I Shebang at Wilkie House. llpm—3am. £l0 (£8). 3| Jul. Monthly. Gail Sellars and Jacqui Morrison line up for a night of brilliant happy to hard house in the main room; Hilda hosts disco and funk through the back. I Substance at The Honeycomb. llpm-3am. £10 (£8). 2-1 Jul. Fortnightly. One of Substance's most fave guests. Matthius Heilbronn drops in from New York for a bit ofa party. Heilbronn in turn adores this premier garage club so tonight will no doubt rock. The residents are Craig Smith and Mikey Stirton in the main with Bootsy and Ross Keddie through the back. I The Subway West End 4pm—3am. £ I. Weekly, See Thu. I Teaseage at The Citrus. 1 lptn—3am. £4. Weekly. lndie. with a touch of dance and funk. played to a packed and sweaty crowd. I Trans-mission at Studio 24. llpm—3atn. £6 (£5). 24 Jul. Monthly. A new BDSM mixed fetish night taking the spot of Mission once a month. There is a strict fetish dress code no fetish dress. no entry and two floors with private dungeons. Info: ()790l 600242. I Tribal Funktion at The Venue. llpm—3ani. £7 (£5). 3| Jul. Fortnightly. The Tribal crew show their arty side by throwing the launch party to the exceptional exhibition ‘Summer Madness‘. Held at the Bellevue Gallery and showcasing the talents of Ellen D. Harry and Fred Deakin who will all be spinning in the Cooler. George T and Simone will be cutting up the main room with jacking Chicago house and chunky disco. One of the best clubs in the country. no question. I Vegas at The Becks Spiegeltent. Monthly. Next date 7 Aug. I Viva at Clttb Mercado. l()pm—4am. Free before l().3()pm; £l0 (£8) after. 3| Jul. Fortnightly. Time to get all space age at this kitsch cabaret club cum discoteque cum house do. Expect loads of trannies glamming it tip and a real mix of folk on the dance floor.

I Yush! at City 2. Free. 24 Jul. Fortnightly. Underground sounds representing the label. A] front Blacka’nized provides the hip hop and reggae flavour.


I CC. Blooms l lpm--3atii. Free. Weekly. See Thu.

I Cafe Aquarius at Cafe Aquarius. 9pm—lam. l-ree. Weekly. Beaiiy and Felix front Sublime on rotation at this brilliant bar.

I Catwalk at The Catwalk. 8pm~ lain. Free. Weekly. Ali Campbell dropping jazz funk and big beat with a French flavour

I Chocolate Sundays at Revolution. l0pm—3am. £5. Weekly. Resident l).| Craig Forrest plays club classics and groovy tunes.

I Club Mojito at Cuba Norte. l0ptn-lam. Free. Weekly. An early evening Afro-Cuban and Latin cocktail. I eh1 More at ehl. ‘thtt-lani. Free. Weekly. Eh?thn! and Joniiy I.er on rotation at this popular and stylish city centre.

I Fetish 54 at Noa. |()pm-3ani. Free. | Aug. Monthly. Free entry with invitation or appropriate dress. Special guests include Soul Kings. Jon Flower. MD and the Spinstar. If drinking iii style in the West End isn’t enough. chat to the masseuse. henna tattoo artist or ()ceanic hair designer.

I Flares at Flares. ()pm—lani. Free. Weekly. DJs playing a range of 70s tunes. I Galaxy at The Liquid Room. l().3()pm—3ani. £3. Weekly. Funk. R&B. smooth soul and disCo.

I Home On Sundays at Harley's (underneatlt The Pheonix ). 5 - Ilipnt. Free. Weekly. A new night dowtt Brotighton way for those that are itito the more ‘come back to mine” chilled vibes that a Sunday evenittg should really offer. DJs l) and Billy will be playing deep house. garage. Latin. jazz

and a wee bit of disco house lot those iii the know.

I Hot Lava til l :1 Belle '\ll"(“" 10.30pttt-3aiti. i; I. Weekly. Bon tltd

l ove bring to la Belle this new we] llv night of R&B. reggae and th hop Web a shortage of qualitv t ltibs \t ttli this sott of playlist. this should hit the spot.

I Icons at (‘lub Mercado. llptn—‘laln. £4 (1 3|. 1 Aug. Monthly. A Batik Holid tv special at this popular glam gay club. '1 he t oniical live l’A will be Three Queers Do Britney Spears. which we take to mean a piss-take aitd not ‘do‘ as iii . . . oh. never mind. DI Mikev lays on old and new

t lassics. a bit of cheese and whatever else he thinks the crowd are up for. There are loads of free passes at Planet Out (top of l.othiati Road). bttt don't say that we told yoti so.

I Jazz Joint at Henry's Cellar Bar. Rpm—3am. £3. Weekly. Jazz pianist Biian Kellock and his trio perform contemporary jazz. The very excellent Ktilu. Sly Si and Uiikle Fawaz provide the late~night sounds for the weekend recovery session.

