going on around the central (haiacters We wanted

to try and force the audience to make <onne<tions

between the ar tors, who are obwously acting out the

stories of these (haiac ters, and the other people who aren't a(ting, who are Just llVlllg, working or getting

drunk around them

Winteihottoin's least tethnically (ontrolled filiii is

also hrs inost emotionally satisfying, closer in spirit to hrs pioneering work on the Paddy D()yle—s(i‘ipte(l

Farm/y and a far cry from the (old detachment of Jude, We/(ome To Sarajevo and / Want You, See it

and weep

Wonderland. Edinburgh Cameo, Mon 16 8. Tue 17

Aug; Glasgow Film Theatre, Thu 19 Aug.

lll til


Movies to set the screen alight at the Film Festival


Odeon, Sun 15 Aug, 9.30pm; GET Tue 17 Aug, 8.15pm, £7 (£4.50) With her first feature film, Scottish director Lynne Ramsay is being praised as a major new voice in international cinema. Certainly, Ratcatcher lives up to the promise of her award-winning shorts. Set in Glasgow in the 19705, this starkly beautiful, slyly humorous film about childhood has already been compared with classics such as Kes and Spirit Of The Beehive.

East Is East

Cameo, Sun 22 Aug, 8pm; UCI. Tue 24 Aug, 8pm; Filmhouse, Fri 27 Aug, 4.30pm, £7 (£4.50)

A gut-bustineg funny film about the domestic conflicts within a Pakistani family livmg in Salford in the 1970s Chip shop owner George Khan known unaffectionately as Ghengis is determined to raise his family the traditional Muslim way, including arranged marriages, although his kids and Lancastrian wife have other ideals.


Filmhouse, Mon 23 Aug, 4.30 8: 9.45pm, £7 (£4.50)

A little bit of controversy is no bad thing, and Romance should provide that with its very frank take on sexual deSire (the film has been described as a homage to In The Rea/m Of The Senses), viewed from the perspective of a woman. But controversy won't overshadow this intelligent, beautifully shot film

about a young woman who abandons an unfulfilling relationship

for a series of increasingly dangerous


Rushmore ABC, Wed 18 Aug, 6pm, £7 (£4.50)

.1. Menu ental: Bill Mayad 'lason fishwarimAn in Rushmore

The funniest and most original film to come out of America in years. At its centre is Max Fischer, a nerdy, irrepressible, super-intelligent fifteen- year-old, who brings his indomitable will to bear against the system when he is kicked out of his beloved private school. But when Max falls for Widowed teacher Miss Cross, he finds himself battling for her affections with his best friend, Herman Blume. Bill Murray gives the performance of his career and there’s a fab 60s Brit rock soundtrack.

Surprise Mowe

ABC, Wed 25 Aug, 11pm, £7 (£4.50) Film Festival Director Li22ie Francke is the only person who knows the identity of the Surprise Movie prior to the parting of the cinema curtains on the night. Even The List, as sponsors of the event, don’t know. Previous unknown delights have included Pulp Fiction, LA. Confidential and My Name Is Joe, so if you want to be in on this year’s big surprise, get your tickets now it’s always a sell-out.

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Th bserver n, s: it sin ~30tli litmusr, lllllll iii am

"If ASSEMBH' llllllMS, flllllflllllli'll Sille Bflll llfflllf: 0131 226 2428 tickets from £8

the ,H " B ride we] I

[tn-25m SEPTEMBER, tries-Sat. 7.30pm, Sat. ti Sim. 3.30pm EllE lllilliEWEEl EilEAEEtE, BilinE lAlIE, at! EEEEE STREET tam” E54 Ball UEEIEE: am 935 3456 Hotels: £12m cairn.)

22 Jul—S Aug 1999 THE “ST 23