YOUTH DANCE Raw Talent Musselburgh: Brunton Theatre, Fri 16

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Vllih'at do 1970s New York and the Brazilian football team have in common? Unlikely as it seems, the answer is dance. This year’s Scottish Youth Dance tour embraces freestyle street dance which originated in New York, and Capoeira, an energetic Brazilian dance used by the football team as a training exercise, as well as many other contemporary forms. The aim of the tour is to introduce dance to young people who have little or no previous experience, and give them a chance to develop their own ideas, culminating in a performance at the end of a one week training pedod.

‘There are so many places which don't have access to dance,’ explains Artistic Director Andy Howitt, 'and they’re the people we’re trying to reach this year.’ Currently travelling around

Scotland promoting the tour, which starts on 5 July, he claims that the response so far has been ’fantastic'. ’lt‘ll be amazing,’ he enthuses. 'What a buzz, to learn all these new exciting dances then perform them on

stage. It'll give them a great sense of achievement and confidence, and it’ll be great fun as well.’ If you're aged 12-25 and would like to take part in the tour, contact Scottish Youth Dance on 0131 556 8844.

(Kirsty Knaggs)

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Kiddy steps: Scottish Youth Dance

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On stage and all the rage.

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Things We Do For Love The ingenious structuring and clinical insrght of Alan Ayckbourn are brought to the stage in David Robb’s production for the Lyceum. Tragi- comic insights into home-counties suburban angst are promised by a Strong cast. Edinburgh Royal Lyceum, Fri 9 Jul-Sat 7 Aug.

Twelfth Night lllyria's festival preview

presents an unpretentious approach

loch forward to. The story of Nessie provides awe. a kid-friendly level of tension. and plenty of laughs. This Nessie is a big and lovable one. with pretty. green eyelashes and a tartan bonnet. Skilled puppetry from the Purves Puppets combines with a readily accessible story. See Kids listings. page 7|.

Andy Howitt of Urban Dance Theatre goes Full On at Brunton Theatre Wed 14 Jul


l2l Renl'ield Street. 332 I846. [P. WC. WA]

The Steamie Wed l4—Thu 22 Jul (closed Sun). 7.30pm; l5 Jul. 2l Jul 8: Sat 2pm & 7.30pm. £8—£l2. Tony Roper’s modern classic examines the dilemmas of four Glasgow women of the 50s. lightening the load with plenty of laughs

and songs. Will Margit resolve her problems with her drunken man? Will her younger pal finally make it out of the tenement and settle in a new town? Part of the nostalgia of this comedy. and it's sadness. is that we know what would happen to these folk after the well- intentioned but ultimately doomed urban regeneration programmes of the 60s and 70s.


840 Govan Road. 445 6000.

The Tree Mon l9 Jul. l lam. £2 (£1). The Shona Reppe Puppets present this environmentally friendly tale about Merenga Pye. who loves the countryside. but causes havoc with it through her penchant for salt and vinegar crisps. and her mechanical caravan. Plenty of audience participation in this child-friendly morality fable about the benefits of recycling. See Kids listings. page 72.



l3—29 Nicolson Street. 529 6000. [H. WC. WA]

The Singing Kettle Fri lo—Sun l8 Jul. Fri & Sat 1 lam. 2pm & 6pm: Sun noon & 3pm. filo—£8 (£5—£7): family ticket £23. Magical children’s entertainment. See Kids listings, page 72.

to Shakespeare, respecting the revered text, but showing no fear of its sheer theatricality. This company has not forgotten the sense of fun inherent in this problem comedy Stirling MacRobert Arts Centre, Sat 10 Jul.

The Steamie (pictured above) Tony Roper’s classrc comedy makes a welcome return to the Pavrlion, A homage to the hardships of women everywhere, the piece is also funny and moving. See the way we once were, and learn about the way we live now. Glasgow; The Pavilion Theatre, Wed l4—Thu 22 Jul.


Grindlay Street. 248 4848. [P. H. TT. WC. WA]

Things We Do For Love Fri 9—Sut 7 Aug (closed Sun & Mon). 8pm; l7 Jul 2.30pm & 8pm. £l—£l6. Alan Ayckbourn's savage comedy examines the repression of an established career woman whose life is disrupted by the late discovery of a passion for her best mate‘s man. Can we resist the temptations put before us when sheer sexual longing impinges on us'.’

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