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Glasgow & Central Scotland

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18 Gumboots

The Li'st’s South African cover stars make a big splash with their lively dance show.

22 Corpus Christi

Controversy surrounds Terrence McNally’s new play about a gay Jesus.

26 Cultural Reflections

The who’s who of Scotland debate art and national identity.

1 12 Ratcatcher

An award winner at Cannes and still in her twenties, director Lynne Ramsay’s feature debut opens the Film Festival.

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Page after page of recommendations, as our experts pick out the best from the rest including:

0 Ed Byrne, Johnny Vegas,Jim Rose

0 Stephen Berkoff, Suspect Culture

0 Sneaker Pimps, Younger Younger 28s 0 International Club Festival

0 . . . and many more.

Ed Byrne: see page 57

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9a m—1 pm

The BedSit

Lip SerVice

The Christian Brothers 1pm—3pm

Eleanor of Acqriitane Leslie Phillips

Sylvester McCoy

Cathy Dunning 3pm—6pm

Cooking With Elvis Stephen Fry’s The Liar The Opium Eater

Farces' Fantasia 6pm-8pm

The Juju Girl

Steven Berkoff

Arctic Boosh

The Right Size


Corcadorca’s Mi'sterman 8pm—10pm

Johnny Vegas

Howie The Rookie

Jason Freeman

So / Killed A Few People . . Cirque E|0ize 10pm-—Late

Ed Byrne

Box The Pony

Rich Hall aka Otis Lee Crenshaw Omid Djallll

Fanny Hill

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