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Sun Ist August, 7.50pm

Princes Street Gardens

on a Summer evening

Three bands, dj's. and, let's hope, some carnival weather, and there will be an outdoor dance club like never before in Princes Street Gardens. Chill out on the verdant slopes, groove to three of the hottest bands on the current, vibrant latin and jazz dance scene and it's all free!

Solso Celtica Yumbombe

0 Paul Harrison's new latin band use the leader's highly musical arrangements to provide constantly shifting takes on the basic latin grooves from the Havana/Miami/New York axis. Featuring C0f|os Pena the best of the young players, this is the band to watch. Salsa Celtica are everywhere this summer a band that's finally breaking through into the mainstream of Scottish music Leading young saxophonist, Martin Kershaw and trumpeter, Tom with its infectious Cubano—New York dance McNiven front a jazz/souI/groove band where funk and soul music with a celtic twist. For this special gig, rhythms get you to the dance floor, brilliant jazz solos get they swell their numbers to Big Band scale, the musical sparks flying, and Tony King providc’fthe and whip up some-tvery hot grooves, as a soul jazz vocals. _ f i I“ . powerful backgroffd for ex—Oscar D'Leon h Vocalist, Carlos Q; Pi. ' w ' 9

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Entnc to th Ross Ttre i by 03:30 BANKOF SCOTLAND

mm“,|,_;_llml The LIST and Bank of Scotland have got together to exclusively offer 150 i List readers a pair of tickets each specially allocated, plus a very hip T-shirt.

To get your tickets simply call the Queen's Hall box-office on 0131 668 2019 and quote Jazz on a Summer Evening offer or take this copy of The List to the Queen's Hall

box—office on Clerk Street.