V I saw you with the man with the quaff. Looking good in the Stand. Not as funny as Chevy Chase. but just as tidy. Box No U/363/l2l.

V I saw you Dale at The George Hotel. Switch off the Wet Wet Wet cd or we will nick your lunchbox (again). Box No U/363/l22.

V I saw you thru the pink spectacles of hope and wonder!! Eggs Benedict anyone? See you next Sunday. Box No U/363/l23.

V I saw you at Nexus Cafe on a Mon evening. You dead cute and blonde playing a bass - me sitting in corner. I'd love to strum your banjo! Box No U/363/l24.

V I saw you in the morning. I saw you in the evening. I saw you all over the world. Even working in a bar I never tire of seeing you Sauza.

V I saw you Iguana 25/6/99 Scottish rugby lad with your polo t-shirt. I was mesmerised by your perky ass. I believe your name is Derek. Box No U/363/l25.

V I saw you Kate Bloomfield! I just wanted to let you know that I also believe in fate. You are awesome. Box No U/363/l2o.

V I saw you Ruth looking so sexy it hurt me beyond my mentality into my groin (it was nice). Love Rick. Box No U/3o3/l 27.

V I saw you Ginger Tom Cat. Licks and strokes to Tinky Winky. From your Flower Fairy. Box No U/363/l29.

V I saw you at the Elephant House on l9. Tall. mature. cool. calm and collected definitely in charge brandishing teaspoons. Box No U/363/l30.

V I saw you exotic Babe raising your t-shirt at the fan in Bar Kohl then rubbing ice on your stomach. Yeah. that's the way I like it. Call me! Box No U/363/l 3 l.

V I saw you sexy Scorpio National Gallery shop man. stuffing your face with crisps. Box No U/3o3/l32.

V I saw you hairy Northern tekky boy - you rock my world you crisp eating sandwich - Bat'nsley rules. Box No U/363/l 33.

V I saw you Pete H at Pride. Would like to meet again. How about it? Box No U/363/l3-I. V I saw you on a swing down lnverleith Way l2 .lun. Row row row your boat across the sea to me with your golden flowing locks... Box No U/363/I35.

V I saw you you saw me in Port O'l.eith and met me for lunch - what happened? Box No U/363/l so.

100 TIIE usr 22 Jul-S Aug 1999

V I saw you Thu l7 Jun on cruise ship at the Shore. Metal bird with gay guy. I think I love you - you said you were closed. Box No U/363/l37.

V I saw you crop-haired South African girl at the Art School on Sat ‘feeling' the vibe'. Me unconscious on couch. Box No U/363/l38.

V I saw you weirdy beardy in rare flares: working in Borders. looks good. Starsky I) get in my hutch. Box No U/363/l39.

V I saw you Carharrt man Joe 90 specs (Trav) Fri l8 Jun. lfl was a wine I'd be a crisp Chardonnay that goes down well. How about you? Box No U/363/I40.

V I saw you on stage at Blackfriars. Your story about creamed rice can‘t be true! (Love the 80s look). Box No U/63/14l.

V I saw you rushing through the Tron Bar. black hair. neat goatee. Who are you? Box No U/363/I42.

V I saw you lurking by the Ficus in the Tron. l was dark. you were ginger but who cares? Call me. Box No U/363/l43.

V I saw you with your built up shoe and skelly eyes - I think I love you! Box No U/363/l44. V I saw you Glamour Puss at the Tron (Jane is it?). Somebody phone heaven. there‘s an angel missing. Box No U/3o3/l45.

V I saw you in the Garage. Fri ll/6. You. tnale. in black. Me. female. white top. You called once. Try again and we could undertake something after school maybe. Box No U/363/I46.

V I saw you Flapjack. and you said oh. oh. don‘t stop you don't stop. where are my contact lenses? I said I love you my Gorbals diehard Stevie boy. Box No U/363/l47.

V I saw you Italian Aphrodite slaving away at the Tron. After your shift how about I serve you some aperitifs and you can make a meal out of me. Box No U/363/l48.

V I saw you Aberdonian hunk of a bar manager - Tron. Wed l6 June - fancy popping my cork! B? Box No U/3o3/l49.

V I saw you Huey lookalike in the Stags Head on Xmas day... lost your number. call me. Box No U/3o3/l50.

V I saw you compere at Blackfriars comic club. can I be your baby tonight. Barbie doll? Box No U/363/l5l.

V I saw you Sharon in Tower Records. I want to bite your generous rutnp. Phoawr. Box No U/363/l 52.

V I saw you striped quadruped hipping gently whilst playing mouse croquet. Contact me for chick-pea paraphernalia. Box No U/363/l53.

0 I saw you up the art school. you burned the bouncer but you looked like John Cusack you sexy hairy fat back man. I love you. Box No U/363/IS4.

0 I saw you 18 Jun in Favorit. You blond. impish with a Terry Pratchett top and a crazyface. We talked about feminism. how can I explore your masculinity. Box No U/363/155.

