ART listings



I3 Randolph Crescent. 225 5366. Mon—Fri 9.30am—6.30pm; Sat

9.30am— | .30pm.

Je Suis Seul Et Je Travaille Until Sat 24 Jul. One of France’s most impressive contemporary artists George Tony Stoll creates new installations for the gallery space.


66 Cumberland Street. 558 9872. Mon—Fri |()am—6pm; Sat l0ain—4pm. Op Art Until Sun I Aug. Screenprints by

Bridget Riley. Victor Vasai'ely and Jaacov

Again exploring the visual language of ittovetnettt.


5 Northumberland Street Lane. 557 5454. Mon—Sat I lam—4.30pm.

William Landles Until Fri 30 .Iul. Recent sculpture.

Frames, Pulse And Interruptions Until Fri 30 Jill. New paintings by Brenda l.enaghan.

Sheila Brittain Until Fri 30 .ltil. Sculpture.


49 Bernard Street. l.eith. 467 7392. Tue—Fri | lam-6pm; Sat & Stilt Ham—4.30pm.

Contemporary Art Exhibition Thu 22 .lul—Sat 4 Sep. Mixed exhibition of contemporary art featuring work by Anna Montgomery. Marcelo .lose de Melo and Finlay Kenny.


65 The Shore. 553 5255. Tue—Fri Ham—5pm; Sat I Iain-4pm.

Annual Marine Exhibition Until Sat 24 .Itil. ()vel' l00 artists display work inspired bv the sea.

Out Of Africa Tue 3-Sat 28 Aug. African landscapes by Alistair Fiddes Watt capturing the lteat and atmosphere of the country.

Lucy Poett Tue 3—Sat 28 Aug. Sculptures by Lucy Poett ofAfrican children and animals iii bronze. bronze resin and terracotta.


4 Dtlntlas Street. 558 9544/5. Mon—Fri l0am-6pm; Sat l0am—lpln.

Jemima Blackburn 1823—1909 Wed 4—Sat [4 Aug. Paintings and memoirs of a Victorian lady.


7l lnverleith Row. 556 9766. Sat I0ain—5pm: Still noon—4pm.

Original Chinese Watercolours A selection of framed and unframed original Chinese watercolours with prices ranging from £22.

NATIONAL GALLERY OF MODERN ART Belford Road. 624 6200 (recorded information 332 2266). Mon—Sat I0am—5pm: Sttn 2—5pm. Cafe. A display of recent acquisitions by a line-up of big

British names. including Damien Hirst. Rachel Whiteread and Catherine Yass together with a display of works by prominent 2()th century artists. including Picasso. Matisse. Moore. Hockney and Bellanv.

Joseph Beuys: Editions Until Sun l9 Sep. £2.50 (ii I .50). On loan froin a private collection in Berlin. the first British showing of Joseph Beuys' editions prints. objects. photographs. books and postcards made between I965 and his death in I986. A key artist in the post-war period. this conceptual artist and advocate of 'social sculpttire' was a icon for many.

NATIONAL GALLERY OF SCOTLAND The Mound. 624 6200 (recorded information 332 2266). Moll—Sat I0aln—5pm: Stilt 2—5pm. A collection of works from the Renaissance to Post- lmpressionism. by artists including Raphael. Rembrandt. Poussin. Degas. Van Gogh and Monet along with work by l8th and I9th century Scottish attists. Recently returned to display is Titian's Diana Antl Callisto and Antonio Canova's famous sculpture The Three (irat't'x.

Mastery And Ele ance: French Drawings From t e Collection Of

Jeffrey E. Horvitz Until Sun 5 Sep. ()vel‘

I00 drawings from one of the greatest private collections of French drawings iii the world. featuring the work of Nicolas Poussin. Jean-Antoine Watteau. Francois Boucher and Jacc ues-l-ouis David.

The Tiger And T e Thistle: Tipu Sultan And The Scots In India c1760—1800 Thu 29 Jul-Sun 3 Oct. £3 I .50). An exhibition marking the 200th anniversary of the Storming of Seringapatam by the


1999 Festival Exhibitions at


8 - 29 August 1999

Edinburgh College of Art presents an exciting varietv of exhibitions as part of the Edinburgh International Festival Fringe. All exhibitions are free and open to tltc public.“ This exciting programme has something for everyone. Photography, Installation, Sculpture,

Video Installation and Painting Exhibitions are open daily from 10am - 5pm.

