. Mi. » .«fi' ' La Chunky Remember Hardbody? No.7 Despite their slinky brilliance, their record company dropped them, and their members went separate ways. One iomed Belle And Sebastian, one formed Mika, and one, keyboardist Ronan Breslin, is about to redraw the boundaries of the performance art event. Or something. His band of musicians and mischief makers, La Chunky, combine theatre, comedy, film and loud beats. What do red papier-mache' alien fish creatures have to do with it? You’ll have to be there to find out.

La Chunky is at King Tut’s Wah Wah Hut, G/asgow on Wed 28 Ju/, 8.30pm, priced f3.


Popular Edinburgh salon Egg are about to launch a new advertismg campaign within the City. Based on a multi-media format, a short film has been shot within the salon featuring actual clients while the Egg logo has been redesrgned into a screen saver incorporating sperm SWimming towards, appropriately, an egg; both Will be available from the salon. The campaign pre-empts the extenSive renovations that are due to take place at the salon next March which will see the basement opening up to create space for beauty rooms and a photographic studio.

Egg is at 4a Union Street, Edinburgh, 556 6685.

48K Records

Brand new offshoot to the mighty Perfecto label 48K Records celebrates its first release. Enabling Paul Oakenfold to release tracks which would not suit the Perfecto imprint, expect club hits wrth crossover appeal from the 48K stable. First off the rank comes ’Tankfly 8035' from the Boogie Macs which is apparently rocking Norman Cook's world. The Video accompanying the single may make you think of Rhubarb And Custard on particularly potent hallucrnogenics.

Tankf/y Boss by

Boogie Macs is

released on


Records on

Mon 2 Aug.