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The Observer

M. 8!. \'_ I; _ ‘51 Y Bill {Mill AUEUSI, MI" I” 3PM

"If ASSEMBIY ITEMS, HIINBIMEII SUITE Bflll UFFIEF: 0131 226 2428 Tickets ll'nm £8


the B ri deWéll [III-25M SEPTEMBER, Tues. 4m. 7.30M], 53L 5 SIM. 3.30pm "If BHIUFWHI "THIN", MIDI IMF, I)” FUN STREET MUM” [54 MN Uffllr'f.‘ 0171935 3455 ITEMS: 512 IE CUTIE.)

- freeload on the 0

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JUjU GII‘I The Traverse Theatre

.' ~.- r..l.. (,2 s n . .c. e :7». a ‘..s or o‘ Scott s.“ ant: t"\\.,.,‘..\,-,‘ ,t ,,,, c, f, " '."‘ ‘V'T

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Da' ce P'o.:..c..or s, a' t: or t: "-c.sc on Ion-t value

6, 7 & 8 August at 7pm free pairs

Jim Rose Circus The Palladium

Rent. ._ 'o' a osyc'oocgi:am, "Mnci herding the“ title, the l' "1;e siesta 'et..rns :2" a' her. show The ori'l. t“lr‘g to expect ‘lo'r‘ ll“ Rose s t"e :l"ex:)ectec:.

8 August at 8.45pm

5 free pairs

Best of the Fest The Palladium

This is your chance to see what the Glldecl Balloon predicts to be the most ente'tainrig acts of I999. This show promlses the very best of *IIICIIlctiiO’ld! comedy, see them. first!

of the

8 August, The Palladium at 10.15pm 5 free pairs

Johnny Vegas George Square Theatre

The hottest er‘tertttsllel on the circuit returns 2';th a brand new S“O‘.‘.. Delivered ‘.'.'iIll near: trenching pathos and legendary But':n's style s-ngalongs, this is a show not to miss.

10 August at 9.45pm 5 free pairs Cookin The Observer Assembly

Perhaps one of the mole original shows on the Fringe. Cookln'combtnes a zesty blend of martial arts, high-energy sarmlénori clrummtng and dance '-.'.=ith the tangy zip of y0ur favourite B-movies.

6 & 7 August at 10.00pm

5 free pairs


Vegas Becks Famous Spiegletent Festval madness has taken over this top kitsch club, marvel at shov: tunes and slng-a-Iortg c0unt'y songs with all your friends.

7 August at 11.00pm

Marshall Jefferson & Jackmaster Funk

Edinburgh International Club Festival The Godfather of house meets Marshall Jefferson - come on people it's time to meet your makers.

8 August at 8pm

5 free pairs

5 free pairs

Delivering hot tickets at cool prices, The List presents its special Festhal reader offer. The temptineg tasty FREELOADERS give you a chance to see shoes from different parts of this year’s Festival at ridiculously low rates. You may claim as many different offers as you wish, but only one pair of tickets per show on a FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED basis. Don’t forget to take the whole of this magazine along each time you want to grab your offer. Tickets shouch be picked up from the VENUE BOX OFFICE (NOT THE FRINGE CENTRAL BOX OFFICE) ON THE PERFORMANCE DAY IN EACH CASE.


Traverse Theatre 10.00am-7.00pm Edinburgh Int. Club festival 10.00pm-2.00am Edinburgh Int. Book Festival 9.30am-9.00pm Edinburgh Int. Festival 9.00am-10.00pm The Pleasance 10.00am-1.00am The Observer Assembly

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942 Aug 1999 THE usr 23

Guilded Balloon at the Palladium4.00pm-11.00pm

George Square Theatre 10.00am-10.00pm

Continental Shifts at St.8rides10.00am-10.00pm

The Bongo Club 10.25pm All tickets must be collected at least one hour prior to performance