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Lucy Everleigh

‘l was Just too yOung to apprecrate rt,’ reckons Lucy Everlergh, speakmg of her frrst Festrval experrence Hardly a wrzened crone now at the mature age of 22, Everlergh returns to Edrnburgh as Mrna In Skullduggery Theatre Company's productron of Dracu/a. As a graduate Wrth a theatre degree from Lancaster Unrversrty and an actor ’srnce forever’, she sees the part as, pardon the excruc:atrng pun, somethrng to really get her teeth Into ’lt’s more about the rdea of Dracula,’ she explarns ’He’s rarely seen and there rs lrttle blood and gore We’ve kept It as close to the spurt of the novel as posSIble.’

After several roles In productrons rn London, Dracu/a rs more of a challenge for her, she feels ’Wrth shows rn London there’s always someone rn the crowd yOu know, so there’s rnstant feedback Edrnburgh wrll be a chance to try and communrcate wrth people cold.’ Here’s hoprng she knocks them (un)dead. (Mark Robertson) Dracu/a (Fringe) Sku/lduggery, Greyfriars Kirk House (Venue 28) 225 3626, 9—75 Aug, 9. 75pm, f6 ([5).

Terry Alderton

Terry Alderton looks lrke the krnd of guy you wouldn’t want to hec'kle up a dark alleyway. ’We were tryrng to keep away from the whole Lee Evans thmg because normally I’d be pullrng some face or other,’ he says ’Now rt’s been turned Into thrs Lock, Stock thrng.’

Ah yes, the Lee Evans thrng Both are Southend boys Both are proponents of hyper-energetrc, loose-Irmbed, rubbery cornedy. To further complrcate matters, Evans rs among Alderton's repertorre of Impersonatrons ’When people say that l’rn lrke Lee Evans, I say “Well, am I lrke Norman Wrsdom?” and they say “Well, no".’

Strll, Alderton’s vrsron of 'funny’ also revolves around the golden days of varrety ’l’m certarnly not cutting edge “Ooh. Ah. Frshl” Know what I mean? You’re not gorng to be gomg, “Wow, the way he Interpreted that move was fantastrc” IJUSI love all that showbrz

Morecambe & Wrse, Tommy Cooper, all that. But there’s none of that around anymore Untrl now. (BHle Donaldson) Terry A/derton (Fringe) Observer Assernb/y (Venue 3) 226 2428, 6 29 Aug, 70pm, [IO/[9 (IQ/[8).

Roots Manuva

Roots Manuva should have the werght of the world on hrs shoulders Hrs album Brand New Sec‘Ond Hand was declared, on Its release earlrer thrs year, the s‘avrour of Brrtrsh hrp hop. A trtle whrch, as deserved as rt may be, Is bandred about all too often When told that Basement Jaxx reckoned he should have been nomrnated for thrs year’s Mercury Musrc Prr/e, our man remarns modest. ’lt’s a real cornplrment, defrnrtely,’

Manuva rs a man on a mrssron He reckons there should be development of hrp hop m Brrtarn from the ground up ’We need a lrttle hub,’ he says, ’a base over here wrth rehearsal space and a recordrng studro so we can burld up the scene.’

Hrs dedrcatron to hrp hop rs unsurpassed. ’|’|| do what I have to do y’know,’ he concludes. ’I’ll remortgage my house rf I have to’ Commrtted to the cause rndeed (Mark Robertson)

Roots Manuva (Planet Pop) The Venue, 557 3073, 70 Aug, 9pm, [8,50 ([7).

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