V I saw you at OFT. Tues 13/7. You. sparky yet cool woman with funky pigtails. Me. smart but casual man ahead in queue. You had chained your bike: Fancy a ride together sometime? Box No U/364/22. V I saw you boy. tall. dark hair (obviously) stupid clothes. reading Paul on the tube. You looked hungover. I looked radiant. You got off at Kelvinbridge. wanna empty my fridge? Box No U/364/23.

V I saw you Rolf. moving out ofJulie's flat. We were wondering what happened to the sofa that cleaning it warranted signs on the walls. and next time you flit someplace get your flatmate to stash his stringy pants with the corpse and the needles. Alright? Box No U/364/24.

V I saw you at Borders. Fri Jazz night. You. capaccino coffee. large at least three of. Me? Very interested. Me? very horny. Me? Very shy. Me? Very much into you. Box No U/364/25.

V I saw you darling Rob just a sweet 25 year old. Let's celebrate in Inveraray. You bring Pooh and I’ll take Tigger. It‘ll be mad. really mad!! Yours .forever. K. Box No U/364/26. V I saw you 26 June. Hogshead in the rain. with silver salver not running away but running cross the river. Get in touch. Box No U/364/27.

V I saw you now that I've sobbered up and am a bit tnore with it. I can honestly say. apart from wow! How beautiful and nice a person Janie. you are Jinty! Box No U/364/28.

V I saw you Edinburgh Waverley (Saturday). platform I9. delayed l6.25 to Aberdeen. You wore pink ('ardi. long flowery skirt. white top. I could have watched you all afternoon. Our eyes met many times? Coffee? Box No U/3o4/29.

V I saw you see what the butler saw. how high does your hair hat grow? And you never struck tne as the Border type. See you again. when? Box No U/364/30.

V I saw your eyes Gilt at T on Sunday afternoon. They were brighter than the summer sun. I offered you refreshment but you weren‘t drinking. May I serve you again? Box No U/364/3l. V I saw you Craig. you moved me. literally. Me red head you Walt Whitman. How about intransitting moi. You know where I live. Box No U/364/32.

V I saw you both sitting on the window ledge in the corridor of EHl on Fri 18/6/99 at ll.15pm. I couldn‘t decide who was the sexiest. so ladies it was a draw. XXX. Box No U/364/33.

V I saw you Andy and Kelly losing it at the Arches on l9 June. Hope McD's wasn't too bad the next day. Viva Disco! Box No U/364/34.

V I saw you Sarekha and I forgot to say Happy Birthday. So I'll say Happy Birthday now. Rani. XX. Box No U/364/35. V I saw you Hemp man. Sat night. Oh messenger man play me some deep bass on ya sound system baby. Box No U/364/36. V I saw you Salsa girl in Cafe Havana. I hear it was your Birthday. I find you very attractive. would you . . . um? Box No U/364/37.

V I saw you Running Bear. diving into meet me and I knew my moment had come. The guitar solo helped. Let‘s joumey together. You complete me. Little White Dove! Box No U/364/38.

V I saw you toothless pirate man - iii the Sub Club. Can‘t wait to get hold of your Jolly Roger. You know who I am G- man! Box No U/364/39.

V I saw you Sean. you Suth lfrican love god. We don't fancy you. but you are very beautiful. infact. you’re quality! Box No U/364/40.

V I saw you Alan. you can light my taper any time. you melt me with succulent passion Angelique. Box No U/364/4l. V I saw you Hi Shari. thanks for the drinks. see ya. Rico. Box No U/364/42.

V I saw you with the flaming red hair and t-shirt. You lit up my evening. Make my morning heaven. Box No U/364/43.

V I saw you Christine. sweet beautiful star. Marry me. Box No U/364/44.

V I saw you Jennifer Lopez. look-a-like. sucking on a Cape Codder. Let me take you to the stars baby. George Clooney look-a-like. Box No U/364/45. V I saw your arse in Habitat. Fill those shelves boy. No badge. so I don't know your name. . . U/364/46.

V I saw you my fair maiden. Blue top and jeans. lovely long blonde hair. Our eyes met on Sunday 27 June. Bar Brel. It was the day I fell in love. Please call. Box No U/364/47.

V I saw you pouting Pamela. raven-haired and equestrian- limbed. shlurping tea in Tinderbox. your tight buns pleasuring the leather upholstery beneath you. Let me be that seat. Box No U/364/48.

V I saw you eating bugs from your bedroom wall. Mmmm . . . A meal in itself. I hear your maw‘s got nae arms Niall. .. . how‘s her swimming lessons coming on? Love Grim. Box No U/364/49.

V I saw you in Bar Sirius. long brown hair. with American woman. Are you a singer. I'm sure I saw you in O'Neils! Box No U/364/50.

V I saw you in Cul de Sac. celebrating your degree results. You wore white. I was in body but not in mind. Call me. 'cos you‘re the man and I want you to be ‘The spy who shagged me'. Box No U/364/51.

V I saw you Sam in Bar Sirius. and l fancied the pants off you. Show me your mojo and I will show you mine. R.XXX. Box No U/364/52.


V I saw you with the funky shoes throwing the coolest shapes on the dance floor at ‘Flares' making eyes at the cute girl in the pink platforms. l8/6/99. Call for a groovy night! Box No U/364/53.

V I saw you in the library . . . beautiful brunette. You flashed your latin smile at tne and I fell in love. Box No U/364/54.

V I saw you City Arts. then Fruitmarket. you short in black. me in black with magazine. We circled each other. but said nothing. All this around l8 June. Fancy more intimate art tour? Box No U/364/55.

V I saw you Kaz. in The Tap - together at last. happiness forever. All you have to do now is accept: Please! Box No U/3o4/56.

