Summer and Autumn Authors @ Borders

Just some authors we’ll be bringing you over the Summer and Autumn months.

Easy Peasy

Saturday 3lst July at 11.30am

Join authors Pru Irvine and Mary C ontini as they introduce food preparation to children (any age) and encourage them to taste and enjoy food.

Edwin Morgan

Monday 9th August at 7pm

The winner of the 1998 Stakis Prize will be instore to discuss his new translation of Doctor Faustus and his new collection of poetry.

Brian Jacques

Friday l3th August, llam

The creator of the Redwall series ofnovels will be reading from his new novel The Legend of Luke

Melvyn Bragg

Friday 20th August at lpm

Mainstay of the South Bank Show will be instore to read from and discuss his new novel The Soldier’s Return

Colin Foale Addresses the Patrick Moore

Astronomy Group All Welcome

Thursday 2nd September

Father ofBritish astronaut Michael Foale will be talking about his son 's experience on the Mir space station during the disastrous weeks of space collisions and failing systems:

Sir Alex Ferguson Monday 6th September

Govan-born football legend signs copies of his forthright. revealing and higer entertaining autobiography Managing My Life.

Roddy Doyle

Friday 10th September

The bestselling and Booker Prize winning author will be discussing and reading from his new novel A Star Called Henry.

Brian Keenan and John McCarthy

Friday 17th September

Between Extremes brings the two men together in print, travelling to the places they dreamed about during their captivity. Don ’t miss this opportunity to hear them discuss their adventures in freedom.

Colin Dexter Wednesday 6th October To coincide with the publication of the last ever Morse novel, The

Remorseful Day, Colin Dexter will be instore signing copies of his eagerly awaited book.



98 BUCHANAN STREET, GLASGOW G1 3BA 0141 222 7700

104 THE "ST 22 Jul—5 Aug 1999

BOOK REVIEWS continued

government crackdown in Hong Kong,

returns to Sydney, unable to accept that

he may be dead. She immerses herself

in a photographic study of fossilised

shells, fascinated and touched by the

evidence of life lived and lost long ago. Working at the museum she encounters Seth Lamarque, a blind palaeontologlst with whom a tentative relationship develops.

Hugely ambitious and Intellectually

; challenglng, its themes encompassing

1 science, technology and archaeology,

The Deep Fie/d succeeds on an

I emotional level. The characters and plot

are accomplished, the prose evocative and atmospheric. Bradley has written a memorable and original novel. (AS)


Kris Needs

Needs Must: A Very Rock And Roll Life Story (Virgin £7.99) * t *

From Bacchanalian binges with Keith

Richards to epic on-the-road excess

with everyone from The Clash to Primal

Scream, Dl/ producer/writer/party animal Kris Needs has lived the rock ’n’

roll life to the full. Related as a kind of stream-of-

§ consciousness, no-stone-left-unturned

ramble, Needs Must charts the author’s

5 life from starry-eyed teenage fandom E to his current success as a jet-setting : DJ. In between, we learn of his former heroin addiction, his passion for mad-

for-it rock stars and his marriage- destroying clinch with Debbie Harry. But while the book scores in terms of

both showbiz anecdotes and sheer

volume of detail, it loses out on

f emotional gravrtas. The lack of self-

§ analysis and personal insight on hand

3 prevents Needs' story from being truly ' involving. We’re left none the wiser as to the reasons behind his near lethal

E lifestyle. Will the real Kris Needs please

stand up? (SD)

SOCIAL SATIRE Me, The Moon And Elvis

: Presley

Christopher Hope (Picador £6.99)


l Ffth Moon and _;Elvis Presley

Whether your knowledge of the politics behind South African apartheid is based on first-hand experience or history lessons, Christopher Hope’s novel will universally entertain. Social

traces the history of the local

i Presley’s role is as the community’s obsessron.

; Don Winslow (Century E10) fr it a:

satire blends with gentle humour to great effect.

Set in the small town of Lutherburg (later known as Buckingham), smack bang in the middle of the veldt, Hope

inhabitants and very occasnonal visitors from the 505 to the 90s. The locals feature in varying degrees, although the focus is often on a young black servant (the me of the title) whose lover is The Moon. Elvis

While the locals get caught up in the notion of being ’moclern', civilisation movrng backwards IS the underlying theme. Hope handles the ideas of integration, separatism and basic ignorance with perception and honesty. Making no sweeping generalisations about racism, Hope instead gently probes, revealing the ludicrous and often surreal nature of the beast. (SB)

PULP THRILLER ; California Fire 8: Life

WI “.3 L0.

According to his biography, Don Winslow 'now works as an independent consultant to various corporations on issues involving i litigation arising from criminal ' behaviour'. High-paid private eye work, then.

This tough-guy career feeds into California Fire 81 Life, written in the hard-bitten style reminiscent of ’literary hacks’ such as Dashiel Hammett (The Maltese Falcon) and Jim Thompson (Gr/tiers). Manly lack Wade is the eponymous insurance company's top investigator. What he doesn’t know about fire and phoney claims could be written on the back of a postage stamp. So, when a woman is burned to death in her house full of antique furniture and a claim is filed for upwards of a million bucks, Wade smells scam.

No one could accuse Winslow of slacking on researching into his book of pyrotechnics, but it’s a sluggish read, devoid of the Pulp writer's ability to spin smart one-liners, that fails to spark the imagination. (MF)


Simone Baird, Sarah Dempster, Thom Dibdin, Brian Donaldson, Rodger Evans, Miles Fielder, Ally Hardy, Elisabeth Mahoney, Hannah McGill, Mark Robertson, Alison Stroak