Spanish fly - With an unsurpassed vibrancy, MADRID has more to offer than you . might first think.

Words: Simone Baird

Photographs: Spanish Tourist Office

Madrid is a city of two faces: day and night. While it may not have the immediate beauty of Barcelona, it has a vibrancy that often proves addictive - there are few cities in Europe in which you can find yourself in a traffic jam at 4am.

Renowned for its galleries, museums and football, time in Madrid is a non-stop cultural experience. For the best taste of this incredible city, however,

experience its nightlife.

Madrid is blessed by being riddled with eating and drinking places and is one of the few Spanish cities to

have a fairly cosmopolitan palate. Most surprisingly of all - : considering its geography Madrid enjoys a constant supply of superb

Blooming marvellous: Madrid's Plaza de la Villa y Ayuntamiento

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fresh seafood and some of the best sushi to be found outside of Japan.

. If you crave tapas, almost every bar serves some sort of bar snack. But, like so many things, some are great and others are nothing to write home about. Don't forget that this is Spain and everything is done much later; lunch is rarely eaten before 2pm and dinner can be drawn out until 11pm in the hot summer months.

somewhat of a resurgence in the 905, especially among the young generation, although it should be noted that there are many Spaniards who would prefer to leave it firmly in the past as well as those who will find it surprisingly dull. If you decide that you want to see the practice of matador vs bull (it’s considered more of a ritual than a sport), head off to Plaza de Toros Monumental de Las Ventas - Spain’s biggest bullfighting

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Despite international opinion, bullfighting has enjoyed ring on a Sunday.

Stating the obvrous Museo del Prado/Museo Thyssen- Bornemisza/Centro de Arte Reine Sofia The big three art galleries in the capital. A pass is available for around £6 which allows unlimited access to all three for a year.

Cervecerla La Moderna A modern and very friendly bar offering superb tapas and one of the best Wine menus around.

PhotoEspana99 5000 works by 300 Spanish and international photographers displayed in 91 simultaneous shows until Sun 18 Jul. Phew.

Plaza Mayor Madrid's most famous square; grab a coffee and watch the city 90 by.

Farode Madrid The view at the top affords a near 360° View of the city and its surrounds. Don’t forget your camera.

The List alternative

Mama Carlota A veritable temple to all things Mexican offering over 100

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brands of Teqwla.

Joy Madrid After a fire at Christmas, this nightclub has re-opened as the focal pomt for every nocturnal mover and shaker in the capital,

La Ida An extremely funky new-ish small cafe with Wild decor leaning towards all things African. Great background n0ise encompassing drum & bass, trip hop and funk. Soldemersol An excellent if qunky eaterie With vegetarian chorces that are extremely cheap on the pocket. Chicote Housing Madrid’s best known 19305 art deco interior and famous for never closmg in the Civrl War, this bar/cafe still has its original seats you could be Sitting where Hemingway once did.

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