V I saw you in Glasgow Vivienne. possibly for the last time. You ended this too soon. I have foutid the meaning of life in you. Love always. Box No [1/365/60.

V I saw you beautiful boy slaving your sexy ass off on the wrong side of the bar. Sparky. come and light my fire. From

0 I saw you again Jill. a flaming beacon in the dark. You stand so serenely in your lighthouse! Your eyes light the way home to your bosom. You must be mine. Box No U/365/68.

V I saw you wee yellow Mazda. with a gorgeous woman driving you. lfl hang about

V I saw you lambchop in the heart of the buzzing West End. Frugunda Baboonda‘.’ Your fruity friend. Box No U/365/78.

l saw you CLASSIFIED

V I saw you 6ft tall. big brown eyes. black Guinness t-shirt. Rioja rules ok. Box No U/365/90.

V I saw you iii Tinderbox [3/7. You: dark suit. 5ft 7ins. oval glasses. sexy smile. Me: dusky latin beauty. Box No U/365/9l. V I saw you eating cake iii Tinderbox. [3/7. You're my

0 I saw you I‘l‘dll at the (image. Your t-sliii't clinged to

ideal man. but there must be no choc crisps. Box No U/365/02. V I saw you Sophie iii the artist-run space iii Glasgow. You

Victoria Park will I see you again‘.’ And is that your natural colour"? Box No U/365/69.

U I saw you in Clyde

the curly-haired girl who gives you the eye. Box No U/365/6l. : O I saw you Mr Martin Canadian at Mystic in Yang.

your hot bod like a second skin. (Hi Michael. I want you. Box No [7365/48.

0 I saw you Michael. in the (iaiage behind the bar. l.et"s meet without that girlfriend. S xx Box \'o [7365/4‘).

22/7. Me. hair iii bunches. you

leaving with friend. Still wanna

be my boyfriend'.’ Box No

L73 65/62.

1 V I saw you in Cal de Sac. : Raven-haired pretty boy. buns of

Chandlers. Dalcross St. You can

rev tip my boat engine anytime.

You: curly hair. cute fluffy

~ jumper. me: providing smiley-

face doughnuts. Box No


V I saw you Miss Wilson. so see tne in my office. Headmaster. Box No L7365/7‘).

. V I saw you i‘yloonwing. with

kissed me btit missed my lips. Wanna try again‘.’ It could make me walk again. Box No [7365/93.

V I saw you in the Polo

V I saw you black BMW soft top. shaved head. Kenzo suit. looking available on Bytes Rd. l.et me be the "main event". Box No U/365/7 l.

your wonky arm and market- trader skirt foxy lady number six? Box No [7365/80.

V I saw you iti Malia. tongue

Lounge. sitting alone. I went to come and chat to you when I realised you already had a partner ~ Sauza and lemonade.

' ' ' , steel. cobalt blue eyes. Box No v I saw (II ( UIICI'S ByI'CS Rd on l5/6 -- you sang with “el .- - H .- . . - s i 0 _' ) 1 ‘i diablo” vou are beautiful. Box , . '58.“, mi EIHTU/LU “3. ~ as usual. sitting acioss ltoni IIIL

No [7365/50.

V I saw you at Mushntks Skid Row Florists. Your purple hair really turns me on? See you at the shower at Castle Toward. Or maybe even ('oatbridge. Box No [7365/5l

V I saw you ubiquitous cliip. [' sultiy Canadian wild one. I adore your squeaky "I love you" yoice, Do you t'eally'.’ Box No [7365/52.

V I saw you indigo babe on Tuesday in Tinderbox. Fast asleep. an angel amongst us.

in the library. I couldn‘t concentrate. I think I've failed my exams because of you. Will

you meet me Thu in Cul de Sac'.’

Box No U/365/6-I.

0 I saw you last Tracey.

Aliwali. Zoe and the rest of the girls at the Culdy restaurant.

Love you loads your favourite Mancunian lass. Box No


f V I saw you at l’olo. You. big hunk from Chester dirty dancing

with tall. dark haired guy and beautiful busty blonde. Your

; 0 I saw you KC‘. silt-er- haired.

devil-eyed sex god (0‘ Jazz.

~ Festival Cltib. Are you a

footballer"? Or do you work for the ballet'.’ Box No [7365/72.

wrestling John Wayne Bobbitt in Malibu. I had a fab time. love Jerome. Lindsay. Billy. Box No U/365/8l.

0 I saw you Pakki. blonde

g chick. body to die for. Sweating and strutting your stuff iii Del's.

