Dannii Minogue the Best If Keanu Reeves can play Hamlet on stage and Toyah Wilcox can play Miranda in Derek Jarman's The Tempest, What you can't afford to then there's no reason why Dannii Minogue can't take miss in the weeks ahead. on that most prized of roles for actresses down the ages Festival: T in the Park Two Lady Macbeth. With its Ukrainian stilt-walkers. eclectic days of top music from a soundtrack and torchlit processions through Edinburgh's Dashed “HO-Ur) Blur", Botanic Gardens, Journey To Macbeth is likely to be one Slelfi’ODhO'HCS. Happy of the more surreal offerings at this year's MOWWS: Bdspmem Wt: Edinburgh Fringe, regardless of casting. At M‘m“ Street “Gamers: last, here's Danniius Chance to Massive Attack and Fatboy become better known as Slrm fare tgte letOdIIQSI drshes ' , on 0 er ee eature, page s S'Ster' rather 15 Ba/adc), Sat 70 8' Sun I I Ju/ Journey To Macbeth, , , Royal Botanic Garden, Film: Star Wars Episode 1 - Edinburgh, 9_30 Aug. The Phantom Menace The Tickets for a” Fringe earliest :nstalment of the

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time as a three-plece Mrchae! Sttpe and co n'trx tracks from latest album Up with classics from the past SIM/mg Cast/e, Mon 19—Wed 2/ Ju/ See feature, page 8 Art: Ettore Sottsass The arcnrtect and dcs:gner, perhaps best known for hrs work With the ’lslemphzs' group rn the 80s, brings hrs colourful but complex style to Scotland for a retrospective See pr'evrew, page 64 Glasgow Sc‘r’roo/of Art, Wed 2/ Jul -Fr/ 24 Sep. Film: Touch Of Evil Here at The Lot, t've've alt-rays consrdered Orson Welles’s sweaty thriller as a bit of a classic, so the thought of a re-edrted version done to the drrec tor's express \‘JlSllGS is a particular treat. See revrew, page 22 Ed/nburgh Fr/rnr’touse from Fr/ 16 Ju/

TV: Dockers JllTlmy lvlCGOVOr'D and lrvrne Welsh head the wrrtrng team on this undoubtedly ’ciontroverSral’ take on the Dockers Strike In Liverpool, which for years went almost unreported tn the Brrtrsh press Ken Stott and Rley Tomlrnson Channe/d, Sun 7] Ju/, 70pm

Books: Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban The thrrd of J K Rowling's adventure novels hrts the shelves, \Vllh Our young hero delvrng rnto more mature matters while still ensuring plenty of the tapes that have thrilled a new generation of readers See prevrew, page 87. Pub/rshed by B/oomsbury on Thu 8 Ju/