Translating from Hopi Indian as ’life out of balance’, Koyaanisgatsi is a st:mulating Visceral statement on the colliSion of cultures, both Spiritual and geographical. Yet it isn’t as horrid as that sounds. Godfrey Reggio's I983 movre is one of the most exciting attacks your senses wrll ever experience wrth Ron Fricke's cinemc'itography and the Philip Glass soundtrack acting as the lone narrators, No plot, Just sublime image after sublime image.

Koyaanisgatsi is re-re/eased on Fri 23 Jul. See Film listings, page 43.

6 THE “ST 22 Jul—S Aug 1999


Cleo Rocos

Cleo Rocos was a mere fifteen years of age when she iiggled into our lives as Kenny Everett’s right-hand woman. For a further fifteen years, they exploded more shoulder pads and handled more foamy bricks than anyone had considered domg before. When Everett died in 1995, the bottom fell out of her world. But now she is bouncing back With a vengeance.

So where have you been all our lives?

I've been in the TV series of Highlander where I get to kill a lot I’ve killed Roger Daltrey. I do like a bit of carnage. I've also happily been terrorismg places like Cuba for Wish You Were Here. It's easier working away from Britain where I’m not so pre—Judged.

Your fondest memory of Kenny?

We shared Similar senses of humour which others didn’t quite have I remember when we were laughing about Henry VIII because when he died he fermented and exploded in his coffin. People jUSI looked at us in disgust. That happened rather a lot.

So who makes you laugh now?

I like the natural humour of Steve Martin and Jackie Mason, but I don't like women comedians. Is that awful of me? They tend to be very vulgar, unnecessarily so, JUSI talking about fallopian tubes and things and it’s not something I want to acknowledge.

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