E DY Shows are listed by date, then by i

cit .Performances will be listed, ' . The Tartan TaNtrum COMEdy prgvided that details reach our 3 Edmburgh Edinburgh: Physician And Firkin, monthly from Sep stir * 1r offices at least eight days before Connoisseur Comedy Collection The

publication. Comedy listings i Stand. 5 York Place. 558 7272. sistipni, compiled by Steve Cramer. £6. The excellent Al Murray. Ptib . Landlord. brings his own brand of character cotnedy providing us Wllli more perspectives front the bottom of the pint

Glasgow glass. l Cosy Comedy Cafe The State Bar. 148 Christie's Comedy Quiz The Rose a Holland Street. 332 215‘). 9.30pm. £4 2 Crown. Rose Street. 225 403‘). 9.30pm (£3). Billy Bonkers hosts Roland (ient £3 per team. Two comedians. from a pool

which features Susanne l‘ras‘er. Joe

Heenan. Reg Anderson and Raymond

. Mearns. are it i for a night oft ((i/ and Edinburgh comedy. l I

The Stand The Stand. 5 York Place. 553 7272. 9pm. £4 (£3). Feathers fly with E ; Parrot. whojoins Colin Ramone. Graeme : Thomas and comp Joon Broon in a l Glasgow ; packed and no doubt hectic programme. I Cabaret SoFarGone Nice 'n‘ Sleazy. ( Classy Comedy Club Canon's Ciait. 232 42! Sauchiehall Street. 333 (MM)

and Dougie Dunlop iii an evening of japes. jocularity and jiggery poker}.

Canongate. 556 448 l. 9.30pm. £5. Reg 7.30pm. £2. Comic sketches from the ‘Voodoo' Anderson arid .loe lleenan tinie— Bedazzled crew (them ol‘The Arches last warp into their Fringe preview with Reg 1 year) atid a stand-up slot from Viv (ice. and .loe's Christmas Cracker. Raymond i plus music from the always bizarre Mearns will also appear with a glimpse l Dominic Waxing Lyrical and Swelling

of his lfringe offering 'Ray iiioiid hits the . Meg's Cora. bigtime.’ Mark & John's Quiz Special l3lh Note

Cltib. 2(i() Clyde Street. 243 2|77. 9pm. w Free. Mark and John host an evening of . comedy trivia. with an added stand-up : Edinburgh am The Stand The Stand. 5 York Place. 558 7272. 8.15pm. £5 (£4). The much-

Edinburgh . travelled Stu Who‘.’ makes a rare Scottish World Of Comedy Quiz The Stand. 5 '

appearance. bringing his unique brand of York Place. 558 7272. Spin. £l per ironic West-Coast wind-up. Rtib Rouse person to play. Bill Dewar hosts an . and the peripatetic pair .lack and Paul join evening ofconiedy trivia. For less than them. The whole shebang is hosted by the price of a half. you have the chance at Susan Morrison. the rollover jackpot of tip ((i £l()(). SATURDAY 24 THURSDAY 29 Glasgow Glasgow ; Cosy Comedy Cafe The State Bar. I48 Cosy Comedy Cafe The State Bar. I48 ; Holland Street. 332 2l5‘). 9.30pm. £5 Holland Street. 332 215‘). 9.30pm. £4 ' (£4). Joe Heenan. Richard Allen and : (£3). Reg ‘voodoo‘ Anderson's

Roland Gent join Billy Boiikers for a j supernatural comic talents are on display night of rollicking. frolicking and if you in Glasgow.

heckle them. bollocking. . , Edinburgh Ed'nbul‘gh Stand Up Scotland The Stand. 5 York i The Stand The Stand. 5 York Place. 558 Place. 558 7272. 7pm. £3. (iraeine 7272. 8.|5pm. £6 (£4). See Fri 23. Thomas and double act Rutherford arid I

Tonight's comp will be .laiie Mackay. Merson are among sis young Scottish Morningside Marxist. talents featured iii this l-‘rmge preview


Back To The Wheeltatters And Trying to start a comedy club in Edinburgh must be no laughing matter. One Edinburgh Shunters Canon‘s Gait. 3.33 (‘illlullilills‘- of the reasons why it's hard to become established as a club is that your

