ‘)pni-lain. Free. Stylish pie-club bar with house and big beat DJs on rotation.