Scots Away

This summer sees Scottish clubs COLOURS and MISH MASH packing their bikinis and jetting off to the Med for some scorching rays as they promote their own nights. Words: Rory Weller

It tnay sound like a stupid question. but why are two Scottish club organisations jetting off to the sun? (ilasgow's .\Iish Mash are off to Majorca to host a weekend dance l'estival. while Colours are to become the first ever Scottish club to hold a residency in IIti/a.

‘Why the hell not.” asks Oscar Fullonc. man behind .\Iish .\Ias|t and well known for putting on

rather lettl'ield events like the Summer Splash at Loch

Lomond Iasl )eat'. and the late ttigltt sessions in Prince Arntau_Vs and the Riverside Studio. He's been brought in to programme the acts for Musica Majorca at the end of August in a natural amphitheatre near Arianny. well away from the Union Jack Magallul strip.

The seeds for Fullone‘s jaunt were sown when

; Scottish entrepreneur Mike Cannon was setting up a

Iish e\polling business on the island three years ago

i and realised the place was swarming with young , people. but had never had a full scale music festival ?_ ol' their own. He teamed up with Willie Knox (co- ordinator of Radio l‘s Sound City and tour manager ol' everyone from Frank Sinatra to Primal Scream) } and brought in liullone to programme the whole


The acts aren't your usual I‘cstival fare. with the likes ol‘ ('outtney Pine. Little Louis Vega. Mad Prol'essor. -1 Hero. I-‘aze Action and local Spanish

70 THE usr , .i at, on

‘Why the hell not?’

Mish Mash's Oscar Fullone

talent kicking off in the evening and running through to early tnorning for two days. It‘s a world away from the nearby party island. bttt as Fullone says: "I‘here's no point doing anything like Ibiza because Ibiza does Ibiza like no-where else does Ibiza.‘

Which is precisely why Ricky Magowan and his Colours crew have taken a villa in San Antonio attd are resident every 'I'hursday night at L's Paradis from now until the end ol'August. h'lagowan personally has been going ottt to Ibiza since the early ‘)()s. and has been taking Colours out there for live years. first as guests ol’ Manumission and for the last three years with Ministry Ol‘ Sound.

‘We‘ve got a background going to Ibiza.‘ he says running around like a blue arsed l‘ly getting this season. his Fall event in Septetnber and his regular Scottish nights organised. ‘It‘s not like we‘ve just jumped on the Ibiza bandwagon. we‘ve been going out there for years. blah. blah. blah (sic). We know about the island. It‘s not like we've just decided to do it.‘

The guests he‘s got playing are all people who have appeared at Colours over the last year. with John Digweed kicking things ol‘l' and Danny Ratnpling. Boy George. Allister Whitehead. Brandon Block and Jeremy llealy all assisting the Colours residents in weeks to come.

Magowan reckons that this year was the time to do it. now that the Colours ‘brand' has established itseII~ as the number one Scottish supet'club. ‘All parts of the country are represented over there. like Moneypenny's. Cream and lylinistry.~ he says. '\\'e‘ie offering a piece of something in Ibiza that Scots can relate to. something they can l'eel more at home with.‘

Colours is every Thursday at Es Paradis, Ibiza from 22 Jul; for details call 01698 276 866. Musica Majorca, Majorca Fri 20-Sun 22 Aug; for details call: 0141 402 9616. Musica Majorca launch is at Mish Mash, The Riverside, Sat 31 Jul.

Club news

ALL GOOD THINGS must come to an end and Colours of Love are finishing their residency at Club Mercado on Sat 21 Aug. No infighting or backstabbing here, though: ‘We would like to thank everyone at Club Mercado and sincerely wish them all the best in the future,’ says promoter Ricky Magowan. Colours will be continuing their monthly residency at The Potterrow and are on weekly in Ibiza at Es Paradis.

THAT TlME OF year again when Wilkie House is taken over by the beast that is the Festival and becomes the Gilded Balloon II. The last night is Shebang on Sat 31 Jul, but things restart with Vengeance on Fri 3 Sep. The other nights effected are: Barry Cabanas, Sublime, Luvely, Joy and Fire Island.

THE CATWALK CAFE Vestax mixing competition has by all accounts been a huge success with over 150 tapes sent in and 80 making the semi finals. Roger Howison, spokesperson for the event, says: ‘The standard has been amazing there are a lot of old stalwarts who are going to get a run for their money in the next year or two!’ The grand final is to be held from 7pm on Thu 22 Jul. All the results next issue.

INTERNATIONAL CLUB FESTIVAL kicks off at Teviot Row on Fri 6 Aug with Cream and runs each and every night until Sat 28 Aug when it finishes with Manchester house club Golden. More details next issue.

GLASGOW'S LIMBO RECORDS is hurtling towards its 100th release which arrives at the beginning of next month. To mark the milestone. the label is putting out a series of reissues with the first 12in including Limbo classics: Gypsy 'l Trance You' (Anthony Pappa and Gilbey remix), Sublime 'The Theme' (Fade remix), Mukka ’Burruchacca' (X Cabs remix) and Havana ’Shift' Tipple remix. Limbo are also just finalising plans to release the entire back catalogue

; on one MP3 CD to be priced at the

cost of a regular album. The CD will include the MP3 cyber player which, when downloaded onto a PC, gives access to audio, sleeve notes, video, cover art and additional information. They're doing this because ’we've got a hell of a lot of stuff lying around,’ they say.