Richard Wright and Paul Morrison Until Sun | Aug. Glasgow-based artist Richard Wright. winner of last year‘s prestigious Paul Hamlyn award paints directly onto the walls of the gallery. producing very delicate patterns in pencil and gouache. London-based painter Paul Morrison shows monochrome landscapes as well as creating one drawing made in .\'IIII.

THE ROYAL EDINBURGH HOSPITAL The Liirk Gallery. Morningside Place. 22‘) 3555.

Contemporary Scottish Textiles Until Sun 25 Jul. For further information call Artlirik on 22‘) 3555. Contemporary textiles ranging from wall hangings to small tapestries. featuring works by Liz Walker. Alison Brough. Jennifer Pitts and Louise Martin.

Fusion Until Mon 26 Jtil. (Pelican Gallery). For further information call Artlirrk on 22‘) 3555. Paintings and irrultimedia artworks by patients at The Royal Edinburgh Hospital.

Graham Gussin. Kenny Hunter. Cornelia Parker and Simon Periton.


University of Edinburgh. South Bridge. 650 221 l. Tue—Sat 10am—5pm.

In The Summertime Until Sat 24 Jul. Selected from WASP studio spaces across Scotland. eleven artists including Andrew Mackenzie. Malcolm Brown. Ross Flemington. Abigail McLennan and Keiko Mukaide show work loosely based on the theme of summer.


36 Dundas Street. 556 6366. Mon—Fri

l lam—6pm; Sat 10.30am—4pm.

George Birrell andStephen MacGruer Sat 24 Jul-Sat 7 Aug. New paintings.


This section lists museums currently showing temporary exhibitions. For details of other museums, see Edinburgh Life, page 90.

ROYAL FINE ART COMMISSION Bakehotrse Close. I46 Canongate. 556 66‘)‘). Mon-Sun l lam—4pm.

Flesh And Stone (Parts 2 8t 3) - Building A Scottish Identity Mon 2—Sun 2‘) Atig. The second part of this exhibition focusing on contemporary Scottish architecture. emphasising civic. historical. educational and leisure btriltlings.


Chambers Street. 247 42 l‘). Mon—Sat l0am—5pm (8pm Tue); Sun noon—5pm. £3 (£l.50); under 18s free.

The Parliament Of Scotland Until Wed | Sep. This display traces the history and origins of parliaments in Scotland including exhibits of the statues ofJustice and Mercy and the only known illustration ofthe former parliament of Scotland in session.


Landings Gallery. l()() Princes Street. 225 l50l. l)aily l0am—6prir.

Joe Amenechi and Gakonga J. Gakonga Until Fri |() Sep. Two African artists show new work.


l6 Dtrrldas Street. 558 I200. Mon—Fri ltlarrr—6pm; Sat l0am—4piir.

Summer Exhibition Until Sat 3| Jul. A display of 20th century and contemporary Scottish paintings.

Domestic Landscapes Until Sat 3| Jul. Wood sculptures by Jim Partridge. photographed by Michael Wolchover. Millinery Until Sat 3| Jul. Contemporary lratwear for the 2 lst century by Jo Gordon. Pip Hackett. Jessie Matthew.

l)ai Rees and Scott Wilson.

Keiko Mukaide and Steven Newell Until Sat 3l .llll. New work by glass artists Keiko Mukaide and Steven Newell.


58 Ratcliffe Terrace. 667 l‘)66. Mort—Fri ‘)arrr-—6prir; Sat l0am—5pm.

Festival Exhibition Fri 30 J ul-Sai 28 Aug. A selection of work by contemporary Scottish artists.


23 Cockbtrrii Street. 622 6200. Tire—Sat l0am—6pm.

SuperNATURAL Until Sat 3| Jul. Digitally manipulated portraits of children by photographer Wendy McMurdo and enlarged. photo-realist paintings of supermodels by Japanese artist Machiko Edrrrorrdson.

Janie Nicoll Until Sat 3l Jul. (Cafe spacer. Exploring 'domestic non-bliss‘. Nicoll adorns the walls of the space with Sleep Deprivation. a series ofcircular images of llre insides of burnt pots and Sutton. small cut-out photographs of a bird taken from a tapestry made by the artist's great atrtrt.

