V I saw you Carl. in The Subway a year ago. You stole my heart. Twelve months on and it still hasn‘t been returned. Don't be in a hurry to do so. Happy Anniversary. Love always. Porkchop. Box No U/365/00.

V I saw you Canontnills to King's Theatre has on a warm. wet Monday. 19/7. 6pm. You: tall. beautiful. streaks in hair. with large umbrella. me: taller. dark hair and goalee. Get in tottch and I won't let a blind man get between us again! Box No U/365/I.

V I saw you at the Filmhouse Bar. I hope I see yott at The List Party. I will be the one by the Sauza I Saw You boxes writing you messages.

V I saw you ill Costcutters about five months ago and my life hasn't been the same since. I love you. more than ever thought possible. Box No U/365/2.

V I saw you last in EH1. where we exchanged seashells and a clitnax. Haven't been able to settle since. Remember we are soul mates. Philip! Please stay in thy life. Box No U/365/3.

V I saw you Iiast Kilbride stag boys. Disco Inferno 2-I/7. Great dancing guys! Fancy another bop sometime‘.’ The Happy Fringe girl. Box No U/365/4.

V I saw you serving at Thomas Cook stand. Waverley Station. You looked lovely (slim. dark girl). Btit you saw me looking and pointed. You know how to httrt someone. Box No U/365/5. V I saw you Tomato Pants. and then I chucked the custard and said oooh. Betty! It's not long to Madrid now. Love you loads. Banana I’ants. Box No U/365/6.

V I saw you Kerrie at the Malntaison in Newcastle. I got your note. Why wait for a chance meeting? Get in touch. Box No U/365/7.

V I saw you 23/7/99 cute guy. wavy blonde hair. goatee. working in Snax. Me in thy bright blue jacket. fair hair. buying lunch. Fancy going to the circus with me'.’ Box No U/SbS/b’.

as THE usr 5—12 Aug 1999

V I saw you standing in McDermids in the Vale on 23/7. You had long hair. a beard and a bike. You asked me for a pen to fill in your lottery ticket. I asked you for a share of the winnings. Perhaps I could share something with you! A ride on a tandem muld be nice. Box No U/365/9. V I saw you David Beckham look-a-Iike playing football in the Cas(bah) (off Woodlands Road). can l be your Posh Spice? You‘ve definitely scored! Box No U/365/IO.

V I saw you Kentish cleaner from heaven. Safeway. Byres Rd. Monday 5/7. Totally amazing mop technique. The tifosi bemoan your departure; shine my soul again before London you shy. sexy. introverted extrovert! R.

Box No U/365/l I.


V I saw me and you playing with your spaceman. TeeFee's missing playing with your toy . come and visit the in London. Box No U/365/l2.

V I saw you at T in the Park. We arranged for our lawyers to meet on top of the Slam tent spires. Dreams shouldn't trail on the floor. Sass. Box No U/365/l 3.


V I saw you guy in blue polo shirt and chinos. with lap top bag. Thur 22 Jul. 6-ish. F. Box No U/365/l4.

V I saw you Marius in Joy. Just a shame you can't (1’) remember a few figures (my number) because I thought of you as a sex alchemist! Never too late!! Box No U/365/l5.

V I saw you you came out the Waverley office late last Wednesday night. I gave you heart failure lurking about outside. You were cute. I should have said something quick and witty. but I don‘t know anything quick and witty. lfl buy a ticket. can we go for a sail together? Box No U/365/l6.

V I saw you Claire at City Cafe. you laughed about cancer but pulled tne up short at Whistle Binkies. We parted at BlockBusters. I wish I'd got your nutnber. Let‘s try it sober(ish) and see where we go. Box No U/365/I8.

V I saw you Adrian. in The Catwalk & CCs. Sat 24/7. You were as charming as ever. and me. well. I'm STILL OBSESSED with you. But I am patient. All the best . . . J. Box No U/365/l9.

