V I saw you lrandsortre. West End florist. You've made me bloom and grow antl now it's six months later and I'm still hopelessly in love with [(Ztl. See you on the next level or fomb Raider. Love Nicky. Box No U/363/l.

V I saw you Derbyshir" larr. at the reclaim the streets r..l.y in Glasgow. I wanted to ask you for a date. btit lost my nerve.l'm kicking myself trow. D. the beardetl bicycle boy. Box No ll/363/2.

V I saw you behind the School in Linlithgow when we were being l4. Next titne you're on the phone itr your kitchen I'll be wearing that green dress..... feeling Srntrg!

Box No [7363/1

V I saw you kiss him the man drinking lager. I wish yotr hadn't ~~ how can you choose him over lone - when you could have the taste of Sauna and cranberry'.’

V I saw you at l..ivingwell tNewcraighall) on Friday 25th June. Yoti were lounging by the pool III a dark blue costume with a light bltre stripe down the side and yotrr hair in a pony tail. Yotr never went for a swim fancy taking the plunge? Box No U/363/4

V I saw you ()tl l’r'iday tlth looking incredible in a black dress heading into the Kl-‘C on Nicolson Street for sortie dinner before a night on the town. You had long blonde hair tattoos on your chest and shoulders. I was the tall guy with the leather coat. You are the most beautiful woman I have seen yet in l-idrnbtrrgh- and that is sayrrrg a lot. Get Ill touch. maybe I cart take you sotne place a bit fancier. Box No [1/363/5.

V I saw you I saw you in\'ley. our hands touched. Saw you again boarding 43 Bus l6- ()~99. Me tall.shaved head. piercingl think you are beautiful. My heart is yours. Tiamo. Box No U/363/6.

V I saw you l’ault'.’).Tlrree Sisters 5/6/99. queuing in the rain. I offered you shelter under my jacket. you were too tall. You. drinking water ‘cause you were driving. f-‘ancy something a bit stronger? Box No U/363/7. V I saw you Disco Bunny (a? Divine Divas l9th Feb. Would you like to dance? Thanks for the coffee and the walk on the beach. Look at trs now! l.()ve you |.ots. Your Goven lass.

Box No [1/363/8.

V I saw you tn Marrrbo's l9/6/99. Yotr pink top from Ayr. me white top Perth. How about that promised dance? Box No U/363/9.


‘0 I saw you walking down Princes Street. 2nd last week in June around 5‘ish. Me tall. blonde. ‘business woman‘ You tall bloke with brown hair. dressed in sexy. grungy style. I’ve seen you before (Poo Na Nas)- let‘s move one up from staring at each other! Box No [1/ 363/]0.

V I saw you Shaun. (male) Fortune Teller with pony tail at Virginia Galleries a few years ago. Most of your predictions came true. Tried to trace you since. but no luck. could do with your help again. Where are you now? Box No U/363/l l.

V I saw you in the Ubiquitous Chip bar on the evening of Thursday 24/6. We sat in the back-room. you with your friend. I with mine. You had beautiful long dark hair and a white T-shirt covered in Greek graffiti. We stood briefly at the bar together and I wished i‘d said tnore. Contact me for some Grecian romance! Box No U/363/l 2.

V I saw you .Claire at The Attic on 25/6. You were just a little bit squiffy. What are you like when you’re sober? Scott. Box No U/363/l3.

V I saw you at Pride on the GMH float. l was wearing the Pricilla outfit. Will you be at Nexus for the next Cafe Chat on July 8th. maybe we could chat. Box No U/363/l-‘l.

V I saw you dready Geordie lass. in your flat. putting a brave face on the injustice of it all. Think of it as mutual therapy. how could we laugh otherwise? Just remember: one day it will happen. one day it will all come true (and your little flatmate too!) Oh well. same time. same place next week? Box No U/363/15.

V I saw you 26/6/99. Bongo Club. You: tall.dark. glamorous. white t-shirt. Me: similar with curly hair. You were near door. I gave my best coy smile- when I came back you’d vanished. Box No U/363/l6.

V I saw you again in Morningside. you were waiting at bus-stop our eyes met as I helped the old man on the bus with his shopping! Get in touch I'm a nice girl! Box No U/363/I7.

V I saw you Edinburgh Waverley (Saturday) Platform I9. delayed I625 to Aberdeen. You wore pink cardi. long flowery skirt. magnetic serenity. Our eyes met many times? I could have watched you all afternoonCoffee? Box No U/363/I8.

V I saw you . I still see ya. heck we even raise a glass when the occasion allows. ()lr toe tapper of the west. how does your Butler grow? The gullible bhoy. Box No U/363/l9.