Welcome Thu 5 Aug—Sat 25 Sep. Innovative works by artists Ernin Bates. Nina Saunders and Nicky Hoberman. exploring the meaning behind the borne and family at the end of the century. drawing parallels with the turn of the last century.

The Multiple Store Thu 5 Aug—Sat 25 Sep. (Cafe and bookshop space). The Multiple Store is a new organisation which commissions and sells limited edition multiples by leading British artists. This is their first collection featuring multiples by Keith Coventry. Dal/tel & Sculliotr. Grenville Davey.

NEWHAVEN HERITAGE MUSEUM Newhaven Harbour. 55| 4l65. Mon—Sat noon—5pm. Free.

Photographic Memories Until Thu 30 Sep. Photographs by Hill and Adamson. taken in the l840s and contemporary portraits by Miles Tttbb. linking past and present generations in Newhaven.


2 Chambers Street. 247 42 l‘). Mon—Sat l0am—5pm (8pm Tue); Strrr noon—5pm. £3 (£1.50); under l8s free.

Octo International Until Sun l2 Sep. Three weavers. three architect/furniture makers and two textile printers make up this artists‘ collective front Denmark. Combining their skills. the group create an installation of furnishings which reflect contemporary Danish design today.

Sentimental Journey - A History Of Souvenirs Until Sun ‘) Jan. From the earliest forms of souvenirs dating from Pilgrim times to the tacky seaside kiss- me-quick hat. this fascinating exhibition traces the history of the souvenir with a display of over 500 objects. See review.


Lady Stair‘s House. Lady Stair's Close. 52‘) 4901. Mon—Sat l0am—5pm. Free. IAm Ever Yours Until Sat 3| Jul. A selection of manuscript letters from Robert Burns to various correspondents spanning the period from I783 to I796.


l52 Nethergate. ()l382 432000. Tue-Sun l l.30aiir—7.30pm.

W. Eugene Smith Until Strrr 2‘) Aug. The only British showing of original prints by one of the great photojournalists of the century. Creating passionate images iii a highly individual style. the exhibition features his World War II photographs. photo text work for Lite magazine and his documentation of a small Japanese fishing village caught up in an industrial poisoning disaster. See review.

Frank O. Gehry - The Architect's Studio Until Sun 2‘) Aug. Tire Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao is seen as one of the world renowned architect Frank Gehry‘s most celebrated achievements. Since its opening in October l‘)‘)7. this impressive building in which vast silver titanium sheets adorn the outside. has attracted over two million visitors. His first UK building project is to be a small cancer caring trnit situated beside Ninewells Hospital in

Dundee and this exhibition shows his sketches. plans. computer visualisations and models of his recent projects including his Dundee building.


Central Belt


For a detailed itinerary call ()l3l 52‘) 3682/3930. l0aiii—5pm.

Threshold Until Wed 2| Jul. The Travelling Gallery‘s new show features work by Kate Belton. Nathan Coley. Tom Hunter. Stephen Cooper. Gary Perkins and Zoe Walker who explore the home as a domestic environment. a work of architecture and a place of sanctuary. The gallery’s final tour stops off at the following venues: Aubigny Centre. Haddington (Thu 22 Jul); Dunbar Leisure Centre (Fri 23 Jul); North Berwick Sports Centre (Sat 24 Jul); Cowie Community Centre (Tue 27 Jul); Callander. Meadows car park (Wed 28 Jul); Balfrorr Co-op car park (Thu 2‘) Jul); Stirling. Port Street (Fri 30 & Sat 3| Jill); City Art Centre. Market Street. Edinburgh (Tue 3 Aug).



Lady Victoria Colliery. Newtongrarrge. 663 75l‘). Daily l0am—4pm.

Pit Life Until Tue 7 Sep. An exhibition of works by Hawick-based artist Fred Cannon depicting life down the pits.



35 The Stirling Arcade. ()l786 47936 I. Tue—Sat l lam—4.30prri.

Masquerade Until Sat 28 Atrg. London- based artists Rebecca Earley. Roney Fraser Munro. Janet Schaefer. Yin Lam. Ken MacDonald arid Sarah Staton present clothes. fashion accessories. video and installation inspired by the fashion industry.


lectures and events Glasgow

Alexander 'Greek’ Thomson Tours Until Sat 25 Sep. Every Saturday leaving at l0.l5am from The Lighthouse. £l0 (£5) from the Lighthouse arid Greater Glasgow & Clyde Valley Tourist Board. ()l4l 204 4400. Half-(lay tours of Holmwood House and Thomson's commercial. domestic and religious architecture.

