. I saw you curly hair. aka Dee Dee. Let's get it on for some funky Mosset Mttslt‘, From Sausage. Box No U/363/44.

. I saw you Sally at Boots. NorthBridge: Alguien robo‘ las estrellas del cielo y te las dio’ como ojos. Ya no tniro al cielo para en-contras uni catnino... Box No U/3o3/45.

. I saw you unbelievably sexy vision at Wiggle-Waggle Sat 4/6. Your friend called you 'Keith' bttt all I saw was Adonis. Hope you're not gay! Box No U/363/46.

V I saw you Suzy outside Cottiers. rain streaming down your face. Please wear a hood next time we swap tops. Box No U/3663/47.

V I saw you in the ‘Rock’. You were handsome. stocky Highlander of Italian descent. with a strong profile. you btttnped into me and spiked your drink. Box No U/3o3/48.

. I saw you K Katkins ot' the Filmhouse. You'll remember tne. I live with the black cat. fat cat. Box No ll/3()3/-I‘).

. I saw you Juicy Lucy in the Tron. Did yott enjoy the capers? Box No ll/363/50.

0 I saw you Shaz. the flats brilliant. Had a great time Sun. I knew you would like my pressie. Happy Birthday - you‘re one in a million! l.o\'e Maddo Carol. Box No l,'/3()3/5l.

. I saw you in Bar Kohl beautiful behind big booty Babe behaving badly. Btttnp your big badass next to tne... The Barman. Box No U/363/52.

9 I saw you on the tube. you got off at Kelvinbridge. You have brown hair. brown eyes. you are lovely. I am the girl with curly hair. I hope we tneet again. Box No U/363/53.

. I saw you in Alaska - you tall. blond. tanned American art student. You licked both our necks. We talked later in the park. Would love to return the tonguing. Box No ll/3()3/5~l.

. I saw you tny gorgeous little firetruck. I-lashing your luscious lites and wailing your mesmerizing siren outside Tinderbox. My lites are still flaming for you! Box No U/363/55.

. I saw you Nonvegian. black hair. fringe God damn! Cul de Sac vixen you know your flatmate means it. Love you dahling. Love Machine. Box No U/363/So.

I saw you in Tinderbox. Kirstin after your piano exam - hope you pass. you look lovely! Box No U/363/57.

. I saw you Gregor l.aittg. Me: 2 years younger at Dollar. You: an unattainable sex god. I'm all grown up now. Box No U/363/58.

0 I saw you crunchy Greek guy from Corfu! You black. me red. let’s mix colours and create our own art! Murky brown. Box No U/363/S9.

0 I saw you dressed in black (except for your brown trousers). Looking like Winona Ryder. you android beauty. You

are the disco lady of my dreams.

Box No U/363/60.

O I saw you at Grams Florist with dark shiny hair and beautiful smile. Come and arrange my flowers sometime. Box No U/363/6l.

U I saw you in Nicolson Square. reading in the sun. blue baseball cap. maroon flares. cuban heels. big brown eyes. Us. two experienced followers of Sappho searching for young man to teach. Tempted? Box No U/363/62.

9 I saw you Finbarr Rose loves his teacher Ms McSwiggan and his friend Susan O'Donnell. Box No U/363/63.

9 I saw you Mr Chesney from the Velvet Cabaret. Hobble over and lick my foot. I wear tiny - oh so tiny shoes. whenever I'm in Tinderbox. Box No U/363/64. v I saw you Friday llth June 6-8pm Ubi Chip. You: Greg Wise lookalike with tnale friend and mobile phone. Me: enjoying the view while my friend spoke too much. Fancy a red wine? Box No U/363/65.

0 I saw you in Three Sisters. You stud Manager. Steve B. You can manage me any time. Love Julie Jugs (Staff). Box No U/363/66.

V I saw you Daniel. in the dinner queue at QM Halls. You look beautiful without your beard! Please get in touch. B. Box No U/363/67.

