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Espresso Xpress Edrnburgh's coffee lovers have a new place of worship at Espresso Xpress on the North Brrdge. Formerly the somewhat twee Carlyle's. the new rncarnatron 15 all funky blocks of colours. brg wrndows. high stools and more varratlons on a coffee theme than you can shake a bean grrnder at.

From [hCJOlt of the rrstretto. the cafferne equrvalent of berng electrrfred. to the more indulgent Cushron of a mocha branca. they ve covered all the angles on the bean front. They‘ve been bUSy investigating other thirst whackers as well and alongsrde heaps of different teas the staff wrll happrly whrp up a steamer. JUICC stuff or serve up a Coca Cola. also known on the menu as American champagne.

The munchles are sent packlng wrth Clabatta. wraps, focaccra, muffrns and freshly baked cookres. If you eat too much to move then the brg sofas In the lounge zone at the back are handy for rest and recuperatron.

e Espresso Xpress, 27 North Br/dge, 0737 472 37 73

Belgian Beer Week

Poor old Belgrum always gets an unfair bashlng We ve all crackedyokes about the country's legendary dullness and played the Name Ten Famous Belglans game. albeit brrefly. Cruelly humorous as thrs may or may not be. we have often overlooked Belgrum's greatest contrrbutlon to Western European culture: therr beers.

While their beers Irke Hoegaarden and Leffe are modestly well-known in Brrtaln. the Lamblc, Kriek and FrambOIse varieties are a little rarer. The Lambrc beers are sophrstlcated lrttle numbers With the drfferent brews berng compared to crder. chablrs and sherry. Krle and FrambOIse are sometimes called the punk champagnes of the beer world. and should add a touch of class to any summer drlnklng SOlree.

The week begrnning Fri 16 Jul has been designated Belgian Beer Week and bars that take part will be indulgrng rn assorted Belgran buffoonery from dressing up to runnrng competitions and holding promos.

Partrcrpatlng bars In Edrnburgh lflClUdG the Blue Moon. Negociants. the Traverse. the Golden Rule. Ryan's. Tiles and the Watershed. Bar 91. Blackfriar's. Brel. Oblomov. Cafe Gandolfi and Bar Bola have Slgned up in Glasgow. (Jonathan Trew)

Famous Belgian: Leffe


The Basement

10a-12a Broughton Street

557 0097.

Restaurant quality food at pub-grub pnces. served 'trl 10pm in llVCly. colourful surroundings


15 Charlotte Lane. Edinburgh

225 6060

Open 7 days a week for pasta partres Bookings taken for parties of srx or more. (Next door to Indrgo yard)


32c Broughton Street 478 7246

Global food wrth stylrsh decor Tuesday - Saturday nlghts. Sunday lunch We need 'U' to tun DSK to DU SK.


88 Lothian Road. 229 6932 Relaxed. atmosphenc cafe bar. serving great value snacks. salads. spec:als and brrlllant cappucclnos

10am trll late. F’i’LMHoUSE Helios W 7 Grassmarket (wrth shop)» ' 229 7884. "’

Mon-Sat 10am-6pm. Sun 12-6pm. Excellent vegetarran coffee house serving really tasty food

Peter Sellars 11-13 Willlrarn Street. 226 3161 Icelandic experrence; new cursrne

. and wme uncomfortable. Bar

comes to Edrnburgh on Sundays wrth the

best of Nordic food - FOOD OF THE GODSI

Art Lover’s Cafe Bellahouston Park. 353 4779 Fine Food and wine in

stylish parkland setting.

Open 7 days and most evenings.

Brel bar: restaurant

39 Ashton Lane.342 4966. Belgian beers (draft Leffe and Hoegaarden); fine wrnes; rustrc food: cool music; relaxed atmosphere.

Cafe Serghei

67 Bridge Street.

Glasgow. GS 9J8. 429 1547 Authentic Greek curslne Lunch. pre-theatre set-dinners. Greek nrght every Friday. Expect to be Impressed.


2O Woodlands Road.

353 3278.

Scare-free food. organic groceries. excellent bread. fine cheeses. herbs and spices. wholesome foods yum. yum. The 13th Note

King Street.

553 1638. Bar/cafe/venue with a totally vegan menu of wholesome food wrthrn a relaxed atmosphere.

The Ubiquitous Chip ' l 12 Ashton Lane . b. vilou j

334 5007 U ‘l [93 : One of Glasgow s finest restaurants SClVIllg l modern Scottlsh fayre l

Tron Bar and Restaurant Chrsholrn St 552 8587

Contempomry European style bar and newly

refurbished restaurant.

serving excellent CLllSlne Theatre ________ H

relaxed surr0undlngs Restaurant

Open trll mldnlght. s. Wsnubtmrcatwrru this” _- F 3i directory. (all adire'rtising;departmént on r 0131- 55811.91.


'THE FOOD PLANTATION SANDWICH DELI & COFFEE BAR 27-1 Canongztte. Royal Alilc. Edinburgh Tel & Fax: 013] 557 9583 .“on -

Over .20 yeam creative catering

Fri 7.30am 4.30pm

experience for your lune/J,

[Mari/read or p/caaure.

Sunday Lunch

On Sunday aflernoon our (5% prepare 4 ° superb and innovative menu. Relax and

enjoy a wonderful three—course lune/7 and a glass offizz.

Excellent value at f 1 6 per person.

12 Ashton Lane

Tel 0141-334 5007


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8—22 Jul 1999 THE “ST 101