success lies in its reinvention as an Indiana .Iones-sty le adv enture In which rugged hero l7iasei. luscious librarian Weisz and comic \l(lL'lslcls llannah scour l93lls Northern Africa loi the tabled ('iiy of the Dead and unvvittingly It"sll\s itate dead l‘,f_'yptiaii priest. \sho uniiietliaiely biisies himself with imaging the

land :ih apiicaly ptic plagues. (ieneral release.

My Favourite Martian (I’m il)onald I’eirie. l S I‘liiili i(‘hiistophei' l.loyd. Jeff Daniels.\(‘lll Iliuley 9.‘ mins. This movie remake of an \uieiican 'l \' favourite. scarcely known III iliel Is'. is a bi‘ee/y family adventure that‘s amusing and disainiingly entertaining. Some e\v elleni spec ial effects help. as we meet a hapless \I.iiiian visitor who has crash landed on l .iith .llltl is keen to leave as soon as pussililt' (iv'tlc'tal It‘lt'thc.

My Name Is Joe ( I 5) (Ken l.oach. L'K. I998) l’eiei \lullan. loiiise (ioodall. David McKay. 1‘" units l/v \tllllt' /v .lmVs blend of comedy. \t‘c :al diama. love interest and tense thriller makes toi .i Illi‘IL' accessible movie than we'd iioiiiially especi liom l.oach. Recovering .llt'illli‘llc lee lsav anain (\Iullan) meets and falls in love with health visitor Sarah

it ioodall l. but his well intentioned scheme to get a young iiiend out of the grip of a vicious tlltIfJ tlcalt‘l looks likely to backfire on everyone he caies for. lidinburgh: Cameo. Nights of Cabiria il’(i) (l~'edei‘ico Fellini. Italy/I iaiice. I957) (iiulietta .\lasina. ll7 mins. ('ahiria i\lasiua. collaboiatoi‘ arid vv ife to l-elliiiii works the \yastelands on the

outsin is of Rome as a spunky. if soft-hearted whore. Ilei' naiveie leads her to being dumped on .iiid abandoned by every man she encouiiteis .\lasina is allowed to shout at little too much vv hen sombre pain would have been bettei and the whole film is as annoying and masiei ly .is l-eIIiiu could make it. l‘idinburgh: l'llIllll()ll\('_

Notting Hill 1 I5) (Roger Michell. L'K. I999) Hugh (iiant. Julia Roberts. llll mins.

Sereenvv I iiei' ls’ichai‘d (‘urtis's eagerly awaited tollovv -iip to I um llt’t/(lfllg'v xlltt/xl I'll/tent] has (irant play iiig William 'l'hackei'. the divorced owner of a travel bookshop into

w hose hie vvalks Hollywood megas’tar Anna Scott leth'llW and. before you know it. they

kiss. General release.

Orphans ( l8) (Peter Mullan. L'K. I999) Douglas Henshall. Gary Lewis. Stephen McCole. 95 mins. On the eve of their mother's funeral. four grown-up orphans express their grief as storm clouds gather in the skies. Less the soCial realism of Ken l.oach. more a surreal expressionism which takes every tliitig to its illogical conclusion. (ilasgow: Showcase.

Paris Was A Woman ( )2) ((ireta Schiller. L'K. I995). 75 mins. Schiller argues that the creative input of the women of the Parisian Left Bank scene early this century has been grossly overlooked in favour. unsurprisingly'. of their male counterparts. Mixmg interviews

and archive footage. she reassesses the work of

(iertrude Stein. Sylvia Beach and others and. perhaps more importantly. suggests that their lifestyles it's implied most were lesbians that broke many barriers. (jlasgow : (ll-'I'. Perfect Blue ( l8) (Satoshi Kan. Japan. I998) 80 mins. The director of anime feature Ron/in 7. tells the story of a former pop star whose grip on reality starts to slip when she becomes an actress in a daytime soap opera. Meanwhile. a series of murders appear to be linked to her new. raunchy image. Kirkcaldy: Adam Smith.

The Polish Bride ( I5) (Karim 'l‘raida. Netherlands. I999) Monic Hendricks. Jaap Spiikers. 9() mins. Set in the Highlands of Holland. Polish woman Anna Krzyzanow-ska escapes the clutches of two deeply unpleasant men and is found semi-conscious and taken in by the kindly Henk Woldring. who lives a lonely farm life. Slowly (well. very slowly actually). their faltering. non-tactile friendship grows into something much stronger and the true test of their devotion comes when danger is brought to their door. Iidinburgh: liilmhouse. II Postino (D) (Michael Radford. Italy. I995) Massimo 'l'roisi. Philippe ;\'oiret. Maria (irazia Cucinotta. l()8 mins. When exiled Chilean poet Pablo Neruda (Noiret) arrives on a remote island off the Neapolitan coast. he aids local postman Mario ('l'roisi) to woo the village barmaid. Gently paced and ftill of Mediterranean sun. Radfoi'd’s film is nicely unsentimental. Sadly. 'I'roisi died the day after

shooting was completed. but he couldn't have left a finer legacy. Edinburgh: Lumiere.

