: Festival party

The Lrst wetrld lrke to thank all those who appeared at the

openrng Festrval party at Tevrot Row, Brrsto Sguare, Edrnburgh, the Home of the Club Festrval:

Simply Barbra


Azitiz . . , j C r , 1 Jlm Lhc Short. 83, Lcrtl 10, 17,24 Ringmaster of the wickedly weird and bizarre, Jim Rose gives a few tips on 'organ origami’. For UQUSE members only. COOkIn' ’Organ orrgamr, or the frne art of cock contortron, has been around srnce Moby Drck was a mrnnow The Observer Assembly, For those unfamrlrar wrth penrs puppetry, here rs a brref explanatron and hrstory. We have all seen 6-30 August someone make balloon anrmals - well I can do that wrth my wrlly. Any male can do basrc manoeuvres, The Cuban Brothers but advanced trrcks lrke the “Last Turkey In The Shop" can only be done Wrth a crrcumcrsed Gllded BaHOOHI 1130 August appendage. Over the years I have met many novrces and many afrCronados: Davrd Duchovny (The X- DJ Jaflar Files) taught me the "Tell Tale Heart", whrch he learnt rn a fraternrty dorm durrng hrs unrversrty days. It’s a great rce-breaker, but best kept rnsrde all-male envrronments. Arakatafa 'Srnce lam no longer a practrtroner, I have no qualms about revealing the secrets. Let’s start wrth the EUI’Odlke de 391” easrest one and work our way up from there. "The Wrrst Watch” (no crrcumcrsron regurred) srmply Theatre Cry/pm- at Theatre pull the lrttle fellow out by the trp and wrap the shaft around the wrist, and there you have your Workshop 17 _ 29 August

rntroductron to the world of "cock contortron”. | realrse thrs rs a very nuts and bolts explanatron, so rf you would lrke to see a more fleshed out descrrptrons of "The Amerrcan Hamburger", “The Swollen

Polly Phillips

Thumb" and “The Wrnd Surfer”, go to the er Rose Web srte on wwwambrentonca’ ACOUSI'C Underground at Secrets Of The Strange (Fringe; Jim Rose Circus, Gilded Balloon at The Palladium (Venue 26/ 226 2757, 8 24 The Tron' 8' 15' 22' 29 AUQUSI Aug (not 7 7, 78) 8.45pm, [9 50 /[8 50/ See Festival Freeloaders for free ticket offer, page 23 Simply Barbra

Pleasance, 4 - 30 August Swelling Meg

Acoustrc Underground at The Tron, S, 12, 19, 26

August _ Trendy Wendy la'n Banks Tackno at the Hrgh Chaparal . l I The drstrnctrve lack of an ’M' rn hrs name rs a clear BeCk S Famous Splege tem' 8 August that the latest Iarn Banks novel rs more akrn to , , Comp/icity, The Crow Road and The Wasp Factory ""35" Funkt'on than hrs scrence frctron trtles. In The Business, a The VGHUGI “1 AUGUSI (W'th secret organrsatron brds for world power by [39”le Carter) 8‘ 28 AUQUSI buyrng rts own state and tryrng to pm the Unrted (All Star FESIUQHIS fE‘Sllval party) Natrons, threatenrng the Irfe of one of rts Valentine Flyguy employees rn the process. The book rs publrshed Grlded Balloon, 6 - 30 August on 12 August, whrch grves avrd readers trme to Jengaheads

race through the pages before Banks makes an

appearance at the Edrnburgh lnternatronal Book . ' a Festrval. i - - BECKS

lain Banks (Book Festival) Post Office Theatre, Mon 30 Aug, 77.30am, [6 (f4).

rts-:S—tiv at