V I saw you at the Lost Sock Dinner at Stills. you sexy Baby. You make my day every day. Love Alan. Box No U/364/57. V I saw you in Waterstone‘s on George St. Your red hair and cheeky smile sent me to heaven. You make ideal inspiration for the perfect novel. Be my No l bestseller. Box No U/364/58.

V I saw you delivering my sustenance at The City Cafe. Do you take Switch? Blondie. Box No U/364/59.

V I saw you Graeme and you blew your own horn. we lay in the Meadows and talked about Sean. but where is the girl with whom you didn't sleep? She's going back to Norway. and you're going to weep. Box No U/364/60.

V I saw you in Cul de Sac on 2| June. You had gorgeous big brown eyes. I think I heard someone call you Lucy. Box No U/364/ol.

V I saw you Camilla. kissed you for ages and I even held your hand! Don't go back to Norway. stay here where I can kiss you forever. Box No U/364/62.

V I saw you Dan Dan the Pleasance man take me now because you can! Box No U/3o4/63.

V I saw you Chris. you beautiful whore-boy. you melt the butter on my potatoes. Come back from Harrogate and show me how it’s done. Box No U/364/64.

V I saw you in Traverse. Fri l8 June. You stood out of the crowd baby pink hair. Japanese shirt and sky diving pantyhose. Please be my Japanese playboy. RobXX Box No U/364/65.

V I saw you crossing Marchmont Road early one morning. You. beautiful woman. pink hair. blue shirt. dark glasses. You stopped my heart. Will you meet me and start it again? Box No U/364/66.

V I saw you man in the spotty shirt and maharishi kecks. l8 June. Be my sex god. Box No U/364/o7.

V I saw you dancing at Optimo wearing you pink duffer top. Your dancing rocked my world. Box No U/364/68.

V I saw you cheese boy. straws in the obvious or was I dreaming. Shepherd me to the Forest in Dores. Box No U/364/69.

V I saw you in Cul de Sac on Thu. I can't get you out of my mind. You're the eighth wonder of the world. Antonia. Box No U/364/70.

V I saw you Tue IS June. funky brown hair. lots of clips. dancing seductively. blowing smoke in my face in Three Sisters you said something to me about K Y Jelly. I‘m intrigued! Box No U/364/7I.

V I saw you at the Dominion. ‘Shakespeare in Love'. we both went in the same direction. How will we meet? If this is destiny? Box No U/364/72.

V I saw you Bon Jovi (mullet man). I'm a cowboy. on a steel horse I ride. and I'm wanted. dead or alive. King rocks. Box No U/364/73.

V I saw you iii Cafe Nexus. you blond. can you show me how to play with your g-string. Box No U/364/74.

V I saw you Seth. falling into a marsh with only tne to save you. Can I do it again? Call me! Box No U/364/75.

V I saw you Stewart at the Shed. where we talked sweet music and swapped sixpence! Coffee in EHI ASAP will be ace! K me. Box No U/364/76. V I saw you looking super hot. Negociant's is no place for a doll like you! Come to London for some fun. Wishfully Stussy guy!! Box No U/364/77.

V I saw you sexy babe. Tribal Funktion. You were giving it laldy on the stage. you tall dark. handsome babe. Box No U/364/78.

V I saw you Jose after we spoke on the phone. Your dark eyes captivated me-you Pleasance man. Meet U on the Fringe. Box No U/364/79.

recruitment CLASSIFIED

V I saw you K.S. what could I possibly say. Call 30. Box No U/364/80.

V I saw you Peter. showing your flat in Spittal Street. My friend and I came to see the upstairs flat but you ushered us in. Wish I'd introduced myself properly. Like to meet? Box No U/364/8l.

V I saw you with Cranberry in Bar IO then I saw you with Orange in The Blue Moon. then I saw you with Grapefruit in EH1 and then I saw you with Lemonade in Bar Buddha. How about just you and me Sauza?

V I saw you 9th Planet records ltnpressario. Svelte and scruffy. City Caff hingoot. Me: Brazen blonde and bodacious. Play me a tune. Box No U/364/82.

V I saw you Lush ginger.

in Bar Sirius on Monday 28 June. 8.30pm. Hope I fed you well. If you want more of the same call me. luv the mojo. Box No U/364/83.

V I saw you George

Michael. look-a-like in CCs. Sat 5 June. Don't worry I support Rangers too. Let‘s get it together. baby. Box No U/364/84.

V I saw you vision in black. at the Tron . . . those dulcit Welsh lilting tones wafted over the ambient jazz and I‘m smitten. Just thought I'd tell you. Box No U/364/85.

V I saw you Mr Stone.

You called yourself the bone. Sexy brown eyes you said you were going to 02 soon -

let‘s play some games before you go. Box No U/364/86.

V I saw you Deano with your sashaing hips and {pur dirty looks. I want you. on make my T shirt brown. Dolly bird. Box No U/364/87.

V I saw you Anne Marie playing with Splendid in the Blind Poet; are you there every Sunday? Will you pull me in? See you on Sunday. Box No U/364/88.

V I saw you Blythy. drinking flat beer in Brel. you drunkard. but you still make my bits work. Love P.Mc. Box No U/364/89. V I saw you B&Q girl from train. I already have a girlfriend. but. nevertheless. you're quite sexy! Box No U/364/90.

V I saw you lovely lady with X.L latte in Tinderbox. Be mine forever. orjust for the night. Cappa man. Box No

' U/364/9 I.

V I saw you Elsa @

Strata & Sub Club.

You rock my world. Can I take you down to the river. we can eat oranges from China and I'll rock your world too. Box No U/364/92.

22 Jul—5 Aug 1999 TIIE UST 101