9 I saw you in Sirius. seagull boy. Your beautiful plumage. with your quick-save bag on your neck. the barcode of your heart. I‘m on sale. don‘t leave tne hanging on the shelf. Box No U/363/68.

0 I saw you Crossroadsa at the Marriott. Hot hot passion only hours before your flight. Let‘s do it again sometime. Box No U/363/69.

9 I saw you in Cleopatra's on Fri night. You told me you were an accountant - please juggle with my figure and fiddle with my numbers. Box No U/363/70.

. I saw you for the first titne on Boxing Day. Can I pull your car door off‘? Again. Love LA Box No U/363/7l.

9 I saw you in a pram. Ruben Gonzalez was with your mam. Baby you are grand a credit to Suzanne. Ten cuidado hombres tlel futuro pequena Missy Bonar‘s. Gonna get you por seguro. Box No U/363/72.

0 I saw you Mike. canvas holidays coun'er. Gandspette Camp I997. I think you‘re doing Geography at Edinburgh. Do you remember me? Box No U/363/73.

V I saw you sexy barman at the Three Sisters. rower type from Chester maybe. You know what I love!!! Remember Webbie one is not enough! Box No U/363/74.

Q I saw you in Barshaw Pharmacy. Glasgow Rd Paisley. Can I share your Viagara? From your tall blonde admirer. Box No U/363/75.

0 I saw your knickers at the Bowlie and I haven‘t been the same since. When you climbed out of that window it made my heart sing... Box No U/363/76. 9 I saw you in the Traverse Bar 4/6/99. You dodged a flying cocktail stick. Don't dodge next time. You hard balls t-shirt. me blond with tattoo. Let’s dodge together! Box No U/363/77.

0 I saw you at the Attic Ashton Lane waiting at the bar with a beautifully formed egghead and lovely leather trousers. Box No U/363/78.

O I saw you weird guy with a pen on your belt in Bar Kohl on Wed 2 Jun. Why the pen? Get your nib out for me! Box No

U/363/79. a?

0 I saw you Bennetts. Polo and everywhere. You are the disco lady. Let’s have fun but keep our pants on! I was so impressed I nearly self- combusted. Box No U/363/80. 0 I saw you lapsed Weegie with a crap hat in the Filmhouse bar. You: Jimmy Sommerville. Us: impressed! Come up and see us sometime. Don't forget the JD. Box No U/363/87.

. I saw you sexy Dumfries chicks A & G. City Cafe last Friday... Why won't you Wiggle Waggle with tne? And bring the Fopp girl too! Box No U/363/82.

0 I saw you at City Ca f. we're definitely better than him! With love from the other two smelly poos. Box No U/363/83. 9 I saw you Sweetie "can I ask you a personal question?" Young Gulliver. Box No U/363/84.

9 I saw you you 'cheeky monkey' at my house. Love you loads. Love the 5ft Bombshell. Box No U/363/85.

U I saw you at the Argyle. if you're nice I might get a divorce! Love the little person. Box No U/363/86.

0 I saw you with skin like velvet. hair like a beautiful dralon sofa and eyes like pissholes in the snow. I love you! Box No U/363/87.

V I saw you Hawaain skirted chick. come by magnum PI Sidekick. see you in city cafe very soon. Box No U/363/88.

9 I saw you Legohead, come fly with me in my Fisher Price plane. me Aquarius dude. Box No U/363/89.

9 I saw you all over the place you Big 08. take care. with love from your ickle pumpkin. Box No Ul363/90.

. I saw you Emma the barmaid from O’Neills on Sat 5 May snogging that tall gorgeous guy at 5.30pm. Can I have some? Box No U/363/9I.

9 I saw you Iools Holland. Will you ever pull again? Love The Norseman. Box No U/363/92.

O I saw you‘re body this morning and consequently started to monky about with my genre. Box No U/363/93.

9 I saw you in Sirius looking sort of serious. you drove me delerious you’d been to the lair with your raven hair are you up for a dare. .I xxx. Box No U/363/94.

U I saw you sitting there with beauty and you didn't look out of place. Your hair was ‘so handsome' just like your face - “will you go to bed with me?‘. Box No U/363/95.