I Loca at l.oca. lllpm 3am. Free. Weekly. A commercial tiiix of chart. dance and disco.

I Mad at The Attic. lllpm 3am. £3. Weekly. Chart and classic disco going happily hand-in-hand with \ery cheap drinks promos.

I The Subway West End 4pm 3am. .f l. Weekly. See Tbti.

I Sundaze at l’o Na Na. llptii 3am. Free before I 1pm; £2 after. Weekly. Murray Richardson (Rebel Waltz) with dance classics from days gone by.

I Sunday Sunday at The (‘iti'tis Club. lllpni 3am. Free. Weekly. Funk. dance. indie. big beat. disco. rock. 80s aitd ttiticlt. much more.

I Sweet and Sour at the (‘tty Cafe. ‘lpni— lain. Free. Weekly. A brand new night limit the legendary Kttltt (Jazz .loiiiti brings his vibe to the City Cafe ttee of charge. A great opportunity for folk to sample his jazz cooking behind

listings CLUBS

the decks. What will start as a Sunday recoveiv sesh will progress with the best into a pre c ltib warm tip with soul. tan. and A ti o centric l.atiti ftitik.

I Tackno .it (‘ltib Mercado.

l0 Kllpni 3aiii-ish. to party poopet's; £5 tita~kt d; i -l itietiibcis. .‘5 Jul. Monthly. The doy .iii of kitsch and tacky in the capital (' l.-b: ties its fourth birthday tonight Hosted bv the wonderful 'l‘rendy Wendy (who doesn't love her'.’). you can expect party nonsense until the cows come home as well as the cheesiest. tackiest ttittes that even your mother would lt)\ e Well done to all involved and have a great night. See panel.

I Tao at The Bongo Club. l(lpiti--3atn. £7 (£6). l Aug only. A tiiglit standing out from the test this forttttglit in aid of the Free Tibet caiitpaign. l ocal ltetoes Craig Smith. Flt‘.’Wunl. the Dynamic Duo and the l’esky Varuiiiiis (live) will be playing the cream of hip hop and rare groove in the main rooiti while Alan Dunbar mans the back Craig Smith and lih'.’Wtin'. will be utilising four decks and there will be a host of breakdancers aitd graffiti artists. lixceptional line—up for a sadly essential

I Taste at The Honeycomb.

llpm- 3am. £l() (£6). Weekly. It is a pretty diftit tilt thing to have to wax lyrical about Taste in a new way every single issue. You already know that this is an essential experience iii Scotland and that you are pretty muclt guaranteed a brilliant lllll‘c‘. What starts off on a garagey. hotisey tip inevitably goes peai'sliaped when the l).ls and crowd go bananas (tiittst be a fitiit thing) and throw (low it big beat. hard house and uplifting old skool with ne‘er a care in the world What else can we say other than Taste is the absolute bomb'.’

I Volcano at Walkers. llpin-—3. ISam. £3. Weekly A new night ‘promising a lava flow ol happy house for the West Finders.

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Tackno's Fourth Birthday

There are boys in make-up, girls dressed as fairies and glitter is on everybody’s lips. The crowd which fills the dancefloor is wide-eyed in its ecstatic loyalty to the club and as ready to embrace any newcomer as it is to raise its hands in supplication when its favourite tracks are dropped. But this is not Gatecrasher, or any other epitome of cool rave culture to gain glossy cred in the music press. This is Tackno, where the people that know 90 on the last Sunday of every month. This is where, for four years, Trendy Wendy has been mixing up the cheese on the wheels of steel - where kitsch is cool and the kids come to cross dress and dress up to the latest theme in the best dressed club in Edinburgh.

’I wanted to do something that nobody else was doing, something refreshing,’ says Wendy of why she set up the club. ’Everything was taking itself very seriously at the time and I wanted to do the opposite to that.’

What has made Tackno the cream of kitsch clubbing, and Wendy its

queen. is that having decided to have the tackiest. most outrageous of clubs, she dedicated herself to the task without ever faltering. It is this dedication to everything from the music to the decor, the dressing-up themes, the free sweeties and her punters which has won her such a loyal


’I like to think that I am doing it for the right reasons,’ she says, ’because I believe in it, not just because you could maybe make money out of. Nor is

to keep it special.’

it just myself. Everybody that is a part of Tackno believes in it. That is ho

LIIAS- inousou

Being on a Sunday helps keep it special - you have to be dedicated to come every time. The friendly atmosphere gives even the most inhibited the chance to dress up, and inspires Wendy's Little Helpers - lead by Fancy Nancy and Sexy Suzy - to ever greater heights of kitsch in their roles as hostesses and leaders of the floor show. (Thom Dibdin)

its Tackno at (fit/b Mermdo on Sun 25

22 Jul—S Aug i999 TIIELISTTI