V I saw you cute boy. black hair. black t. sitting in gold Cavalier in West Graham St. Box No U/365/20.

V I saw you Kike. dancing Mamma Mia on a table. It was in ()‘Neills. Wonderful. Do you remember me? Call tne. we'll dance together. Box No U/365/2 l.

V I saw you last year wearing green ball dress. etc. Got rid of that git yet‘.’ Fancy a Festival frolic in the bath again? Or maybe just a Blah. Blah. Blah. Blah. . . blah blah . . . blah blah BLAH. Box No U/365/22.

V I saw you Friday 2/7 gorgeous Aussie girl froin Canberra. Me dark hair. red top and body warmer. We talked on Woodlands Road. Wish I‘d got your number. Please reply. Box No U/365/23.

V I saw you doing the gardening. You with your lovely little white number on and you with the hat covering your balding napper. Box No U/365/24.

V I saw you student nurse on Ward 6C. Gartnavel Hospital. Long brown hair and a grey hooded top. You're lovely. by the way. Box No U/365/25.

V I saw you Mick Hucknall look-a-like (I don't think). Thought your hair was fab. Box No U/365/26.

V I saw you Sergio Tachini t- shirt l/7. You smile. I love it. Box No U/365/27.

V I saw you working behind the bar @ Cul de Sac. They call you the “sexy waiter“. From two foxy chicks. Box No U/365/28.

V I saw you Joanne. I talked to you on the phone but when I met you I was speechless. as a receptionist you are amazing please be mine. Box No U/365/29.

V I saw you Cul de Sac. 30/6. Everything is temporary. Keep on truckin'. Paul. Box No U/365/30.

V I saw you Paul. you‘re very tall. your hair is black and I like that. You‘re very funny. let n~ be your bunny. My name Emma. it‘s no dilemma. Box No U/365/3I.

V I saw you red-headed she-ra. You‘re so horny. Call me. I know you already. Box No U/365/32.

V I saw you Rebecca and John at Linlithgow Palace. on 26/6. getting married. Enjoy! Buffy. Box No U/365/33.

V I saw you and you were a moaning-faced bar manager who served me a flat pint then complained and smiled “nane ataw". Box No U/365/34.

V I saw you doing yoga in Brel (your head was up your arse) ginger bar manager boy. Box No U/365/35.

V I saw you lovely brunette dancing in Jinty‘s on 7/7. I thought you were fantastic. Me horny Aussie. Box No U/365/36.

V I saw you dress my salad arty time Mr Coleslaw! Box No U/365/37.

V I saw you at Bar Brel. U wearing blue v-neck sweater. I think you're name is Allan. You can take my picture anyday. Box No U/365/38.

V I saw you in the Attic - tall. dark and handsome. nearly stranger. I think you know I like you. Box No U/365/39.

V I saw you the girl with alabaster skin and rosy complexion sitting contemplativer in Cul de Sac. Who am I? A Bad Man. Box No U/365/40.



V I saw you Ben at the Art School. writing your one I Saw You. Love. the Vinicombe Kids. Box No U/365/4l.

V I saw you in Tinderbox on Sunday tall surf brother with a bicycle and sexy eyes shame about the waistline. Try a skinny latte next time. Box No U/365/42.

V I saw you in Tinderbox. You didn‘t know anyone. now you know me. Let’s share a smoothie again. Dark Hero. Box No U/365/43.

V I saw you yummy bass player on Sunday at Blackfriars. Shove the music. where's the mags“? Box No U/365/44.

V I saw you when you came back from Germany. Now there is another “house of happiness". B xx. Box No U/365/45.

V I saw you in my email (incl. photo taken by girlfriend). However my computer deleted you! Maybe it's not meant to be . . . .leg. Box No U/365/46.

V I saw you at Millar St. in Rhu. all around Glasgow and the Borders. It's been a fun year you olive! Cafe Cosmo 2/7. Box No U/365/47.

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