The Bongo Club


Fri 30 July 10pm—33m tickets on the door

£6/£4 concs.

wrth DJ Jaffar

Drumatlc Cuban Brothers plus . BIG PRIZE RAFFLE

Do You have what it takes

95* Li ~ 2 to host a show which goes ' J "


kindly sponsored by

throughout the Edinburgh

out live to Millions of people m . 'x, 'v.'.r -x. \- IV“? _I Festival? Could you face an thisgicn's

audience of thousands in Princes Street Gardens to be shown on cable TV, the Internet and on our Giant Screens in Covent Garden?

If you think you have what it takes to become the Face of Festival Revue and are available throughout the Festival, then we are holding open auditions on a first come First serve basis.

0068 an mo =aumou Aemwen

Come along and register at 1 0am on Saturday the

1 7"“ JUIV 9* "'3 Bedlam RY @ Govan Swimming Pool

Theatre 2 Forrest Road . ' m ths of the near future Ed'nburgh° Finals be byJGyBallard. Directed byStewartLaing.

Pertormances 22nd-24th July 1999. Tlckets 22 a. 24 Includes bus. he'd 0" Sunday I 8th oJu'V Free bus- 7.30pm George Square.

"m" Ce'ebriw Judges. cratesmwr"

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8-22 Jul 1999 "IE LIST 49