V I saw you Boogley eyes. I was the degree show finalist you were the man of metal. I wish you would phone and swap hats with me at the Garage again. Box No U/3o3/l56.

V I saw you in Tennents in May - where is my birthday kiss? Please call me... your "girlfriend"! Box No U/363/l57. V I saw you at Pride. in the women's tent in your Phace West t-shirt. blue shirt. turn ups. green shoes. I fluffed my chance to talk to you. I'd like a second one please. Box No U/363/IS8. V I saw you on 29/6. girl running along disused railway near Penicuik. Did you work at Texaco garage and antique shop in Causewayside? Fancy a drink and chat with this attractive female admirer? Please? Please? Please? Go on. Box No U/364/l.

V I saw you Martin in Dels. looking good. Me. by window with friend. Things ended before they began. my fault. Get in touch with Derek and let me ptit things right. Friday l/7/99. Box No U/364/2.

0 I saw you outside no 18. 3/7. in rain. You went in. me due elsewhere. I had brolly. leather jacket. specs. Fancy a freebie? You. green anorak. cute. |.25pm. Box No U/3o4/3.

V I saw you Thurs 8 July on Princes Street. and you gave me a pink rose. That was nice. thanks. Daniel. Box No U/36-I/4.

V I saw you and friends. Lothian Road. l.3()am. l0/7. My t-shirt was tucked in. not cool. You‘re Dick Vet PhD. denim jacket and gorgeous. I was lost for wortls. Get in touch? Box No U/364/5.

V I saw you tall Dale Winton look-a-like in Boroughloch Square. 25/6/99. You piercing blue eyes. me. Liam Neeson look-a—like. Lets get together and make a movie. Box No U/3o4/o.

V I saw you Adatn we talked about your duck photos art school. Monday. I liked your sense of humour. Me tall. dark hair. pale blue poloneck. Fancy a drink sometime? Box No U/36-I/7.

O I saw you Two babes coming back from ‘T in the Park'. l2/7/99 (monday). One blonde wearing lemon dress carrying a guitar. your friend was wearing a pink top. you were at Waterloo Place bus stop. I wore a Def Leppard t-shirt. Please contact me. I would like to know you better? Box No U/364/8.

V I saw you Chris. on stage at ROSL. What a performance! Come a long way since backstage hand at Ross Bandstand. I don't think you realise how big a fan of yours I am. Until you next appearance. XXX. J. Box No U/364/9.

V I saw you Craig. ex-papyrus merchant again. after you long absence from the shop. the Hub. pubs. gym . . . I thought you‘d gone for good! Let me get to know you before you vanish! Box No U/3()4/l().

V I saw you John the sexy barman frotn the Filling Station on 10/7/99. You invented a cocktail for me so yummy I can think of better Ways to enjoy it. . . Box No U/364/l l.

V I saw you once since January. The baby's due September. Now I atn fat! Box No U/364/l2.

V I saw you Traverse Bar. l July. on the sofa. Wish I'd been that blonde. You cheeky smile. in navy suit and blue shirt. Me —pining from a distance. (short distance!) Make it even shorter contact me. Box No U/364/l 3. V I saw you in Borders. Thurs 8/7/99. You. with friend. your eye's sparkle. gorgeous lips. brilliant teeth you were putting on eye shadow. I just kept staring. couldn‘t help it! Box No U/3o4/l4.

V I saw you GNER Newcastle to Edinburgh. Wed 7 July. You in a suit. yellow shirt. wearing glasses. I asked if you were a solicitor. You asked me if I'd hitched a ride on the back of a pig farmer's truck. Fancy going out for a drink to see if we can make the connection? Box No U/364/l5.

V I saw you at low-tide. Lunan Bay. It could‘ve been Dr No. but I had no 007 chat. Ursula. blonde dream-girl in B+W. Sean. green shirt. blue shorts. dodgy shades. Waved. but wished I'd spoken. Fancy a

paddle? Box No 364/l6.

V I saw you in Bar 38 on 8/7/99 you were an absolute vision in a red skirt seated by the window l was the spiky- haired maiden who could not keep her eyes off you. Lets walk backwards together. Box No U/364/I7.

V I saw you sneezing on me in Jinty‘s. Should've stopped and spoken more. Fancy sharing a bottle of medicine? Box No U/364/l8.

V I saw you Alan. an electrical engineering student of Irish decent. on a Sunday bus from Glasgow to T in the Park. We spent the day together. I‘m Marti. from Alabama. Box No U/364/l9.

V I saw you Edinburgh Citylink bus. Dark suit. goatee. On the 8.20. everyday. You get off near PC World. Tues l3 July you sat next to me. Indy reader. Mtnm nice tan! Would like to get to know you. Box No U/364/20.

V I saw you looking

for this ad. cos you knew I would put one in! Keep focusing on that (sadly imaginary) brighter future.

in which you will have

better things to do at 4am

on a Saturday than to defeatedly make tne yet another glass of Ribena.

It won‘t make anything happen. like. but you‘ll have a pleasant spell of respite just thinking about the possibility. Box No U/364/2l.

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