A Price Above Rubies t )5) (Boaz Yakin. L'S. I999) Renee Zellweger. Christopher liccleston. llo mins. \larried into a Hassidic Jewish community in Brooklyn. Sonia (Zellwegei‘) cannot find the room she needs to e\press her passionate nature. Sonia likens her repression to being on fire within. and before long she succumbs to her immoral brother-in- law. Sender (liccleston). Thanks to the cast. A Pure Almui Rubies is moving despite its uneveness. (ilasgovv: (il-‘l‘.

The Prince Of Egypt it') (Brenda Chapman. Steve Hickner. I998) Voices of Val Kiliner. Ralph l’iennes. Sandra Bullock. \Iichelle l’feiffer. 99 mins. 'l‘he lixodus story. animated for the big screen. With some artistic licence. it follows Moses from his discovery as a baby by Pharaoh's wife. through his formative years as a Royal Prince to his fall from grace when he discovers his true Hebrew background. The familiar tale is told man imaginative and inventive fashion. yet in aiming for such a bold. epic approach the human focus is lost. Kilmarnock: ()deon.

Psycho ( l5) (Alfred Hitchcock. LS. I960) Anthony Perkins. Janet Leigh. \"cra .\Iiles. John (iavin. .\Iartin Balsam. John .\lclntire. I()9 mins. Hitcli's misogynistic masterpiece has a young secretary take off to hicksvillc with a bagful of her boss's money. l'nfortunately for her she chooses to put up at the Bates' .\Iotel. run by that nice Norman boy. The ironic dialogue (‘Mother‘s not quite herself today") make it a toy to catch anytime around. We liked it didn‘t we mother

mother‘.’ lidinburgh: Cameo.

Pulp Fiction ( l8) (Quentin ’l'arantino. L'S. I994) John 'l‘ravolta. Samuel .lackson. L‘ina 'l‘hurman. Bruce Willis. ISO mins. Much more ambitious than Rt'u‘l't'ufl' Dogs. the most awaited second feature of the 90s has many scenes that crackle with 'l‘arantino wit. and a few others that fall flat as the writer-director bravely experiments. Interlocking stories in the pulp crime manner concern hitmen. ailing boxers. gaiig bosses and their molls. drug fiends. and assorted riff-raff. A surprise Cannes I’alme d'Or winner is a trip. all the

BT Scotla nd Presents

index FILM

way. lidinburgh. Cameo

Rebecca (I’(}) (Alfred Hitchcock. l'S. I940) laurence ()liv Ic'f. Joan l-‘oniaine. Judith .-\iidei'son. l3fl mins. Wonderfully atmospheric ioiiiance. made when Hitch was at his height. The young bride oi iich vs idovvei' .\Ia\nn de Winter ioins him at his giand mansion \Iiindcrley but evei y w lieic she turns. there are ineiiioi‘ies of his first \v ife. vv hose death is surrounded by mystery. Andei son‘s overwrought (iothic housekeeper .\1i's Danvers steals the show. lidinburgh' Cameo.

La Reine Margot ( IS) il’ati'icc Chereau. I‘i'ance. I994) Isabelle Adiani. Daniel Auteuil. Jean-Hughes Angladc. HF Illllls, A forced wedding between the Protestant llc‘lll'l de

\av arrc and the Catholic \Iargueiitc dc \"alois can't calm loth century I-iance‘s religious vvars or stop the St Bartholomew 's llay Massacre. Chereau's breathtaking epic is perhaps .i tad goiy for the costume drama crowd. but it's a subtitled spectacle that is remarkable in its scope. l-diiiburgh; l5ilmhousc

Rien Ne Va Plus ( 15) ((‘laiide killltllliil. l'i'ance. I99Si .\licliel Seii‘ault. Isabelle lllIPPci't. l‘il';lllc‘ill\ (‘lu/cl lili iniiis A cotil‘le of con aitists (Sei'i'ault and llupper) enter the big time as Iluppeii hitches up with businessman (’lu/et in a Swiss ski resort to steal his suitcase containing five million francs. 'I‘hei‘e's so little attempt to engage the audience sll'illlltllls'dlly‘ that some will take ('habrol for an amateur. Others may .see a subtle. bloody minded iioiiist at work. lidinburgh. l.umieic.

The Rugrats Movie il ii.\oiton \-'irgien/ Igor Kovalyov. l‘S. I998) vol...» of: If (i. llaily'. (‘hristiiie ('avanaugh. Kath Soucie. Sf) mins. The weekly animated adventures of the tilt- cutesy. irritatineg voiced l’ickles family is big among kiddies and adults III the States. but the movie is definitely more of a tumor entertainment. The film‘s message is well intentioned. and fl might keep the little ones quiet for a while. Clydebank; l'Cl. (ilasgow: Show case. liast Kilbride. l'(‘l l’aisley:

Show case.

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