Box No U/365/82.

V I saw you last night. iii my dreams. Keep to your own side of the bed in future. Box No [7365/83.

V I saw you Saturday in the Sub. You‘re the older di. Billy-

; goat gruff. come and graze on

V I saw you in a Seattle bar buying me my first giii and tonic of the holiday. Have a good time Ratts 8; Karen? Box No [7365/94.

V I saw you Rona at the Cameo. Stay iii touch. love Richard. Box No [7365/95.

V I saw you cute ginger hip- [topper iii CCA. [lave you seen me small with curly hairl’ (iet in touch. I wanna sex you up! Box No U/365/96.

How about a burl on your buggy"? Box No [7365/53.

V I saw you twice iii the space oI ltye nnnutes. past Tinderbox witli shopping tl-rasersl and a friend. You blue shirt. me blue \est top. inside looking out. ('olilt‘c'.’ Box Nt) [7365/54.

V I saw you beautiful skinny boy. warm and naked iii my bed this morning. May you be there cyciy morning. Box No [7365/55.

V I saw you Hindi Spice at T in the Park and you looked a bit chuffed off when .lolly' Spice was talking to Mark from I.|IIlllllIl. Box No [7365/56.

V I saw you guy in Glasgow debating trout or sea bass Box .\'o [7365/57.

V I saw you Blackfriars. Bob Brogan ya big Star Wars-loving lobby. Box No [7365/53.

V I saw you growing otit of lzstlier's lip. I think yoti are front ('ypitis ~ maybe we could meet sonietinie'.’ Box No U/365/5‘).

fresh pastures! Box No [7365/84. V I saw you dancing on stage with Fatboy at T in the Park. Small blonde guy. you make me laugh. Box No L'/365/85. ; V I saw you tiny baldry. You: Dancing Queen. me: Bobby de Niro. You're my best moon and always will be. Listen to Joey baby I love you. Box No [3/365/86. V I saw you playing doubles iii Diane's on Monday. You curvy girl in black handprint top. You caught my eye and completely ptit me off my game. Fancy playing singles sometime‘.’ Box No [7365/87. V I saw you Iivil Bob. dancing down the Note to the Village People clutching your Cl) rom. Box No [7365/88. V I saw you Dr Thompson punching tied squirrels iii the park. You are the red herring poet princess banana rolls and all. Box No U/365/8‘).

0 I saw you in the Traverse Bar. Bulky build. middle-aged smooth talker with aromatic scent. Box No [7305/97.

V I saw you in the 'l‘raverse. 20/7. You wore a blue shirt and were just delectable. Box No [7365/98.

V I saw you every day in l)l.C moody aqua socks. I think it's meant to be? Are you the one for me"? Do my “do” Box No U/365/99.

V I saw you l.eith Walk. 9am Wednesday. Yoti were walking with your bike and I liked your arse in your shorts. l was gorgeous. tall. slim Tassie checking you out. Box No U/365/l00.

V I saw you Polo Lounge. Sat [7/7. Me: black top. small tattoo. you: young and sexy. l.et‘s meet tip. Box No U/365/l()l.

V I saw you, ltidiati acapella beauty singer in Borders on 3/7. The memory of your voice!

, They can't take that away from me. Box No U/365/l02.

name - Craig'.’ If you ever ditch that pair. perhaps you‘d settle for me I'll be around. Box No [7365/65.

V I saw you in Brel. your freckles were shiny. Could I

count them one by one'.’ Box No [7365/66.

V I saw you at Klass l.eather. You. lrish Patrick. sparkling eyes. a ready smile and a knack j for cow-hide handling. If you fancy getting a hold of some prime beef. keep ati eye otit ~~ I‘ll make myself known. Box No [7365/67.

0 I saw you Paul B. Tinderbox Sun 8/7. Tall. blonde. iced coffee. smoking area. Care to join me'.’ Box No [7365/73.

0 I saw you but I forgot to tell ye' I love ye. love pugsley'. Box No [7365/74.

V I saw you r— no. I heard you. Thick Welsh accent. but not

stupid. Beautiful dark eyes which stated across the 'l‘raverse Baron 23/7. l.et‘s count sheep together. Box No [7365/75.

0 I saw you Rachel w. you crafty ginger foxette. off shortly to discipline all those young boys. We's are very sorry that youse has went. All at HQ. Box No [7365/76.

V I saw you babe. strumming my heart strings. drinking the worst cup of tea in the world. Lots of love. the I’Iew's. Box No [7365/77.


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