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At first, information technology, outdoor pursuits and café culture may seem unlikely bedfellows but the three have found some common ground at Whereto?, a new café bistro in Edinburgh’s Tollcross area.

Whereto? is the offspring of Whynot?, a company that provides management development combined with outdoor activities. Their aim is to provide a cafe bistro where people can eat and drink, use a range of computing services, take personal development courses in subjects like setting up in business and arrange various types of running about in the great outdoors. If that all seems a bit much to take in then think of it as a one-stop shop for building a busy mind in a healthy body.

It's a pretty striking place to look at. Carved wooden beams give it a log cabin feel which contrasts with k the high tech equipment it packs. Imagine climbing a mountain high in the Swiss Alps, entering a bothy and in finding it stuffed with video conferencing facilities and internet phones. It's all strangely reminiscent of a James Bond movie. The fact that the dining tables flip to reveal flat screen monitors furthers the impression.

Yet for all the electronics and cyberspace, Whereto? is primarily a place to fill the belly rather than the head. The food is all hearty, healthy, day-in-the-mountains type stuff with nods to California. The Telluride Plumpjack Riser offers a substantial start to any day with two eggs done any way you want, served with ham, bacon or fruit on Swiss rosti potatoes. Alternatively, there are dishes like the Mammoth Mountain Salad, the original West Coast health fixer of ham, tuna, roast chicken, spinach, rocket and grated carrot.

Balsa: to absinth friends

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Outhouse When absinth was first two places which intially sold it in

malarkey of soaking a lump of sugar in absinth, setting fire to it and generally doing their best to keep the drink’s mythology alive and well. They also sell

100 THE HST 8—22 Jul 1999

Ice in your drink: Whereto? combines the great indoors and outdoors

pitchers of the stuff With lemonade and lime for £20. Goodnight sweet

Outhouse Brough ton Street, Edinburgh, 0737 557 6668.

Oblomov To begin With, this was the only other pub which sold the green fluid. They still do and again it's £4 a shot. Oblomov maintain that the ritual of setting fire to a saturated sugar lump and mixrng it with water is an old Czech tradition. They recommend diluting the resultant mix With two parts water to one of absmth.

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In keeping with the theme of vibrant activity (not to mention the Californian propensity for early rising) which runs through Whereto?, the place will open at 7am so that those with full lives can get a head start on their caffeine intake.

Through Whereto?, people with a hankering for open spaces and fresh air can take part in myriad ways of getting breathless. Climbing and scrambling, downhill and trek mountain biking, canoeing and kayaking all sound quite frantic enough but really hardcore mountain men and women might be tempted by one of their wilderness expeditions. (Jonathan Trew)

*7 Whereto? 703 Highriggs, 0737 229 6886

Oblomov 372 Great Western Road, Glasgow, 0747 339 9777, 24 Candleriggs, Glasgow, 0747 552 4257. Café Aquarius Some people call absinth the green fairy. The green brain scrambler might be more appropriate, if less romantic, Cafe Aquarius Will only sell it Mon—Thu. Very Wise. There’s enough maniacs wandering around town at the weekends Without throwrng in the green fairy's perniCious influence.

Cafe Aquarius 70 Drummond Street, Edinburgh, 0737 557 6337.

Balsa The old dream demon is for sale here at £4. The barman said that they were toying With the idea of absinth cocktails but had nothing fixed up yet. The idea of pitchers of absinth-based drinks didn’t go down too well either. ’I don't think I’d be brave enough to give any one in Glasgow a iug of absinth,’ he said With admirable foresight.

Balsa 77 Renfie/d Street, Glasgow, 0747 333 9725.

Pivo Caffe Absmth shooters cost £2.50 here. Appropriately, they're called Czeching Out.

Pivo Caffe, 2 Ca/ton Road, Edinburgh, 07375572925.

Spit or swallow

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