V I saw you Fabian Society Conference. Royal Society of Physicians economic debate. 26/6/99. You on left aisle. tne on right- our eyes met several times. You are thirtysomething. attractive. radient. prof. woman. blonde. all in black. me: 30s guy. short. fair hair and trendy specs. I looked for you afterwards. btrt you had vanished. Box No U/363/2I).

V I saw you to) Apex. 25/6/99. 300 smiley sweaty people avin' it large. The energy was through the roof. you make this club what it is. Maximum love and respect to S.A.G and J for the best night this side of anywhere. Massive thanks to all and see you at the next one. from Monsieur Zero. Box No [1/363/2 l.

V I saw you gracious red Corsa driver. George St. 8.20pm 22/6/99. You made room and then let me go first. Amazingly we both went to Cyberia. Want to swap

li—mails'.’ Box No [1/363/22.

V I saw you Stinky slurping a white mocha in Tinderbox meanwhile I'd been drinking cold beers on the beach. See you in September? xxx Numpty. Box No U/363/23.

V I saw you Debbie l.otr. it's strange that even after I moved otrt and no matter what I tell myself. I still love you. I wish you'd get in touch soon. l)W. Box No U/363/24.

V I saw you Alan at Bennet's 29/5. We danced and had fun. Had a long walk through Glasgow that night and more. I can't forget you! Get in touch! ll. Box No [1/363/25.

V I saw you in foreign climes 8/5/99... Me from BHS and you the livewire! I didn‘t know then that you would become my Turkish Delight but are you full of “Eastern Promise"? Box No U/363/26.

V I saw you Safeway's Partick. Mon 28th. you elegant in black with spikey hair. tne scruffy in grey T and glasses. hoping you’d waited a little longer at the notice board. maybe we could share cornllakes sometime? Box No U/363/27. V I saw you Savana Barman. You give me wobbly knees btrt you‘ve eaten all the cheese. Can't wait to see Mr Mischief- Viper Mouth. Box No U/363/28. V I saw you l.omo lomo lotno calling all lomo folk. Let's get together. Ideas?

Box No U/363/29.

V I saw you dancing at Eden on 27/6. Grey T-shirt. Drove borne alone in a blue car. How about a lift next time?

Box No U/363/30.

V I saw you Michelle. brown- eyed girl. at the Sub. June 26th. Any chance of me seeing those beautiful biceps again? blue- eyed boy? Box No U/363/3l. V I saw you Caryn in Stockbridge after you spotted rne in here and have not looked back since- thanks for being my most favourite flatmate and a great friend - love Vicky! xxx Box No U/363/32.

V I saw you Stewart atrd hoped to see you again- my wish came true and now that I am sixpence richer I wish that it happens again! Coffee and a kiss in ehll! Vicky xxx

Box No U/363/33.

V I saw you Irina. I didn‘t stand you up. I went to Club 30 instead of Bar 38. Please phone Grant on 495989- You know the code.Box No U/363/34.

V I saw you Su. thank God we got otrt of Aberdeen alive. I was blue. Su and you were totally browned off. Btrt that‘s all together another story. eh? Well the rainbow's are out now and the sun‘s shining again and we still love each other. A celluloid romance? Let’s go dancing to the end of the world. A wee trip to someplace wonderful after a three dimensional hallowe‘en. Love you forever. Tweedle-Dee. Box No U/363/35.

V I saw you Mr Sexy Barman.My appetite for sweet potato pie has never been so strong. Keep that oven lit- l’tn ravenous! Box No U/363/36. V I saw you ‘Paintings on Railings sat. morn. 26th. You: red shirt. grey top. long dark hair. Let‘s do some galleries.‘ Box No U/363/37.

V I saw you at the Borders bookshop cafe irt Glasgow on 29/6/99. You were handsome in black. I was knackered in red. You smiled. I smiled you left. What were you reading?

Box No U/363/38.

V I saw you cute girl. floppy hair on Glasgow Central to Edinburgh train l4: l6 dep.

2 l/5/99 (Fri) You were sitting@ table next to the geordie men in first carriage and got off t?!) Uddingston otrr eyes rrret a few times and we smiled to one another when you got up to leave. Me girl in navy hooded top on own irr double seat. short dark hair and blue eyes. How about sharing a table sometime? btrt not on a traitt .... .. get in touch. Please.

Box No U/363/39.

V I saw you at Harleys' Cellar Bar on the 26th Jtrne. at Iii and G‘s engagement do. 'l'hanx everyone for comin’ see you ill may for the big day.

Box No U/LI63/4t).

V I saw you Red head in corner. Bar Kohl. Nice one man!!! How about it. eh!!! Box No [1/363/4 l.

V I saw you slender lorrglegged. ginger girl with Derbyshire accent. you smiled longineg at me - tall. short haired big bloke. Box No U/363/42.

V I saw you my mate Barry from Holland at The Arches. the Ctrl de Sac and at many other pubs/clubs. Keep rockin' Barry. Box No U/363/43.

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