The Afghan Whigs

In 1997, a clinically depressed, herom- dependent Greg Dulli went to New Orleans to die. Instead, he kicked the drugs, got back in touch with his estranged bandmates and made one of the albums of the decade, an irreSistible funk/pop kneetrembler called 7965. Then he got in a fight and nearly died. But he's OK now. The Edinburgh date VVIH be the Whigs' last British gig of the Millennium, so show the man you appreciate his dedication to the rock ’n’ roll lifestyle. The Afghan Whigs, The Liquid Rooms, Edinburgh, Tue 73 Jul. See Rock and Pop listings, page 42.


Millennium UFO Roadshow

Not convinced of life outwith Earth? Hitch a ride on MUR’s sole Scottish date and hear some of the most respected authorities on flying objects with extra-terrestrial pilots try to alter your mind. Lectures, discussions and Q&As are all very well but what you really want is the physical evrdence and there will be some very exclusive footage of activity in Scottish skies. The truth is oot there.

Millennium UFO Roadshow, Rothes Hal/s, Glenrothes, Sat 70 & Sun 7 l jul, 7 7am. See City Life, page 74

The Real Saatchis Masters Of Illusion

The 1980s will be remembered for lots of nasty things shoulder pads, New Romantics and Brat Packers. But of all the monstrosities unleashed onto that decade, the full impact of Thatcherism is right up there. For much of that misery, we can thank the Saatchis, Maurice and Charles, whose ad agency was worth fl billion at its peak. But was it all a huge charade? Chris Oxley’s documentary suggests that it was the brothers, and not Labour, who weren’t working.

The Real Saatchi's Masters Of MUS/OH, Channel 4, Sat 70 Jul, 7.30pm,