iiibaii renewal. I’url u/ (iluxgmi' I999. See preview.

Home Thu l Jul-—Suii 24 ()ct. To complement the Homes For The Future development. iliis exhibition looks at the project in the context of the development of the house iii the 20th century and addresses various aspects of home design for the future. l’urt of (I/(tsgun' I999.


Byres Road. 339 7223. Mon. Tue 6; Thu llani-—7pm; Wed. Fri 6’; Sat 9am—5pm. Joseph Swan llntil Sat 26 Jun. Early views of Glasgow by engraver and publisher .losepli Swan t l79o—l872).


l Clevetlen (iardeiis. 33-1 2473. Wed—Sat noon-ppm.

Four By Five l'ntil Sun 27 .ltiii. Paintings. draw iiigs and prints by Norman Ackroyd. lair Hamilton Finlay. .lack ls'nos. Philip Reeves and sculpture -by Dorothy Dick. l’url u/ I/lt' Wes! lilir/ I’m/trill.

HUNTERIAN ART GALLERY University of Glasgow. University Avenue, 330 5430. Moir—Sat

9.30am 5pm. Home to the university's collection of art and sculpture and an on- going programme of temporary exhibitions. the lluntei'ian also features a ie-creation of('harles Rennie Mackintosli's (ilasgow house which contains original furnishings. Celebration Ten Years Of Collecting 1989-1999 l’ntil Sat lo ()ct. To celebrate the gallery's refurbishment. an exhibition ofoyet' l500 works which

hay e been added to the collections since I989. Among the acquisitions is a rare 20th century painting by Stanley Spencer. a lbth century chtaroscuro oil by l.uca ('atniaso plus works by the Scottish Colourists. furniture and designs by Charles Rennie Mackintosh and prints by (ieorge Stiibbs aiid l.ucian l-‘reud.


lh' King Street. 552 25-10. Tue—Sat

llam 5pm.

Well? Zero l'iitil Sat 3 .l til. Barbara Breitcnfellner uses surveillance cameras. infra red lights and mirrors in this site- specific show which rellects on the conception of space.

THE LIGHTHOUSE ll Mitchell lane. 22l (i362. Mon. Wed. I'll ts Sat |0.30aiii (rpm; Tue llaiii—(ipm; Thu l0..‘stlain—8pni; Sun noon—5pm. ("oiiserted from Charles Rennie .\lackintosli‘s first major public building and former offices of T/lt’ Hem/(l. this new building will be the home of Scotland's centre for Architecture. Design and the (‘ity Providing two main esliibition galleries- and smaller display areas. there w ill also be facilities for conlerences. education and IT suites. a shop and a cafe. ()ii permanent display. the Mackintosh Interpretation Centre documents the life and work of Glasgow's most famous architect-designer‘. Alexander Thomson: The Unknown Genius in 25 Jun—Sun 19 Sep. Nicknamed '(ii'eek‘ due to his classical st_\ le. ,-\le\aiider Thomson t IS I 7—75) was responsible for making Glasgow a great Victorian city I‘ll\ achievements

how e\ er. lia\ e been overshadowed by those of ( ‘liarles Rennie Mackintosh and this retrospective exhibition. curated by Murray (irigor and Dr Gavin Stamp. seeks to redress the balance. Part a] (i/meuii I999. See feature.

El Ultimo Grito Wed 7 Jul—Sun 15 Aug. Inspired by e\eryday obiects. films and cartoons. lil l'ltinio (irrto show their innm am e approach to materials and technology.

LILLIE ART GALLERY Station Road. Milngas ie. 578 8847. Tue l-‘ri ltiarii-- l pm. 2-5pm: Sat ck Sun 2 5pm.

The Milngavie Art Club Annual Exhibition Until Sat 26 Jun. Recent works by local artists. botli amateur and professional.

Remains To Be Seen Sat 3 Jul—Sun 1 Aug. The history of Milngavie and Bearsden is depicted through paintings by Mary Al'lliOUt‘. Willie Rodger and gallery founder Robert Lillie.


200 Bath Street. 33l 0722. Tue—Sat 9am-6pm; Tliu l lain—8pm.

David Byrne: Better Living Through Chemistry Until Tue 6 Jul. The formidable David Byrne musician. artist. filmmaker and founder of the group Talking Heads « returns to his artistic background with a show of graphic works and photographs.


7l l-louldsworth Street. Finiiiestoii. 22l 4799. Wed—Sat 2-6pm.

Saturday Night Sat 3—Sat 24 Jul. Club life is explored through prints. drawings and paintings by Lindsay Nelson and Patsy McArthui'.


270 Saucliieliall Street. 33l ISS-t. Mon—Sat l()am—5pni; Sun llam—Spni. The Architecture 0f Democracy Ultlil Sun 25 Jul. An exhibition comparing parliamentary buildings in different countries from Westminster to Louis Khan’s parliament in Bangladesh. Sir Norman Foster’s remodelling of the Reichstag for the new German parliament in Berlin and Oscar Neimeyer's assembly in Brasilia. Part a] Glasgow I999.


James Moir Hall. North Street. 305 2999. Mon-Thu 9am—8pm; Fri—Sat 9aiii—5pm. Cardonald College Graphics Until Sat 26 Jun. Recent work from this year‘s HM) and Advanced Diploma students. Landmarks 0f Literary: Glasgow's Carnegie Libraries Mon 5 Jul—Tue 3t Aug. This exhibition looks at the Edwardian architecture ofGlasgow's Carnegie libraries and provides an insight into the work ofAiidi'ew Carnegie who spent his fortune on 28l l public libraries throughout the world.


Duiiibarton Road. 339 I303. Mon. Tue & Tliu l lam-7pm; Wed. l‘i‘i & Sat 9am—5pm. Tenement Closes In Partick Until Sun 27 Jun. Prank McNab uses tiles and wood to create this artwork which represents the tenement closes in Partick'. Part (II l/tt' “L's! [fltt/ l'it'SII'IYII.


Centre For Developmental Arts. l8 Albion Street. 552 2822. Mon—Fri l()ain—5 )m.

Agorap obia Until I‘Ti lo Jul.

l0ani -5pm. Free. Artists. botli with and without a personal experience of agoraphobia. use a wide range of disciplines from video to painting. to examine and interpret the nature of this illness.


3/l. Ill) Garthland Drive. 554 5-1 l7. Opening hours: viewing by appointment only.

Possum’s Fargo Until Stiii 27 Jtiii. New work by Andrew McNiven exploring the language of the Apollo ll moon landing of l‘)(i‘).

Ali’s CCB 270 Souchieholl ST, Glasgow GS 2b.06-l0.07.l999 daily lOom-épm, Thu lOcim-8pm, su Ham-6pm

listings ART

Hunterian Art Gallery RGI KELLY GALLERY 118 Douglas Street. 2-18 also Mon l‘ri l0.30aiii—5piii; Sat l0 30am Ipiii. Gerard Burns ttniit Sat 20 Inn. New till and watercolour paintings by .l\\';llil~ winning Glasgow artist (ieiaid Burns. ROYAL CONCERT HALL

2 Saucliiehall Street. 287 53 l l. Mon Sat 10am Abplll.

Venice Behind The Mask t'nnt I'll so Jul. Photography by Bob (‘ollins capturing the Carnivale Di Vene/ia.

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24 Jun -8 Jul 1999 THE LISTB?


La Mort Parfumee by Margaret Macdonald Mackintosh forms part of Celebration Ten Year Of Collection 1989-1999 at