For flirt/167‘ infimnation please contact:


u mm 22 Jul—SAug i999

British on 4 May I799. and the death of Tiptl Sultan. ruler of the kingdom of Mysore in South India. Central to the show is a huge canvas of Sir David Wilkie's Sir David Baird I)i.vt'ui't'riiig T/It’ Bat/y ()j 'Ii/m Sit/tail. plus portraits. topographical prints. watercolours and Sir David Baird's presentation sword.

NATIONAL LIBRARY OF SCOTLAND George IV Bridge. 226 453l. Mon~Fri l0am—5pm; Sat l0am—5pm; Still 2—5pin. Free.

Churchill: The Evidence Until Sun 3| ()ct. ()n show in Scotland for the first time. this exhibition on Sir Winston Churchill brings to life the man behind the myth through childhood letters. notes for some of the most famous speeches ever made. correspondence with kings. presidents. soldiers and celebrities plus photographs and possessions.

l g l

Target by Lesley Banks. artist-in-residence at Edinburgh Zoo

soundtrack of dance tunes mixed by Edinburgh DJs accompanies the show.


75—79 Cumberland Street. 557 l020. Mon—Fri l0am-6pin; Sat l0am—4pm. Catherine Hills Until Thu 5 Aug. Contemporary jewellery.

Summer Exhibition Until Thu 5 Aug. Annual mixed show by invited gallery artists including the work of Leon Morrocco. Jock Mclnnes and Marj Bond. David White Until Thu 5 Aug. Ceramics.


2| St Leonard‘s Lane. 662 l6l2. Mon—Sat l0ani-5pin; Stilt noon—4pm. Myths, Mantras And Mihrabs Tue 3 Aug—Sun 5 Sep. A Festival selling exhibition of textiles and artefacts made for religious purposes.


Queen Street. 624 6200 (recorded information 332 2266). Mon—Sat l0am—5 in; Sun 2—5pin. Cafe.

0 Cale onia! Sir Walter Scott And The Creation Of Scotland Until Sun I7 Oct. £4 (£3). The life of one of Scotland's greatest and best-known historical figures. Sir Walter Seott is celebrated through paintings. drawings. sculptures aitd manuscripts.

Murray Johnston's Landscapes Until Still 5 Sep. A tribute to the late Murray Johnston featuring twenty of his landscape photographs including works from his l980s residency at Kielder Forest and his tour ofAlnerica in

I98 l—82. Showing alongside this collection. is a display of work by photographers influenced by Johnston. including Calum Colvin. Robin Gillanders and Owen Logan.

Political Contemporaries Until Sun 5 Sep. The centre-piece of this exhibition is the first group photograph of the l29 MSPs assembled for the first sitting of the Scottish Parliament. commissioned by Robin Gillandel's and Chris Hall. Also featured is Harry More Gordon's large watercolour group painting of the seven surviving Secretaries of State for Scotland. Dai'it/ Steel by John Bi'atby and .la (Ii'illinimit/ by Patrick Heron. plus sculptures. paintings. photographs and political cartoons.

THE NEW STREET EXHIBITION SPACE l4 New Street. 558 7604. Daily

I lam—8pm.

Club Land Until Sat 3| Jul. Local artist Paul Ballingall's solo exhibition is an exploration ofclubbing as a cultural experience. Presented in a dimly-lit space to mirror the ambience of a club. a


(\VASPS) l’atriothall Studios. off-I8 Hamilton Place. 225 I289. Daily lam—5pm.

David Forster Fri 23—Wed 28 Jul. Recent paintings by this Edinburgh-based artist.


Clerk Street. 667 7776. Mon-Sat l0aln—5.30pm.

Mixed Exhibition Until Sat 24 Jul. A selection of works by artists who have previously exhibited at the Queen's Hall as part of the 2()th anniversary celebrations.

Bernard Rooke Mott 26 Jul-Tue 7 Sep. Paintings inspired by classical and jazz music by Bernard Rooke.

Lynn Hanley Mon 26 Jul—Tue 7 Sep. Edinburgh cityscapes by Lynn Hanley.


63 Dublin Street. 557 0480. Tue—Fri

l lain—5pm; Sat I lam—4pm.

Louise Johnstone Until Tue to Aug. Louise Johnstone explores the needs and expectations of contemporary women through her figurative paintings of the female form.


I5 Rutland Square. 229 7545. Mon—Fri 9am—5pm.

Flesh And Stone (Part 1) - Building A Scottish Identity Moll 2—Fri 27 Aug. This exhibition focuses on housing projects designed by contemporary Scottish architects. illustrated by models. photographs and drawings.

ROYAL BOTANIC GARDEN lnverleith House. 552 7 l7l. Wed-Sun Ihun—5an