Gary Hume

Festival Fruit & Veg

Genetically modrfred food Is obvrously weighing heavrly on the mrnds of the natron's comedians, Thrs IS surely the reason why The L/st's photo frles are Currently bulging wrth more frurt and vegetable related tomt'oolery than Mark Fowler’s market stall, The Orange GlflS try out crtrus earrings, whrle X- Rated Revrew plugs up Wrth broccoli. Parsons and Naylor retarn therr modesty wrth strategrcally placed cabbage leaves, but Peter Buckley Hlll's Inflatable carrot would make Esther Ranzen blush All we need now are late bookrngs for Frona Apple at Flux and Banana Yoshrmoto at the Book FCSIlle for thrngs to get very srlly Indeed.

Orange G/r/s (Fr/nge/ Orange G/r/s, Gr/o’ed 8a//oon rl/enue 38/ 226 2 175 .7, 67 72 Aug, 5 75pm, [7 r16), 73 30 Aug, 2 75pm, f7 ([6,) He/lo There/ lFr/nger X-Rated Revrezv, C I’l/enue 79/ 225 5705, untr/ 30 Aug Inot 70, 77, 24), I 7 75pm, [7 ([5) Peter Buckley H/// And Some Corned/ans Free {Fr/nge) Peter Buck/ey H///, Three- Ouarter Sports Bar (Venue 790» 7 30 Aug rnot 74', 281 9 25pm, free Free PBH Of The Ear/ro/e rFr/nge/ Peter Buckley H///, Christ/es Comedy CeI/ar rl/enue 706,) 228 3765, I6 ‘30 Aug, 5 35pm, free Parsons And Nay/or (Fr/nger Parsons And Nay/or; Observer Assernb/y Il/enue 3/ 226 2428, 7‘ 30 Aug, 7 20pm, {9/[8 (LB/[7) Prevrew 6 Aug, [6



_ At a potnt rn the mrd-90s, artrst Gary Hu'nes wisp ratsor‘ sl‘altt‘ti from ' abstract forms to more trgt.rat'\e SHUJOCIS The results rncluueu l‘ls famous .. . ’celeb' portraits of Kate Moss and Tony Blackburn, and ll‘l\ pair‘tzng, Care I‘ ', _ 17"" i ‘_ Pau/rne r 7998) The work he'll be exhlbrttng In Edmnurgn this s v ‘7 '_ 9;, Includes nudes and themes draw". from. the r‘at‘nai mono See text ,ssue To A I; an lntervrew with the artist, part of The Lxst's spectal colour gurue to an the ' A g art and exhrbltrons on clunng the Festlval I . Gary Hume, Dean Ga//er; rl/enue 69», l 7 Aug /7 Oc t, {.2 5017 50'