556 448 l. 9.30pm. £4. A distinctly non- PC evening of laughs with Paddy Burns l

Whose Lunch Is It Anyway? The Stand.

average Edmburgh For’nedy punter sPends mo,“ Of the" ye'ar SUffermg from ' 5 York Place. 558 7272. | -3pm. l‘ree g and colleagues.

comedy stout. (Comic: A man walks into a bar. Audience: Heard It before. G with drinks or a meal. Jack Weatherall i Parrot - God's Comic The Stand. 5

out’) Havrng gorged on the cream of rich comedy talent from all round the and Paul Graham use laughter against - York Place. 558 7272. 9.30pm. £3.

world for three weeks in August, many reel back and chuckle softly to (lz'SPL‘RSlU- H _ _ , l’ill'l'ul'\ “N 110“ slum W “W )‘s‘illi‘ . themselves, digestion progressing at the Speed of snake. Pint-Sized Comedy lhe Stand. 5 \ork I looks a w inner. (

Place. 558 7272. Spin. £2.50 (£2).

This picture could not have been further from the truth on Friday night for Cnmpcw Ana” Mill“. brings “u, m.“ : FRIDAY 30 | the second monthly outing of the Tartan Tantrum Comedy club. A crowd of We mm [hc lunchgm mundmg my me : _ f 180 squeezed themselves into the sweat-box venue and were clearly hungry evening with a more experienced iiiystci'y Edinburgh -

for laughs. Masterminding the outing was the compere Lee Ness, the self- 1-‘UC-‘l- ; useless’GuideTo Scotland The Sttltlnd. confessed gay Bernard Manning, who skilfully steered us through a three Kirkcaldy 5 i338”; lullillcis‘g—l-i‘i‘lmZ-lh- (till’1'l‘l-ri-(Z-“ll‘llfl : - - - i e ’il‘It '1 e g; :e _ hour Show W'th two mtervaIs arid “Ye aCts' Reg Anderson (a cross betWSe" Fife Comedy Club Path Tavern. Mid 5 confuse the tourists with a reworking of Tommy Cooper and Jerry Sadownz) literally burst onto the stage and thrilled (“593 36307 (g 3.30... (0.30pm. H g “ml. was Hinge My . us with his brand of Sunderland inspired voodoo magic. Bill Bruce, a (£3). Roh Rouse brings a bag roll or g The Stand The Stand. 5 York Place. 558 newcomer Who filled an open slot, was a little slow to start with but soon chuckles from Macclesfield. ioining 5 7272. S. l 5pm. £(i (£5). Parrot follows his worked up to a gallop. Robert Knox made no apologies for his standflp Colin Ranione and Parrot w ho brings his Fringe preview with this headlining very particular weirdness to late. 1 appearance as part of a programme which

poetry and left the audience baying for more. 10 Heenan was clearly in control and even managed to make Nintendo engineers sound funny and MONDAY 26

Phil Kay, the final act, was very much on form as we watched his flashes of , inspiration and witnessed what will probably be the one and only occasion Edmburgh

includes Susan Morrison. Allan Miller and host .loon Broon.


when a comic performs part of their act from under the stage. RquRaw “‘5‘ Slim" 9.3?“ PM“ 5"“ i Glasgow ;

The variety and talent of the acts kept the flavour fresh and the decision to 7’7" 8p'"' L 1' ,lj'i'm, “I.” “,“'”W'“,“" t . .

. . eight to ten new acts are introduced. and | Paddy And Danny Wearing PISS-

hold the club only once a month Will work well to prevent fatigue. No joined by mvstei-v L'tlc‘s’ls. F Stained Trousers l.‘ Attache. 37 meeting in August because of the festival but it will be back in September 'Classy c'om'edy'ciub Canon's (iait. :3: 5 Waterloo Street. 22| 32 It). 9pm. :5. Yet , and, if July was anything to go by, it'll be a cracker. depending of course on Canongate. 556 448 l. 9.30pm. c4. \'o T another delightful choice or name from ! how bad this year's comedy gout is . . . (Declan Lynch) Gee tops the bill in a final appearance . the Highland Cream comedy dtio. with 3 before the fringe w llll Raymond Mearns ; support from Hugh Reed (whether making the introductions. l singing orbeing htiiiiorotis. or even both. l

68 THE LIST )2 Jul—S Aug 1999