0 I saw you in Bar Brel Blackpool boy. will you wait for me? It’s a hard time (with exams)just wait. you'll see!!! Box No U/363/96.

0 I saw you Tony Ferrno lookalike smartly dressed standing out like sore thumb in Honeycomb you look so fine. Box No U/363/97.

. I saw you at Bar Brel with a shirt as deep as the deepest blue sea - will you fill me as deep as that? Box No U/363/98.

O I saw you looking like a big dish. On Sat night while you were out of it but by then I only knew I want you. Box No U/363/99.

0 I saw you dancing from the highest steeples while I drudged beneath the dead herring. I will miss the ocean waves you gave me. Setah. Box No U/363/ 100. 9 I saw you Cecil at the supermarket. Your package looked good - how about looking at me? Box No U/363/IOI.

. I saw you on Friday night at the Three Sisters. Emma you gorgeous tall blonde Aussie with the big brown eyes. Would love to see You again. Box No U/363/ l02.

O I saw you Leo - cute but you really should talk tnore. Box No U/363/ I03.

0 I saw you ‘Flat Boy Slim‘ in EHI on the decks. Let's have a Sauza Marguerita soon rude boy! Box No U/363/l04.

0 I saw you my little snookybuns. You looked so good with your toffy muffin in your hand! Box No U/363/I05. O I saw you SFO in the early hours of the moming surrounded by flrelight plaid and pine; skin soothed by the warm scent of lavender my lips brushed the base of your spine. Box No U/363/ mo.

0 I saw you Fat Michael Douglas. tne Lady Godivar wanna see my scar? Were in Borders Cafe now in my sick fantasies. Box No U363/l07.

O I saw you serving me coffee in Borders Cafe. You looked so cute. I think your name is Anna? Want to share a cappuccino! Box No UB63/108.

. I saw you Love's Labours Lost at Glasgow Botanics. You're cute. reddish hair. wearing dark jeans/shirt. Me dark jeans. blue shirt - sorry couldn't talk then. Get in touch. xxx. Box No U/363/l09.

O I saw you during winter - you warmed me up. Now its summertime. you refresh me - Sauza.

¥ I saw you big Andrew. you were so much bigger than little Andrew. you work in Borders Cafe. well maybe work is too strong a word but they all love you. Box No U/363/I IO.

9 I saw you and it felt like a kiss. the third way... Yes way!! The intensity was intense. Box No U/363/I l I.

O I saw you the best band in the world at l3th Note Cafe 3I May. First on. First gone. First Prawn. I glove shoes all. Box No U/363/112.

O I saw you in Borders. You big eyes. pretty. lovely long

. black curly legs. Me drunk.

skint. terrible lover who hates women!! It takes one to know one. The Llama. Box No U/363/ I I3.

9 I saw you Volker in the Garage in Glasgow.

June 3rd! I‘ve got a thing for sexy Germans. Get in touch. Love. little witch. Box No U/363/1 I4.

. I saw you at Deli France me drinking free lattes you working hard with tarts. I want your job. Your name is Anne. Box No U/363/I IS.

9 I saw you you were small. dark hair - couldn’t stop staring at me! I think you know who you are! I‘m the curvy blonde! Box No U/363/I l6.

0 I saw you Madeline you darling little sweetheart - Waverly Park - Friday 25th Green Poonany. Call me soon. Box No U/363/ I l7.

0 I saw you red-

haired little Petra at Molly Malones last Sunday. I can’t forget your cute smile and the words you whispered into my ear. I must see you again. Your England boy. Box No

U/363/I I8.

0 I saw you Old Gipper with Kipper tie. Your face looks like a well slept in meat pie. Can I cover you in sunflower oil and give you a good roastin’. Box No U/363/ I I9.

0 I saw you Louise.

Charlene and Craig my

hunny bunnies at Borders eating until your stomachs were showing. will see you again soon. Box No UB63/ I20.

., ' -

8-221ul I999 TIN-m”