Housing The City Thu 22 Jul. 9. l5am. Free. Glasgow School ofArt (Mackintosh Lecture Theatre). lrrfo: ()l4l 353 4525. A free seminar introduced by Professor Charles McCallum from the Mackintosh School ofArchitecture and David Page of Page & Page architects. Addressing themes of the current Lon/ring For The I’eIf/t't'! Home exhibition. the seminar examines ways of creating. high quality. affordable housing. Paintings 0n Railings Sat 3| Jul—Sun | Attg. l0am—6pm. Glasgow Botanic Garden Railings. Open art fair.

Charles Rennie Mackintosh - Art, Architecture And Design Wed 28 Jul. 7pm. Free. Waterstone's l53-l57 Satrchiehall Street. 332 ‘)l()5. Created with the support of Glasgow School ()f Art and with full access to every riiajor' Mackintosh collection. William Buchanan talks about and shows excerpts from his CD-ROM which is a compelling insight into Macintosh‘s work.


The Apotheosis Of St Jerome With St Peter 0f Alcantara And An Unidentified Franciscan Fri 23 Jul. l2.45-—|.|5pm. Free. National Gallery of Scotland. Susan Edwards disctrsses this painting b Giovanni Battista Pittoni. An Intro uction To Joseph Beuys Mon 26 Jul. l2.45—l.l5pm. Free. National Gallery of Modern Art. Isabel Carlisle from the Royal Academy ofArts gives a slide lecture on the work of Joseph Beuys.

listings ART

Robert Bontine Cunninghame Graham Wed 28 .ltrl. l245 l.l5piir Free. National Portrait (iallery Sir ,lacob Epstein's painting is discussed by Frances Fowle.

Mars And Venus iii-i 3o .ltrl. l2.45—l.l5prri. Free. National Gallery of Scotland. Michael ('assrrr talks about Paolo Veroriese's work.

Desk Mon 2 Atrg. l2.45piir. l-ree Natiotral Gallery of Modern Art. .-\ll\l.l|| Smith talks about Richard Hamilton's work.

Edinburgh From Canonmills well 4 Aug. l2.45brrr. Free National Portrait Gallery. Duncan Thomson talks about .lolirr Knox.


Maggie's Centre Evening 'l‘lru 33 Jul. 6—7.30pr|l. Free. Dundee (‘orrlerirporars Arts. A presentation or l'l';l|lls (ieliry ‘s plans for the second Maggie's Centre. a small cancer caring trrirt situated beside Ninewells Hospital in Dundee

W. Eugene Smith and Frank Gehry sya 24 Jul. 2- 2.45pm. Free Dundee (‘oirteirrporary Arts lllc D( ‘.\'s duector Andrew Nair'ne talks about the current exhibition.

W. Eugene Smith Sat ll Jul: ipiu Free. Dundee ('onterripoi'ary Arts. lorry Parker. photographer and lecturer lll American History at the l'rrrversrty ol Dundee gives a talk.


Gallery Week 1999 l 'irlrl Still 25 Jul l'or further details call l'rigage on (ll ‘1 2 1‘. X382. Galleries across the country u ill be holding special events to celebrate ( iailerj. Week. l'ealttr'ttig crcalrw \xorksliops. exhibition tours and talks. the lestr\.rl aims to [immune acct ss to galleries and attract ttew \isitor‘s. Participatith galleries include The Gallery Of Modern Art. Glasgow Museums and (ilasgow l’rrrrt Sttrdio in Glasgow and (‘it_\ Art (‘eritre Talbot Rice Gallery and 'l‘rax elliirg Gallery in lidiirburgli.


The best of Betty Jackson. Ally (‘apellimx .lasper (‘orrraii. Margaret Howell.

.Ioe (Jascly llayford. A( ). 'l'elreir. Transit. Maririrckko. Doriii Frankfurt. Nicole Cardiac and (Técilc Jeffrey.

S/toex /)'\‘ At't'essoire. St'tll'l't’) /)‘\‘

Georgina Von l'Itzdorf.


| YORK Pr..-\(‘i-:. EDINBURGH liHl 3liB TEL: ()l3l—557 4045

22 Jul-SAug i999 mm»